11 Awesome Apps Compatible with PS4 and Xbox Controller

Many mobile games still can not be compared with computer versions – it is not surprising, because the characteristics of powerful personal computers are much higher. But still, there are modern devices that perfectly support even high-quality graphics.

Smartphones have many advantages – such as mobility, easy design, and the ability to play literally everywhere. But at the same time, they have a significant disadvantage for good games – it’s uncomfortable control.

You can find games that are well optimized for smartphones, but there are very few of them. If that’s the case, external controllers can help, and they will give you convenient control.

All you have to do is find games that are really good for this kind of control, and that will also support it. We selected 12 Awesome games compatible with Xbox and PS4 Controllers.

Marble It Up: Mayhem!

marble it upChaotic balloon movement, lots of users, and absolute madness – that’s what Marble It Up is. Here you’ll be driving marble balls on a marble platform, almost like on an attraction in an amusement park. Not only can the game be played in multiplayer, but you can also team up with friends and create madness together.

If you want to enjoy the game on your own, Marble It Up features an expanded single-player company that creates a story. You’ll have to overcome all the obstacles you’ll encounter on your way, as well as get powerful bonuses and new experiences for it.

In the process of the game, you will change your balls, so you will be able to collect your own collection of different specimens. The moment you finish the chapter, you will get the trophy, that also fits into your collection.

Maybe you even want to be the best in the game – then you will have to bypass the global leaders and accept weekly new challenges from the developers.

marble it up1


Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

castlevania symphony of the nightCastlevania is a series of games that have never been released for mobile phones before. Now you can not only play it on your smartphone but also get convenient control with the controller.

There’s a whole world inside the app that has its own characters, relationships between them, and atmospheric music. You’ll have to be Alucard to get through Dracula Castle and stay alive.

The gaming graphics are really good, and fans of atmospheric music will appreciate the developers’ efforts. The fantasy world will be available on the smartphone screen, and by controlling the controller you will be able to jump, smash and cut everything in your way, that will interfere with you.

In the process of the game, you will meet a lot of different characters, and you will be able to get to know them. Depending on the progress in the game, you will be able to unlock some of the hard to reach achievements.

There will be no need to bend your fingers during the battle, as you had to do it earlier on the touch screen. Fans of the series will particularly appreciate Castlevania.

castlevania symphony of the night1


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Hot Lava

hot lavaThe floor is lava! If in reality, you have already played such a game, we think that this has not happened on your smartphone. Hot Lava game is ready to send you to a happy childhood, where you used to imagine that you can not touch the floor.

Here you will enjoy a little chaos while feeling the joy of childhood emotions. Lava can be a great way to learn how to surf and conquer the world on board – on waves of hot lava.

The main rule in the mobile game is the same as in life – do not touch the floor. Everything else you can do – because you have to conquer different complex worlds. Explore them you can either on your own, or join your friends.

You’ll need to run, climb, ascend, look for items you can stand on – Hot Lava has full details. You should avoid anything that could kill you – such as lava (surprisingly), toxic waste, and pits. Traps can be waiting for you literally everywhere and at every step – be careful!

hot lava1



oddmarValhalla is one of those places where a lot of games and books take place. In Oddmar you will have to earn your place there, because the hero couldn’t find his place in life before.

In the story, you’ve wasted all your potential and now you’re despised by others – but you’ll have a chance to make it right. For all that has happened before, the hero will have to pay – perhaps the price will be too high.

The whole Viking history is presented as an animated comic book, which you will be interested to follow. In total, the game has 24 levels, but you can play only the first few levels for free.

All of them are picturesque and contain new elements that you will be able to explore. All your strength will be enhanced with magic weapons and protection.

Oddmar can give you new friends, and also you will be able to see magic forests, mountains, and caves, that can hide something terrible behind them. The game controllers in Oddmar allow you to control everything more conveniently, so the experience will be enhanced.

oddmar1 oddmar2



stelaIf you like to watch the colorful scenery, then Stela game will be a discovery for you. Here you will find really incredibly impressive graphics and design, that will impress even those people, who are used to computer games.

If you just need to relax, the game will be a great option, because you can not just play, but also plunge into the atmosphere of the platformer.

In the story Stela, you play as a young woman. She watches as the mysterious ancient world dies while keeping in mind to overcome the challenges and difficulties. Each world has its own terrain, animals, monsters, and much more.

You have the opportunity to manipulate the environment while solving difficult puzzles – they will help you get on with your journey.

The whole game Stela is accompanied by atmospheric music, gloomy but beautiful landscapes and strange creatures. Getting into mysterious cities, you need to survive and solve everything you need.

stela1 stela2


Stardew Valley

stardew valleyOf all popular arcade games, military, shooting, and traveling to other worlds, a separate category can be distinguished games about farms. Stardew Valley will take you to the village, where you can start a new life and build your own farm.

