Top 9 Alternatives to Zillow and Trulia (Android & iOS)

Sometimes we think about buying a new home. This is a difficult task that must be carried out responsibly. We must choose reliable apps for buying and selling houses. We need to get detailed information about each house. We need to know everything about the past owners of the house. You will find your dream home by fulfilling these conditions.

The apps from the list are multifunctional. You can also sell your house. It is easy to do. Download information about the house. Add photos. Add a contact number. Wait for calls. You won’t have any problems.

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You will find the best house and you can sell yours at a good price. Our smartphones are the perfect helpers. There is a list of the best alternatives to Zillow and Trulia for Android and iOS. Try them all or choose only one. Real Estate: Homes for Sale and Rent

Are you looking for your dream home? This app will help you find it. This is a community of realtors. You will find a house where you can build a family. The app will show you a list of houses in any area.

The app has many tools for finding homes. Add search filters. It has a huge selection of houses. You can read detailed information about each house. Find out the price of the house, its owners, area, and other features. Learn all about sales history.

You can search for homes using the price filter. Set the maximum and minimum amount that you are willing to spend on the house. Search for homes for taxes and utility bills.

You can find the right house in the right place. You can search for a house by address, city, region, and country. This is convenient if you intend to move away. The app has a 3D home tour. You can learn all about the interior and structure of the house. The app will show you detailed photos of each property.

The app will notify you of new houses or the sale of houses from your list of favorites. You will also find out when the price will go down and rise. Look at the map of your city and find out which houses are for sale.

The app sends property news as well as new trends in house design. You can find the home of your dreams. Connect the app to your social networks. You will be able to receive important information by email. Real Estate: Homes for Sale and Rent Real Estate: Homes for Sale and Rent



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Apartments & Houses for Rent

This modern app will help you find the best home to buy. Select a category. You can choose a house for rent or purchase. The app will find the best home that is suitable for you.

Add houses and apartments to your favorites list. You can compare them later. Book a house visit. This is important to make sure that the house matches the description and photos. The app will notify you of a change in the status of the house.

The app makes personal matches. It remembers your preferences. The app shows houses from different places. Perhaps you decide to move away from your previous place of residence.

Matches are sorted into categories. This is useful when searching for a new house. Each house and apartment has many photos. You can look at the house even if you are far from it. The app will prepare recommendations for you. You don’t need to browse the app for hours. It will help you find the best home.

The app will show you all the latest price changes. The design of the app is beautiful and intuitive. You will enjoy the vibrant interface. You won’t get confused. Select a home category and the app will show you all the options. You can also search for houses by location. This is a great app to help you find the best home. Try it and you won’t regret.

Apartments & Houses for Rent Apartments & Houses for Rent Apartments & Houses for Rent


Premier Agent®

This smart app will give you access to thousands of homes to buy. It collects information from 30 different sources. The app sends detailed house information based on your preferences.

Use smart tools to find your new home. Select a search filter. The app will show you the best matches. It is easy to buy a new home. Take an online tour of the home. You can look at tons of photos of each house.

You can also put up a house for sale. Write all the information about the house and its past owners. Download detailed photos of each place. Ask about the price and start selling.

You will quickly receive those wishing to purchase your house. This is a reliable service for buying and selling houses. The app will protect you from scammers. The app has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times.

 Premier Agent®  Premier Agent®  Premier Agent®


Zumper – Apartment Finder

Do you want to sell your house safely? Do you urgently need to buy or rent an apartment? This app will become your assistants. More than 1 million offers are waiting for you.

Open the map of your region and look at the houses that are for sale. This is convenient when you have already chosen a district of the city, but don’t know what houses you can buy. The ap has detailed information about each house. Look at the photos of the rooms and the backyard. You will quickly find your dream home.

The app has only quality offers. Don’t be afraid of scammers and scams. The app has reliable protection. It is smart. You will receive recommendations from different houses. The app will make a match of houses based on your preferences. You will receive real-time notifications from the app.

You will always know if the house from your wish list is sold. You will also be aware of lower and higher house prices. Try this app and buy the house of your dreams.

Zumper - Apartment Finder Zumper - Apartment Finder


Homes for Sale, Rent – Real Estate

This app uses new approaches to finding homes. The goal of the search is to provide the best features of the home. You can find out all the information about the house.

You can see on the map the location of the house. It’s simple. Click on the special icon. The app works with thousands of agencies. It receives the latest information about buying and selling houses. You can find any kind of house such as bungalows, apartments, lake houses and others.

You no longer need to pay intermediaries. Buy houses directly from the owners. Add your favorite homes to your favorites list. You can look at them later.

Compare different houses and find the best option. The app has a perfect mortgage calculator. You can easily count it. The app has been used by more than 1 million times. It can help you find the best place to live.

 Homes for Sale, Rent - Real Estate  Homes for Sale, Rent - Real Estate


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This simple app will help you sell or buy your home. Choose your preferences to buy a house. The app will find the best matches. Use search filters. Choose the state and city.

Open a map of the region to select houses that are available to buy. Take an online tour of the home. So you can understand whether it is suitable for you or not. Read detailed information about each house. It is important for you to know every detail.

To sell a house you need to add it to the app database. Fill in the house information. Write the location, area, and other features of the house. Determine the selling price. Add your contact details.

The more contact information you add, the easier it will be to find you. Wait for calls and emails. You will quickly sell your home. Don’t be afraid of deception. The app has a security policy. Rentals Rentals


Mitula Homes

Are you looking for apps similar to Zillow and Trulia? Here it is. You can easily sell and buy houses, apartments, and other property. Swap the suggested options. Add them to your favorites list. You can compare them later. Add tags to filters. The app will be able to choose better offers for you.

You can easily share a house from the list with your friends. Don’t forget to ask your family about chosen houses. You can remove uninteresting houses from the list. You won’t see them anymore.

Use voice input. So you save a lot of time. The app has an excellent map. Choose a state, city, and area. Open the map and you will see the addresses of all the houses and apartments that are for sale.

You can easily sell your house or rent an apartment. Just fill in the required information. New customers will write and call you. You will get quick access to your recent home views. The app has been installed more than 1 million times.

Mitula Homes Mitula Homes



The app is good both for the home buyers and real estate agents. While it has the regular MLS-powered search features that most real estate apps have, Homesnap adds messaging and sharing features that make home buying with a spouse or partner or even with your parents way simpler.

The lists of the app are updated on the regular basis, so here you’re not going to face such a problem that you are trying to reach out to the offer that doesn’t exist anymore. While looking for an apartment or a house, you can add filters, for example, the proximity of the school zone.

Each house and apartment are posted with a detailed description and a bunch of photos attached. What is more, you can search for an open house by open house date.



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This real estate app is very similar to Zillow but it has bigger properties. In other words, it was made for users who want to invest in real estate. Here you may find the multi-unit or commercial property – all with the detailed description. What is more, here you may find some rare offers, that you won’t find in any other real estate apps.

Plugging in your local area often yields a range of results for multi-unit residential and commercial office spaces. What is more, with LoopNet you can invest and buy not only the property nearby but also in other states.

Overall, the most prominent feature of LoopNet is probably the fact that it represents commercial property as well. After you found an interesting offer you can connect the seller immediately using the chat in the app, or if the seller has published the phone number on their page, use that for a call.



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