11 Best ACT preparation apps for Android & iOS

The ACT is an educational examination for bachelor’s degree programs in colleges and universities.

The exam determines the applicant’s readiness for the university program. ACTs test math and English language skills as part of a high school program. It also tests data, information analysis, and writing skills.

To prepare well for the exam, you will need to use the applications on this list. Here you will find the best ACT preparation apps to help you prepare for the exam quickly and efficiently.

ACT Test Prep, Practice, and Flashcards

ACT Test Prep, Practice, and FlashcardsACT Test Prep, Practice, and Flashcards is an interactive course, and ACT preparation simulator.

It can be used to refresh knowledge and practice specific tasks. Classes are made with elements of gamification.

An important feature of the service is the creation of a lesson plan and a knowledge analyst.

When you register in the app, you will receive a short informative help on how the service works. The training algorithm is simple:

  • Choose a subject.
  • Take an entrance test of 10 assignments to assess your current level of knowledge.
  • Specify the date of the exam and the desired score. This is necessary to make a lesson plan.
  • The program makes an individual lesson plan. The higher the desired grade, the harder it will be to study, as each class will have a higher passing grade. The date of the exam and the desired score can be changed at any time.
  • Get started with the exercises.
  • At any moment, if you forget something, you can look in the section “Theory” – a structured guide to the subject.
  • After a little exercise, look in the section “Analysis of knowledge” to see a detailed report. Here you will find out which topics you know better and which are worse.
  • In the same section, you can practice with extra lessons. Analytics is a very useful part of the service. It is usually difficult for a student to get an overview of his or her knowledge.

ACT Test Prep, Practice, and Flashcards ACT Test Prep, Practice, and Flashcards

This free application will help you to easily prepare for ACTs.


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ACT Flashcards, SAT / ACT Prep

ACT Flashcards, SAT / ACT PrepThe ACT Flashcards, SAT / ACT Prep app will help you prepare quickly and efficiently for the ACT.

When you plan, the app distributes your lessons over the entire school year before you take the exam. The plan consists of the following elements:

  • Knowledge assessment is an entrance test.
  • Modules are groups of tasks typical of the exam. Usually, it consists of 1-4 tasks and a test at the end.
  • Examination work – combines all the topics covered. The tests should be taken closer to the exam.
  • ACT simulation – large module with tasks, as in this exam.

The whole learning process from start to finish is made with elements of the game. When you complete the tasks, you get experience points, depending on how well and quickly you did it.

If you lag behind the plan, these points will gradually burn down. Having successfully fulfilled many conditions, you can get awards for various achievements.

Points and awards play a purely symbolic role – your place in the rating depends on them. The tasks in the game, that is, in the program, are called “quests”, and verification work – “bosses”.

ACT Flashcards, SAT / ACT Prep ACT Flashcards, SAT / ACT Prep

The module cannot be passed by clicking at random on the answers. Each module has a pass mark without having to pass it first. The higher you set the desired score at the exam, the harder it is to pass individual modules.


ACT Online Prep

ACT Online PrepACT Online Prep is a special ACT preparation program.

There are quite a few exercises. One course consists of modules. One module consists of 2-4 quests, i.e. tasks, and a checklist. In each quest and verification work, there are 10 tasks.

Total: about 30 – 50 tasks per module. You can practice in the section “Analysis of knowledge”, passing through the tasks on any topic.

It is important that after the answer is given, you are not only told “Right” or “Wrong” but also the answer in detail. The explanation also depends on the specifics of the subject.

You may make a mistake in the assignments – 3 attempts are made to answer the question correctly.

But it is better to answer at the first attempt, as it affects the evaluation of the module. You should not make mistakes in the tests at the end of each module.

If you make a mistake, proceed to the next task without the possibility to choose another answer. There are also tests that will test your knowledge of certain subjects.

ACT Online Prep ACT Online Prep

The quizzes are a large block of tasks on all the topics covered. As in the case of modules, the higher the desired score, the higher the score for the test. Otherwise, the quizzes are no different from the quizzes. Of course, there are no mistakes in the tests, as well as in the tests.


