15 Best Check-In Apps for Android & iOS


Nowadays technologies just do not leave you a chance to find an excuse not to have an opportunity to meet with your friends. Using this app you can now share your location with the world and see if someone of your friends is nearby and would like to meet.

All you have to do is to launch Swarm, define your location and wait. Tell people about your past experience or just about what you are doing at the moment by just checking-in at a certain place. You can always decorate your post with photos, stickers, emoji etc.

On your personal profile, you can see all the previous posts that you have made, all your followers and friends. It is like Instagram but in more extended version.

This app gives you an ability to send your locations, photos, and posts to each other. So you can plan something with your friends because there is an option of sharing about what you are going to do next (go to the bar, restaurant, to the nightclub, etc.).

Swarm allows you to change your status on Facebook and Twitter, and other social networks. It is really helpful when you need to gather your people altogether. But keep in mind, Swarm will be really helpful if you really have a lot of friends.




Find the best restaurants, bars and a lot of other nice places using the Foursquare app. It will help you to find the best places all around the world. Moreover, you will get tons of useful information from the Foursquare world community, which has gained its decent reputation everywhere.

You can also find places you want to go or where you have been to and it is all combined in one app. It gives you a great chance to join the community of people like you, who like exploring the world around us and share with that they have found.

You can also read little tips created by different people from the whole world. All comments are real without an endless amount of negativity.

What is more, there is a possibility to compile your lists. Create a list of the places you liked and constantly add new objects to it, create a list of the best places in your area, in the country where you want to go, etc.

You can also share your preferences, rate places and tell others where are you so you can get helpful recommendations from others.

Subscribe to people, brands and popular users in order to gain an amazing experience. You will get millions of notes about food, which is not on the menu, enter to the underground bars, Wi-Fi passwords and a lot of other stuff. All the places you have visited will be displayed in your personal story.

Do not forget to complete it with fascinating photos to make those memories even more outstanding. This is the way you can memorize unique spots on the map.

Besides, using this app you will find everything you need extremely fast. The app has been upgraded in order to shorten the energy consumption so now you can use it without worries that your battery is going to die.



Untappd – Discover Beer

For all beer, breweries, and venues lovers out there this app is the best choice for you. Be ready to drink with your friends everywhere, while earning badges for exploring beers of different styles and countries. Launch this app and explore the area you are currently visiting – are there any unique bars?

Untappd contains the most precise and detailed information about it. Later, you can create a list of bars with the sorts of beer you liked the most. Get alerts when your favorite verified venues add new beers to stay in touch.

Your friends on this app will also be very helpful – you can share with each other the best pubs and breweries.

Just open Untappd and look at the map. You will see a few spots showing you the closest bars around. Tap on a certain bar you feel like going to and then open the page of it.

There you will find all the necessary data about it in addition to reviews of other visitors. You can also share a bar you liked via Twitter. In the menu, you can see which places for drinking are in the top-10 in the world, check nearby events, explore trending beers.

Read the global feed-in perspective to make plans of going somewhere in the future without wasting time on searching. Take a photo and share your opinion of a place you just visited and let the world know it. In general, everything that you need to know if you really want to have a good time.



Check In Easy – Guest List & Event Check-in Manager

If you have been looking for an app which would help you to organize events with a huge amount of guests then here it is – Checks In Easy.

Accomplish easy and fast registration, manage events from 2 to 20000 people.

Now you do not need any paper or notebooks, clipboards, and binders for the guest reception. All you have to do is to Upload an Excel file guest list and you are ready to go. If there are more people than you expected there is a possibility to add gusts on the fly.

When the important guests arrive you will find it out by email or text alerts. The app has boarding pass feature lets you send your guests printable tickets with unique bar codes. Checking will not take much time because you can use quick check-in using the integrated ticket scanner.

New smart technologies will be extremely helpful when you need to find someone on the guest list.

Get live stats during the event or Easily download a guest list of who attended and when for later studying. If there is a necessity you can include custom questions at the check-in or collect signatures. This app can give you all these opportunities.




You want to find a certain place like pizzeria, cafe or bar – you can use yelp. Yelp is your local guide to finding the perfect place to eat, shop, drink, relax and play. All the most popular and fashionable restaurants in your area will be displayed on the screen of your phone.