For those who are already familiar with the game, the developers often prepare surprises in new updates – so you will find new plants, animals, meetings, and more every time you enter the game.

In Stardew Valley you will find overgrown fields that you need to refine. You’ll need to grow seasonal plants as well as happy animals. You can manage your farm the way you want to.

There are tools to decorate your home, the farmer, and much more – the options vary anyway. By the way, you can also start a full family in the Stardew Valley – there are a total of 12 people with whom you can play a wedding. You’ll have to harvest, make things with your own hands, and even make food out of it!

stardew valley1


King’s League II

kings leagueIf you like fights, battles, and much more, then King’s League II game will please you. Here you will lead your team to victory by training and managing your own fighters of different classes.

Your main goal is to join the King’s League and prepare for the real battle. Your team must be the best, and you will enter the most prestigious league. King’s League II is an RPG simulator, which you can play with the controller and your own mind.

The game has 30 different classes, whose fighters will be yours. You will need to train them and teach them new skills, so they will lead you to victory. Depending on how you can improve them, the fighters will get different opportunities and even combat effects.

In the future, the fighters will be improved – and you will have to improve each of them. You will have to compete with all the other players for glory, wealth, and rewards. Villages, towns, and castles will also receive a reward – and if you have them, it will be an obvious advantage when it comes to rewarding.

kings league1 kings league2


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Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS

modern combatGuns, shooters, and fast events that happen all the time are what you can find in Modern Combat 5. Its name is similar to the famous Mortal Combat, which brought the first success in the game.

Now it is the best free FPS for smartphones among many war games. Here you will not simply kill time and have a pleasant experience, but also find as much action as there is no such game.

Modern Combat 5 offers 9 classes of fighters, each with its own unique features. You’ll have to upgrade them both in standalone mode and while you’re playing online.

Special skills of each of the fighters can be developed only with the help of special points – you have to earn them. If you yourself are afraid to start playing online, you can just start by watching all the fierce battles that take place between players.

They will be seen in excellent quality, and you will learn something new. Modern Combat 5 is constantly running campaigns for which you will receive awards, prizes, and other valuable bonuses.

modern combat1


Red Reign

red reignIf you like strategy games, you will love Red Reign. Here you can secure your own stronghold, prepare an entire army for battle, as well as fight for victory with other people.

You get your own character, which you will need to stick to – you can be furious, good-natured, fast or even orc – it does not matter, because you will need to control your own focus in any case.

Red Reign invites you to explore all aspects of the game and try out different ways. You can play in different styles of artificial intelligence – the game will adapt to your abilities.

If you want to immediately fight a real enemy, you can immediately switch to the global multiplayer mode – so you will test your skills in a fair fight.

Red Reign’s AI capabilities are great – for example, there is a fully autonomous mode that uses multiple gameplay styles at once. Innovative tactics and the enhanced game will give you a really good impression of the game.

red reign1 red reign2


Riptide GP: Renegade

riptide GPJet ski racing is really unusual. With the Riptide GP app, you get this opportunity and you’ll be completely in the atmospheric world. Here you’ll find yourself in the future – where jet ski racing takes place.

In the story of the game you are a pro, who was betrayed and excluded from the Grand Prix league. To return the title and reputation will need to participate in illegal races among working factory cars.

Riptide GP offers you to fully customize your jet ski, as well as improve your skills. You will be able to compete with the best players in the world, but will you be able to overcome them?

All races take place on incredibly spectacular tracks full of different obstacles and other interactive elements. There are several modes of the game, where you can either fight with other players or build your own career. Change your jet skis and climb to new heights in the league table.

riptide GP1


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Evoland 2

evoland 2If the duration of your game is important to you, then we present Evoland 2. The whole game lasts more than 20 hours – you are fully immersed in the gaming atmosphere for a day.

The game is an amazing mixture of RPG, action movies, card games, and other genres. This variety is justified by the fact that this is not just one game. Evoland 2 – a lot of different games and stories that will move you through time, change locations, and more.

All these games are loved by many users, but no one has ever played them in the same application. Evoland 2 is a huge and successful mixture that includes the best qualities of each game.

You will be able to feel yourself as Mario, jumping over square obstacles, fighting monsters, and traveling, exploring the world around you.

If you haven’t been interested in any game for a long time, Evoland 2 will be a great option. Perhaps, here you will find something new and unusual for yourself.

evoland 21 evoland 22


With the help of the gamepad you can practically forget about the complex setting of convenient control, long getting used to the screen size and other. You can just plug in the gamepad and start playing, enjoying the whole process.

The controllers really help gamers get more comfort while playing, and the fun starts to grow as well. Now you can forget about losing because of the inconvenient controls, unnecessary clicks, and movements – the controller solves the problem.

All 11 applications that we have told you about have controller support and can be controlled by you perfectly. You might even find something interesting and new among them.

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