8 Apps to Find the Cheapest Gas Price on Android

Almost all drivers have already known that the smartphone can be used as a helper behind the wheel. This device is able to improve your life in almost all areas. For example, when going on a long journey by car, you can equip your “Google phone” with a number of useful applications.

This gadget will be able to replace the navigator, radar detector, lawyer, traffic rules, and much more. But this is not all the useful functions of compact mobile devices in a car. How else the Smartphone will be able to help the driver and what apps will be particularly useful in the road –see below.

Have you ever heard the proverb – a penny saved is a penny earned? Today let’s talk about how to save money while being on a trip by car.

More specifically, how to save on fuel. After all, today everyone cares about his wallet. It is not a surprise, that gas prices are rising at a high rate. We have tried and selected for you 8 apps to find the cheapest gas.

Gas Buddy

This free app will help you to find the nearest gas station. About 60 million people have already downloaded the application. It will not be difficult to find a gas station on the city index and sort the stations by price or distance. This app is very easy in management. For a free app, it’s a decent choice.



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Gas Guru

The creators of this app promise the most accurate information on the price of gas. The interface is very easy to use. Another feature – the app will show you all the nearest restaurants, repair shops, hotels, so you can plan your trip without any problems. If necessary, create bookmarks to places that you liked or that you visit most often.




This app allows you to learn not only gas prices. The phone will show you how to get faster to the place where you are going, will notify about traffic jams or accidents on the road. If you want to save not only time and money but also nerves, then this app is for you.



The Coupon App

Love to get discounts? Then download The Coupons App. With the help of it you will find coupons and promotional codes from more than 100,000 owners of restaurants, cafes, gas stations.

You will be able to know what local gas stations offer their own discounts. Observe the cheapest prices on gas nearby. Do you have a bad memory? Receive notifications when you receive discount coupons from your favorite hotels to stay.

An automatic reminder will notify you that the terms of the coupon will expire soon. Save coupons and the app will notify you when their validity comes to an end.




Do you travel frequently or have a lot of time behind the wheel? Then this app is for you. It will help you to learn not only where the cheapest gas is sold, but also calculate the distance to the gas station and will determine whether you go there.

View all gas stations on your way, list them by price and distance, get the exact route using the SmartFuel app. Unlike previous applications, this one is paid.




One of the most popular apps in this industry. It will help you to find the best gas deals around you, control your overall car expenses such as maintenance cost, insurance, and so on. It doesn’t matter if you have a car, motorbike or a truck – Drivvo will be your personal assistant in everything that is about money for your vehicle.

Moreover, those people who have multiple cars or other types of vehicles will find this app especially useful since it helps to have better control on several vehicles. With the Flex Calculator functions, you will always be able to calculate the gas expenses for your car and find the cheaper gas station nearby.




This is one of the best apps in this category. It will not only help you to find the best and cheapest gas stations around you but also will keep track of your gas consumption and usage in general. Fuelio is perfect for Android because the interface is made in the best traditions of Android apps.

It supports multiple vehicle types and helps to optimize the gas consumption for each of them. Fuelio app stores your data locally but any time you want, you can connect it to the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive) and make sure you won’t lose your data even after loosing or crashing your device.



Cheap Gas AnyPlaceUSA

As you have probably guessed by the name of the app, it will help you to find the cheapest gas stations across all the US territory. Here you don’t need to sing up to create your account – you just open the app ad browse through it. And don’t worry, this app is pretty much safe to use, it will keep your personal locations hidden from 3rd parties’ eyes.

It will show you the cheapest gas stations around you and in your area. By the way, here you will discover that the database of AnyPlaceUSA is bigger compared to other apps like this. Another bonus is that the app is extremely lightweight so you don’t have to waste half of your phone memory just to have the possibility to find cheap gas.



Agree, it is useful to know what stores, car washes or ATMs located near the petrol station. This

If you’re planning to travel, primarily think about how to save on gas. Your phone is your best helper in finding the cheapest gas during the trip. Travel with the mind, download 8 apps to find the cheapest gas, and save some money.

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