9 Best ACR Apps for Android & iOS

We get dozens of calls every day and some of them may require a record. It may happen for various reasons — you may need to remember some info, or even get the evidence of threats.

Luckily, there are lots of ACR Apps for Android & iOS that enable you to easily tape your calls. These apps start the taping automatically the sec you pick up the phone and when you’re done talking you can already listen to the audio.

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Here’s the list of the 9 best apps in that category you should try. Take a look!

Call Recorder – ACR


As its name suggests, the first app on our list aims for you to tape your calls.

It needs to be said, this is one of the most popular ACR services that covers plenty of other useful features along with the main one. First of all, the app saves and stores all the tapes in your history bin and attaches them to numbers from your contacts.

Therewith, you get to search for all the records you have for each number in secs. And even if you’ll device to delete them and then will change your mind you may easily recover all the deleted objects. You may also set the app to clean your bin from all the old records if needed. And if there are any objects you don’t want to be deleted you can make them as important.

Plus, you may set the app to rather auto-record all the calls or the calls from particular numbers. You may also stick to the manual mode if needed. There are lots of formats you can save the tapes as well. You also get to put a password on the app to protect the files.



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Auto call recorder record app

Auto call recorder

Auto call recorder is an app that will register all your calls.

In the first place, this app stands for the quality of its files so you can be sure all the calls will be registered in HQ. This app also gives you a wide range of post-recording tools. Thus, you get to edit your files in different ways — trim them, add labels, and more. You may also pick the format for file saving so it would be easier to use them in the future.

You also get to organize your files as you want. For instance, you may sort them by thematic folders or categorize them by numbers. You can also easily share the files and export them to cloud services. Besides, the developers of the app provide it with a friendly and reliable UI that everyone can cope with.

At that, you may rather use the standard mode or the auto one that records all the calls. And if you own an AppleWatch you also get to sync the app with it. Thus, you’ll get to easily start recording after the convo is started. The app does run on sub packs but there’s a free trial so you can see if it worth it.

Auto call recorder 1 Auto call recorder 2


Call Recorder – Cube ACR

Cube ACR

Cube ACR is a call recorder with lots of tools and a friendly UI.

The main thing you need to know about this app is that it lets you rape all kinds of calls — from regular ones to the ones via WhatsApp or Telegram (which is a rare tool). You may even record your Skype conversations if needed. Plus, the app keeps the quality of its calls on a high level so you can count on clear audio with no glitches and crashes.

As was already mentioned, the app is very easy to use. All the calls are being taped hands-off the moment the convo starts. In case you wanna be a bit more specific you may select the numbers you want to register. And there’s also a hand-operated mode that lets you tape the calls individually.

The app also has a file manager that lets you organize your records. You get to sort them by folders, export them and delete the unneeded ones. You also get to mark the most important files. In case you need to listen to your records in private, the app uses a speaker switch that turns to an ear speaker easily.

Cube ACR 1 Cube ACR 2


Call Recorder App: RecMyCalls

RecMyCallsRecMyCalls is an iOS app that lets you tape your calls.

The main idea of this app is to make call recording quick and easy so that all the users could cope with that. Thus, this app has intuitive controls and enables you to start taping with just one touch. Plus, the app covers the recording of both incoming and outgoing calls.

The recording starts along with the conversation and when you hang the phone — you can already listen to the record. You may stick with an auto mode, the manual one, or attach the tapes to several contacts. Therewith, you may categorize your files by folders and rename them for easy id.

You also get to easily share the files via various services. The amount of files you can store is unlimited which is always nice. Plus, you can arrange the app to delete the old files you don’t need anymore. In case there are any files you’d like to keep you can mark them as important ones. The app runs on sub packs but there’s a free trial and some free tools you may use.

RecMyCalls 1 RecMyCalls 2


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Call Recorder S9 – Automatic Call Recorder Pro

S9 call reorder

Call Recorder S9 is an ACR app filled with advanced tools.