ACT Pocket Prep

ACT Pocket PrepThe ACT Pocket Prep application will allow you to prepare for the ACT exam at a good level.

In the Options section, you can take options for the exam, including a creative exercise. This task will be tested by a live person who is an expert in the subject.

The tested work will not only be evaluated, but the expert will write comments on each item of work.

The peculiarity of this application is the analysis of knowledge. When you complete exercises, the app shows statistics of correct and incorrect answers.

Then it will tell you what topics you need to repeat. There are two ways to repeat any topic – to read the theory and solve problems.

The theory is a structured reference book with the most basic information. Tasks are random exercises on a given topic.

Some of the sections in the manual are equipped with video tutorials. At the end of the guide, you will find examples of exercises that explain the answers.

The analysis also shows topics that you have not yet completed. You can also do this. There is also an interesting “Summary” block in the analysis that shows how close you are to your goal.

Your level of preparation for the exam is expressed as a percentage. The indicator is influenced by different parameters. The level of preparedness, the number of tasks completed, time of completion and much more.

ACT Pocket Prep ACT Pocket Prep

Once you have completed the course, you cannot repeat it. But you can do as many exercises as you like on different topics.


Ready4 ACT

Ready4 ACTThe Ready4 ACT application allows you to prepare yourself for the ACT.

After registering on the site, you need to specify your goal, namely the number of points. He then takes a small entrance test to determine the current level of knowledge.

After that, the service builds a training plan for him. To achieve the best results, the founders of the platform recommend using it at least twice a week.

The exam preparation program for one subject consists of 20-30 sections or modules.

When working with the program, the student has to take the modules, i.e. pass the tests on certain topics.

Their results determine the further development of the exam preparation program.

The app Ready4 ACT will correct this plan, “adjusting” to the student during the preparation.

The service takes into account the goal set, time before the exam and your abilities. If you know your chosen topic well, there is no point in stopping at it for a long time.

Ready4 ACT Ready4 ACT

If you have forgotten to pass a module on time or missed something important, you will be written about it.


ACT Test

ACT TestThanks to the ACT Test app, you can quickly learn all the necessary materials to pass the ACT.

First, you need to register in the app. Registration is not difficult. You need to enter your email address and come up with a password.

After you have filled in all the fields, click the button “Register”. Within a few minutes, you will receive an email with a confirmation link to your e-mail address.

Now you need to specify the target – how many points you want to get. The application ACT Test should know how much you are ready for the exam.

Thus, you need to pass a test of six tasks, which will result in you know your level of training. The app will then make an individual plan for you.

The preparation process consists of modules. To solve it, you should pass two quests, which are given a certain amount of time.

The solution is given three attempts, the fewer attempts you use, the higher the result of the passage. But in the control works, there are no attempts.

ACT Test ACT Test

After you pass the quests and control work, you can find out the result of the first module. If you do not pass it, the second module will not be opened for you. Thus, you will have to solve the first module anew.


Varsity Tutors – Live Online Video Tutoring App

Varsity Tutors - Live Online Video Tutoring AppThe Varsity Tutors – Live Online Video Tutoring App will allow you to prepare yourself for ACT in a short time.

In this app, there is a section “Analysis of knowledge”. Here you can see the current result of preparation for the exam.

It also gives recommendations on how to make the preparation much better. Thus, the more you answer the questions, the better the app displays current knowledge.

It highlights the topics in which more mistakes have been made.

There is also a section called “Variants”, i.e. you can find exams that are as similar to the original as possible.

As the problems are solved, you will see your intermediate result in the initial and test scores. After you complete the variant, you get the final result.

In the “Theory” section you will find information on each topic. Even if you have not reached a certain topic, in this section you can study it and prepare for it.

“Rating” – this section displays the best users of the Varsity Tutors – Live Online Video Tutoring App. To get here, you need to reach 3 levels of the character, which can be obtained for solving problems. You can go to any user and see his results, as well as write to him.

