11 Free Group Trivia Apps for Android & iOS

Do you enjoy playing quizzes and other brain training games with your friends? This article has you covered!

There are lots of group trivia games apps for Android and iOS that will be a great addition to the friend’s meeting. There are various types of these apps – from regular trivia to guess the song or the movie ones. Furthermore, these apps entertain you while keeping your brains occupied.

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Here’s the list of 11 best apps that category that worth your time! Have a look!

TRIVIA 360: Quiz Game


Let’s start with an app called TRIVIA 360. This is a quiz game that you can play with your mates.

The main goal of this app is to give you an easy source for entertaining and training your brain. This app covers various tests and puzzles of multiple categories and types. Thus, you can try a true-false kind of game, easy questions, riddles, and more. Withal, there are the games for landmarks and flags identification you can also try.

As for the categories, you can rather test your abilities in one particular category or in a mixed one. Once again, the game has a multiplayer mode so it will be a nice addition to the party. You can point out the number of players and name all of them. The difficulty level of the questions can be adjusted.

You start with simple questions and move on to the more difficult ones. Besides, you can rate the questions you’ve got and view detailed answers for all your mistakes. You can also view the world’s leaderboard of players as well as your own stats. It needs to be said, the app contains ads but you can remove it with a one-time fee.



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Trivia Crack Kingdoms


The next app is called Trivia Crack Kingdoms and this is an app with lots of various game shows waiting for you.

This game enables you to test your brain skills by answering questions in multiple classes. The amount of themes covered by this game is truly impressive — from historical facts to TV shows, movies, and books. Thus, you can rather play in one theme or try a mixed-mode that covers random topics.

During this game, you always battle with other players to see who will answer most questions correctly the first. The game starts with quick and easy questions but it gets more difficult when you level up. You get bonuses and achievements for passing each pack of tests. Plus, you can view the leaderboard to estimate skills.

The game has a single and a multi-mode so you can play against an opponent. This opponent can rather be a random player or a friend your. You can even create your own trivia quizzes based on your favorite fandom or a hobby. Herewith, you can befriend new people that share your interests. You can play different games at the same time while your opponent is making his move so you’ll never get bored.

Crack 1 Crack 2


Trivia Crack 2

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack 2 is a well-known quiz game that will entertain you while keeping your brain busy.

The funniest thing about this app is that you can compete with your mates and relatives to find out who is smarter. However, you can also play with any random worldwide. You can choose to compete in different categories and types of games. Your main aim in this game is to collect all the cute characters that raise your level.

These characters can be earned for every successful level you’ve passed, and they give you extra gold bras. Therewith, you can exchange your characters with your mates if needed. For now, there are more than two hundred levels in this game so it will take time to get through it all. The game covers more than twenty languages and you can view your stats to see which topics you know the best.

As for the themes, there are history, science, geo, sport, and entertainment. Besides, you can even become a trivia expert to make your own quizzes that all the users can try to pass. There are new quizzes and puzzles coming up with each update so you won’t get bored with the game.

Trivia Crack 1 Trivia Crack 2


Psych! Outwit Your Friends


Psych is a trivia game that is perfect for friend meetings and parties.

This game covers lots of entertaining quizzes and puzzles that will rock up to your party. All the games are unique and unusual so you won’t find it in any other app. For instance, there’s a game that blends basic contest with the CAH. When you start playing, you need to point out all the players and give them names to define the moves.

Next, you choose any game you like and enjoy your time. There’s also a game that empowers you to come up with the most believable answers to the quizzes to confuse your opponents. All the players do the same and when someone chooses your option you get a point.

Wherein, there are word games, puzzles, trivia, and other games that train your brain. You can add all your mates in one list to play with them in Zoom or Skype. Thus, you’ll have a great time while keeping social distancing. It needs to be said, some games are originally locked and you can only try them by buying a subscription pack.

Psych1 Psych2


Jeopardy! World Tour

JeopardyJeopardy! World Tour is a game version of the well-known quiz game that keeps your brain occupied.

This game covers multiple themes of questions so you will be able to find the one you’re interested in. Therewith, you can rather play within one topic or try a mixed theme mode. You can also choose to play against your buddy or some random user. Besides, there is a solo mode you can try to sharpen your skills and you can play it offline.

There are various forms of topics and quizzes such as multi-choice, landmark identification, and all that. You start with simple questions but the difficulty level will grow when you go through the game. Each round that you successfully pass brings you points and hints that may help you out later. There are also extra power bonuses that give you the same amount of points that your competitor currently has.

It also needs to be said, you can view the leaderboard to estimate your strength, see how competitive you are, and come up with a strategy on how to become the best one. There’re independent leaderboards for each country and the ultimate world’s one. You can also see your own stats on each topic, theme, and type of the quiz.

Jeopardy1 Jeopardy2


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QuizUpQuizUp is another trivia game that will examine your brain abilities.