Along with its sister apps, this one may run on three different modes. First of all, there’s an auto mode that will tape all the calls you get. Then, there’s a mode that lets you attach the record to individual numbers. And lastly, there’s a standard mode that you’ll need to turn on your own if needed.

Once the calls are taped, they are being stored within the app. Wherein, the app auto-syncs the files with numbers you have on your contacts. You get to categorize the files, sort them by folders and rename them if needed. You also get to mark the most important ones, so they won’t be deleted without your consent.

Plus, you get to pick the taping format and share the file via various platforms. You also get to protect your records with a password if needed. As for the deleting, you may set an auto-delete for the old files or do the clean out manually. The deleted files are being stored in the trash bin for some time in case you’ll need to recover them.

S9 call reorder 1 S9 call reorder 2


Acr call recorder

Acr call recorderThe next app is also fully dedicated to automated call recording.

The app can cope with both in and outgoing calls which is nice. Plus, the record will work regardless if you’re connected to the Internet or not so you can use it any time. The app may rather record all the calls hands-off or you could stick to the standard mode.

And there’s also a mode that lets you attach the taping to specific numbers for your contacts. Once you hang out the phone you can already listen to its tape in the app. Besides, you get to organize the files of your will. You may sort them by folders, rename them and mark the most important ones that won’t be deleted without your permission.

You can also pick the saving format and export the files to cloud services if needed. You can also easily share the files via messengers. What is more, you may edit your tapes by timing them or changing the voice to an unrecognizable one. You can rather delete the files by yourself or use an auto cleanser to get rid of the old ones.

Acr call recorder 1 Acr call recorder 2


Call Recorder Automatic

Call Recorder

The next ACR app does pretty much the same stuff that the other ones on our list do.

The app is fully dedicated to calling recording and does a good job with it. The taping starts automatically the second you answer the call and when you hang out you can already listen to the tape. In case you don’t want all your calls to be recorded you get to adjust it in the settings.

You may stick with a manual mode that aims you to tap on the record pin if you need to tape the conversation. Plus, you may attach the taping to specific numbers individually. You also get to organize your tapes by putting them into folders and renaming them.

Besides, you can easily sort the files by date and mark the most relevant ones. You can play any file at any time no matter if you’re connected to the web or not. The same goes for the taping itself so you can do it at any time needed. You also get to share the files via various services.

Call Recorder 1 Call Recorder 2


Call Recorder: Recording App

Recording AppCall Recorder is another app that lets you tape your calls for further use.

This app covers all the essential tools you may need. First of all, it records all the calls (in and outgoing) the second they start. And once you’ve finished the call you get to listen to the tape right away. The taping runs without the Internet so you can do it at any time.

Once it’s done, you get to play the files whenever needed. The number of files you may store in the app is unlimited which is nice. You also get to organize your files by splitting them y folders, renaming them, and sorting them by your will. You may even attach the files you number for easier navigation.

Besides, you get to export the files to cloud storage and share them via other sources if needed. You can rather delete the files manually or set the app to do it automatically for the old tapes. In case you want to keep particular files you can mark them as relevant. The app has a simple UI so that every person could use it.

Recording App 1 Recording App 2


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IntCall ACR


And lastly, IntCall ACR is an app that enables you to tape your calls without much effort.

The first thing needed to be said about this app is ti covers lots of useful tools apart from the main one. For instance, it lets you change your voice on records if needed. It can also tape the calls you get via Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and other messengers Plus, the app provides you with high sound quality so you can be sure the records will be clear with no glitches.

Once the recording is ready, you get to edit it of your will. Along with the vice changing, you may also trim the audio. At that, you can add a location tag to all the files and attach them to specific numbers. You can also arrange your files by renaming them and uniting them into groups.

You can also easily export the files in could storage or share them via emails. Furthermore, you can set a deleting schedule to get rid of all the old files you don’t need anymore. The app also cares about your privacy so you can put a password to protect your files.

IntCall 1 IntCall 2


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