Make reservations, pick up food and order for delivery using Yelp. If you want you can set filters into the search barrel – it will sort the restaurants by price, location and more. In case if you want to get the information about a certain place first you can read reviews left by other users.

A good bonus is that you can find beneficial offers from local businesses.

Filter your results by neighborhood, distance, rating, price and hours of operation. All the details about the places or the events where you want to go – these all are in this app.

Besides, you can always leave your own opinion about a place you have visited. Just make a post about it. This is the way how Yelp users can help each other to get more information about everything.



Another app for checking in at the events. Using this app you can control your guest list, sell tickets, manage table bookings. With this app, you can now organize the whole even from the start till the end with its collection of tools and at-the-door check-in facility.

It is also very convenient since the glisttr is tied up to the Facebook and Twitter so the guest does not have to register a separate account and allows maximum social integration and promotion for your business.

Register your event in advance and it will give you a chance to promote your even better on social media. What is more, your friends can also advertise this even to their own friends.

Functionality also exists to confirm the guest’s registration by SMS message (at a small cost per message). According to the feedback of many event managers and businessmen, this app is really helpful when it comes to large-scale events organization.


Zkipster – Event Check-In App

Zkipster is a complete software that includes a list of guests and a full range of planning together with the staff – from PR-managers to security. In the app you can plan the landing of guests, their arrival time, program and check-in at the entrance.

With the help of Zkipster you are constantly in touch with everyone at the event online. If entry to your event is only by invitation or special codes, this is your option. It is best to use this system where there are separate Wi-Fi signals, but even if there is no such option, it is not a problem. In any case, Zkipster will be a great support for you.

You can create guest lists, design invitation tickets and print them immediately, create boarding cards, and check that the photos of guests and staff badges match. In general, Zkipster gives you complete control over what’s going on.


Flight Check In

For those people who fly more often than others, this app will become a real value. It is created to help you to save your precious time.

It unites all the airlines of United States, Canada, and South America. So it does not matter what airlines you use, you can always customize your home screen with your favorite airline providers.

This app is easy and comfortable to use because of a well-designed interface that allows for a one-time insertion of all pertinent check-in information.

You do not have to worry about the data you put into the app like your passport number because it is highly secured and, what is more, all of the information you type can be used for all your future bookings so you do not waste your time.

There is a function “print screen” which is actually like a printed sheet but all the data is digital and you can use it at the check-in point. If you are afraid you can lose it  – save it to your photo library. Moreover, you can not only book flights and make check-in via this app.

You are also able to get an access to Hotels or Car rental providers. So when you get off the plane you do not have to worry about the place to stay and how to get there – it all is combined with this app. The design, again, is clear and easy so it does not mess with your mind when you are tired.




Planning has never been easier with the CWT to go app. It will take care of everything you need for a journey – from a flight to the places to go.

This app will be especially beneficial for business travelers. Create your own profile and it will be updating with new information, including loyalty program numbers, permanently.

Just a few taps and you book a preferable hotel. CWT organizes all your future plans for you like booking flights, hotels, car and train reservations. In addition, you now have a calendar where you can mark significant meeting and upcoming events.

The app will remind you. And the variety of air companies available for check-in is huge – more than 250 names. All the necessary information about it is constantly displayed in the app – delays, cancellations, gate changes and other notifications.

By the way, keep in mind that hotel booking is not available for all countries.



Certain Arrive

When the lists of your guests are huge and different – for example, you have regular guests, invited stars, as well as VIPs – you will need the application Certain Arrive. It is designed for different groups of guests and conveniently provides information about their arrival at the event.

Certain Arrive can work as with QR codes, there and with standard lists. If the guest is not registered in the system, the service incredibly quickly and painlessly collects their data and sends it to the organizers – the developers have even provided such a variant.

If your event is aimed at collecting data or information about your potential audience – it will be just in time, because all the information will be stored in your system.

You will be able to receive notifications about the arrival of guests – in particular, about the appearance of VIP-guests. There is also a special section that allows you to check in guests in as little time as possible – a “certain check-in”.

Get live statistics online! You can immediately get results in the form of clear diagrams, which reflect the number of guests arriving.


shopkick – Shopping Rewards & Discounts

As you have already guessed, this app is the prototype of the previous one, but it has to deal mainly with shopping.