Varsity Tutors - Live Online Video Tutoring App Varsity Tutors - Live Online Video Tutoring App

“Arena” – the section is designed to fight users by the tasks of the exam. Thus, to earn more experience and rise in the ranking.


ACT Math Test & Practice

ACT Math Test & Practice 2019Prepare an excellent knowledge base for ACT with the ACT Math Test & Practice app.

With it, you can get a passing grade or even prepare your level up to the highest grade. Get a scholarship thanks to good training.

Here you will be able to practice as much as possible similar to real-life tasks. Here you will find a selection of assignments in a variety of subjects.

You will be able to hone your knowledge of mathematics, Earth sciences and much more. So, you can prepare for the upcoming exam at any time and in any place.

Here you will find handy cards for studying the material. You can also create your own cards with more detailed information.

One of the key features of the service is gamification. This is the use of game mechanics in the training of game mechanics.

Pass tests on subjects like a computer game in which the characters gain points. Become better with each correct answer.

ACT Math Test & Practice 2019 ACT Math Test & Practice 2019

Having achieved certain success in the results, you will get various bonuses. Holders of certain ratings can communicate with each other in a secret chat.

ACCUPLACER Prep Test Questions – Free Access

ACCUPLACER Prep Test Questions - Free AccessThe ACCUPLACER Prep Test Questions – Free Access app will help you prepare for ACTs quickly and easily.

The idea of the service is simple. You create and add cards with the information you need to learn. Then you start training.

When searching for an app, you can search for other participants’ card sets and add them to yourself. You can also create whole communities with users and learn new words together.

The latest activity” shows all your latest activity. Here you will be able to find new sets added to the communities you belong to, as well as the latest sets being studied.

To create a new set, you should click on the upper button on the right. After entering the necessary list of information, click on “Finish”.

Then give the set a name and set the privacy level. You can make the set visible to everyone, or only to you.

Now you can start training. There are several options to choose from. The first one is the standard cards.

There are four buttons at the top of the screen. With the first button, you can turn on automatic pronunciation. When you activate the second button, you can activate the card stirring mode.

The third button allows you to enable auto jump. The cards will be automatically replaced by each other.

ACCUPLACER Prep Test Questions - Free Access ACCUPLACER Prep Test Questions - Free Access

After each test, brief statistics will be available. You can see how many times you answered correctly.



ACT TEST PREP The ACT TEST PREP app will give you access to ACT training anytime, anywhere. This is very convenient and practical.

The exam preparation process takes place in a card format. Here you add your information to the interactive cards. You can also use pre-packaged kits for the required subjects.

At the end of the training session, you will see your progress. Information is available for each card.

How many times you missed the card, and how many times you made a mistake when writing the answer.

The interface and design of the application ACT TEST PREP are very simple and clear. In the first tab, you can start passing the tests.

The second tab displays the sets created only by you.

Next is the list of groups you belong to. Clicking on the corresponding group allows you to view the added sets. Accept the membership requests and get the information about the participants.

Next, come the folders. Sets can be grouped by folders. This is very convenient if you are studying several topics. Thus, you can divide the various items. You can also add sets of other users to folders.


The penultimate tab leads to a profile. You can view all your sets with information about the time of creation, as well as groups.

UWorld College Prep

UWorld College PrepUWorld College Prep is a training card app that allows you to create your own set of training cards with ACT information.

You can also search for and use cards created by other users of the application. Share cards on social networks.

To do this, log in to the application UWorld College Prep using your account. You can make your cards public or close them off from public access.

All cards can be grouped by subjects you study. You can upload images from your mobile device’s gallery to all the cards. You can also attach audio files to them.

There are several types of tests in this application. You can print the answer yourself or choose the right one from the four suggested ones.

Thanks to this application, you will be able to get an excellent preparation for the ACT. Get the best score thanks to an interesting way of preparation.

You won’t get bored with this kind of training. This means that each time you learn something new in an interesting way.

UWorld College Prep UWorld College Prep

There is no advertising in this free application. Also, you will not need to make built-in purchases.


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