This game is not just a regular game show you can think of. This game does everything for you to follow your interests and find the people that can share it with you. Herewith, you can find the quizzes related to your hobbies and stuff you like and follow them. Furthermore, you can make your own original quizzes based on your fandom.

These quizzes will be available for millions of users worldwide so you can meet new people and befriend them. The game has a built-in chat so you can interact with other players while playing. You can rather play against your buddies or battle with random users. There’s also a single-mode that sharpens your skills.

You can play within one particular topic or try a mixed game shows. The game covers various themes related to movies, comic books, sport, history, videogames, and more. You can view the leaderboard for each topic and track your scores. Besides, the app shows you the stats on each quiz and theme you’ve tried so you can estimate your powers.

QuizUp1 QuizUp2


SongPop 2 – Guess The Song


SongPop 2 is a guess the song kind of game and it’s perfect for parties.

This is how this game works — you listen to a short piece of a song and need to guess what it was. The main aim of the app is to examine how good you are in music genres and singers. Wherein, you get free-to-listen mission playlists that match your preferences just for being registered. There are thousands of songs played by modern artists that you’ll need to guess — from Taylor Swift and 1D to Bon Jovi.

You can rather compete with your mates or other music lovers to find out who is the best. There’s also a single-mode that enables you to train your skills in the quizzes against a bot. Therewith, you can pick the decade of music and only get the songs within it or try mixed mode. As you play you earn coins that you can spend to unlocked new playlists.

It needs to be said, the app can also hunt the upcoming tours and concerts of your fav artists. And once any of your faves is going to visit your town, the app will send you a notification. You can also find other users with similar music tastes and befriend them. Plus, you can watch all the music clips for free.

SongPop 1 SongPop 2




Sporcle is an app that fits perfect for a trivia party.

This is a quiz game that is full of puzzles and trivia questions that can sharpen your brain. For now, there are a few thousand quizzes you can try and its number is constantly updating. There are various types of quizzes you can shoe from — there are tests, landscape, and flag identification, and more. There’s even a type of contest the empowers you to name the answer by yourself.

There are also more than fifteen categories of questions from history and religion to sport and show-business. Wherein, the contests are easy as you start playing but it gets more and more difficult from round to round. The second you tap on the answer the app lets you know if it’s correct or not. And when you finish the round you can view all your mistakes and the explained answers to them so you won’t be left guessing.

The app also saves your entire stats for all the rounds you’ve passed so you can estimate your abilities. You can even view the comments of other players for each quiz as well as their scores. Herewith, you can match your results with theirs. You can also make your own quiz if you want.

Sporcle 1 Sporcle 2


Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?


Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is an app version of a well-known trivia game that was popular in the early 2000s.

This game simulates its original TV version and empowers you to feel what it’s like to be a player in it. The app has everything the TV show has — from audience call to the one million dollar question. Therewith, the app enables you to play against your mates or other players.

Furthermore, the app covers various topics like music, books, movies, history, science, and all that. You start with easy questions, but they get more complicated as you’re climbing the money tree and move through rounds.

If you pass the level successfully you earn rewards and bonuses that can be spent on unlocking scientists and experts that took part in the show. These experts can give you hints during the game if you have difficulties filling a question. You can also move through different cities while playing to try new questions. You can even view the leaderboard to estimate your abilities.





Popcorn Trivia is an entertaining quiz game that will be perfect for a group friends meeting.

The outstanding thing about this game is that it is all about the movies and film industry. Thus, you can compete with your mates to prove who knows more about movies. There are multiple types of rounds in this game — from basic tests to the ones where you need to guess an actor by the part of this appearance or suggest the movie by the shot.

You can rather play within one theme or try a mixed-mode. The questions start with easy ones but the difficulty level raises up when you move throughout the game. Every successful round gives you points that you can spend to unlock more hints that will save you if you’ll be unable to answers a question.

For now, the app covers more than a thousand films and new ones appear every week so you’ll never run out of new material. You can view a leaderboard to see people’s best results. Plus, the app tracks your stats and you can create to-watch lists while playing.

PopcornTrivia 1 PopcornTrivia 2


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Quizoid: Offline Trivia Quiz


And lastly, Quizoid is a trivia game app that enables you to test your knowledge.

The game covers more than ten thousand questions and its number is constantly updating so it takes a while to get through it all. Therewith, there are several game modes you can try — a regular quiz test, identification, and the one the requires you to type the answer by yourself.

The game also covers more than ten themes — from nature and history to movies and artists. You can rather play within one topic or try mixed mode. The question’s difficulty level goes from easy to more complex ones as you level app in the game. There’s also a localization mode that opens quizzes related to your country.

You can view the leaderboard and your own stats yo estimate your skills. Besides, you can also regulate the difficulty level of the game as you want. When you successfully pass the round you get bonuses that you can spend on hints.

Quizoid1 Quizoid2


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