Here in the searching bar, you write the type of the shop you want to go and the things you want to buy and shopkick will show you results. Use shopkick when you shop to earn points (called “kicks”) and redeem them for free gift cards of your choice!

It’s easy to earn kicks and get rewarded for your everyday shopping. This is a real bargain when you make your purchases in those stores (like Target, Walmart, Macy’s, Best Buy, American Eagle and more).and get bonuses for that.

So this app helps you not only to find a desirable item but also win a great deal of it and easily follow the latest trends.

Shopckick will show you the latest collections and the last offerings. As you launch the app you can see a big variety of brands and stores where you want to go in order to get extra kicks.

After you have collected enough of them you can turn your kicks into the gift cards for famous brands. When you click to look through the products offered by a certain store you can see the things they have on sale lower on your screen.



Barcos – Barcode Scanner & Qr Bar Code Reader Fast

Obviously, this is a scanner of QR codes for iPhone. Its main purpose is to scan and parse the contents of Barcode & QR Codes. It can also generate QR Codes. When you launched the app all you have to do is scan in order to get the information about a product.

A do not worry about the quality of your camera – Barcos will manage anyway. Anyone is able to do this. What is more, scanning & product searching is very swift & instant to save you enough time in shopping.

With this app, you can compare the product prices on Amazon and eBay. You can find detailed information about a product and also look for better offers from other distributors.

To buy the item you like you do not need to exit this app what is very convenient. This app is not just your scanner but also your e-commerce shopping assistant. If you need to make a lot of purchases then you can skip the option preview right now & check them out later.

Everything here is made to improve your buying process and make it more stress-free. The app has an option “history” where you can review all the previous pages you visited.

By the way, you have a chance of editing it. And, lastly, you can create your own QR codes with any information you like (for trade, for instance). Share them later so more people to discover your product. If there are any questions or problems – apply to the app support.



Boomset Event Guest list & Check-in

It is often the case that an event has to be controlled directly from the company’s head office. Sometimes such events go far enough, and none of the employees can be on the spot and supervise what is happening personally. In such cases, the application from Boomset will help.

You can use it to check in guests, print cards, passes and passes instantly. It is also possible to create guest profiles: collect their photos, personal data and survey results, for example. At the end you will have a huge amount of already processed data.

With Boomset, you can quickly and efficiently plan your event while spending a minimum of paperwork. Boarding of guests, QR codes of invitations and even collection of donations. When you make a deposit, you see the name of the person who made the donation, as well as the amount. Everything is tracked in real time!

There is no possibility to personally control what is happening? Not a problem if you use the Boomset application!


Paperless Event Checking In

Seriously, who needs paper in the 21st century. This app is a proof since it allows to check the longest guest-lists without printing. If you have any doubts you can search a guest in a base and see if they are really invited. Use the camera on your phone to scan the QR codes.

Use an external Bluetooth scanner to scan barcodes. The best way to scan all the codes is to scan them for tickets.

The app is loaded with sample data with all its functionality. To use your own data, load a GuestList.CSV file. You can load the file from your email on the device. You have all the information about your guests on your device. To check a guest in you must swipe left. If you want to see the details, tap row.

In case you intend to use the camera to scan a barcode, use a Bluetooth, or type a code to check in – tap Scan.

When the screen lights green it means that the guest is found. If red – the opposite. You will get an access to your lists right on the screen of your phone with the little notes about them on the right. It makes the task of receiving people much easier.


drchrono Patient Check-In

Once again, today it is possible to get medical check-in online and here is the app. This way you will get access to the personalized information which makes the interaction between you and the doctor better. The data will automatically sync with the drchrono EHR, so no scanning or data entry is required.

You can also enable kiosk mode and let patients check themselves in. This app also will be suitable for every healthcare provider and staff member and will help to make their job easier.

It is not difficult to use so it will not take much time to understand it. Moreover, you do not have to worry because it meets all industry-standard security to ensure safety for the doctor and his patients.

All you have to do is to create an account. The system of this app allows doctors to manage the information about patients remotely, gather up-to-date patient demographics. In other words, all the necessary tools which can be required before and after reception are collected in Drchrono.


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