11 Best Apps for Protestors (Android & iOS)

Street protests are one of the most effective ways to show mass discontent. Unfortunately, even this way of expressing one’s own opinion has obvious drawbacks and dangers.

Participants in such protests can be detained by the police, lost in a large crowd, or criticized on the Internet. Recently, rallies and protests have increased in most countries in the world, so the number of participants has also increased.

Participants mostly use social networks to coordinate actions – place, time, date and much other information comes from there. You can also use 11 Best event planner apps for Android & iOS for planning. But what if you are afraid to be detained or monitored by law enforcement?

You can monitor protests from the comfort of your own home – and if you do decide to participate, we have some information for you. We have collected 11 Best Apps for Protestors for iOS & Android.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private MessengerIn order to coordinate properly, you always need an effective way to communicate. Sometimes large social networks can be overloaded, and some of them can even store your personal correspondence. This is why you can use Signal.

This is a private messenger that allows you to quickly exchange messages with different people wherever you are. There are also voice and video calls in Signal, but sometimes they can fail due to poor quality internet.

You can talk and write anything – since Signal uses end-to-end encryption protocols without keeping your data out in the open. You don’t have any advertising or tracking here – the application is completely independent and is only supported by users, not government companies or other interested parties.

Signal Private Messenger1 Signal Private Messenger2


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Citizen: Connect on the Most Powerful Safety App

Citizen Connect on the Most Powerful Safety AppAs protests spread around the world, the Citizen app became very popular. It allows you not only to be the first to know about all events but also to track the spread of COVID-19 and other possible epidemics. Citizen will inform you of any dangerous contacts or events that may affect your life.

It is also worth noting that Citizen sends out alerts literally one minute after the information has been received by the service agents.

You will always know exactly why you hear police car sirens in your area, and you can also watch live videos from the scene. Remember to warn your friends and family after you receive the alert – so you can keep them safe too.

Citizen Connect on the Most Powerful Safety App1 Citizen Connect on the Most Powerful Safety App2


Online Demonstrator

Online DemonstratorDue to recent events and epidemics, it is not always possible for people to leave home. You may get sick yourself or be afraid of getting infected with something, but this will not prevent you from expressing your opinion.

With the Online Demonstrator app, you can participate in protests and demonstrations even when you are at home or in your own bed.

Any mass gathering can put you in danger of being infected or detained by the police. To avoid this, you can simply install Online Demonstrator.

It’s worth noting that the app does not collect your personal data, location, or other information – so you don’t have to worry about personal security and privacy. Still, please note that Online Demonstrator prohibits discussion of prohibited topics such as racism or genocide.

Online Demonstrator1 Online Demonstrator2


Zello PTT Walkie Talkie

Zello PTT Walkie TalkieYou know for a fact that every rally or protest involves a number of people. It may be a group of people you know, or it may be thousands of other citizens who have opinions similar to you.

If you are not alone, you can keep in touch through the Zello app. It will allow you to talk to your friends, as well as to other protesters on a common channel without even calling them.

Zello supports open channels that can host up to 7,000 people at a time. You can also protect them with a password so that the police or intruders cannot connect.

All the work of the service is done over the Internet, and you get a good quality of communication and the ability to communicate with like-minded people.

Zello PTT Walkie Talkie1 Zello PTT Walkie Talkie2


Bridgefy – Offline Messaging

Bridgefy - Offline MessagingBridgefy is another way to get in touch with someone in the crowd without using a mobile phone. With the app, you can exchange messages even when the network signal is poor or absent. Bridgefy uses a Bluetooth connection, so you can write to your friends nearby without any problems.

The distance between devices is limited to 330 feet. If you are close, but in a crowd or cannot talk, Bridgefy is a great way to communicate or inform.

You can also organize a whole chain of devices, extending the range of your messages. Also, you can see which Bridgefy users are near you and send a message to them – especially relevant for mass actions or protests.

Bridgefy - Offline Messaging1 Bridgefy - Offline Messaging2


SitOrSquat: Restroom Finder

SitOrSquat Restroom FinderThe basic human needs must not be forgotten. In any situation, wherever you are, at some point you will just need a restroom! Rallies, demonstrations, and protests usually last long enough and you will not be able to stand all day.

The SitOrSquat app has been created so that you can find out as soon as possible about the location of public toilets nearby and can choose the most comfortable conditions for yourself.

Some people know that street latrines are often in terrible condition and have an unpleasant smell. Many will simply not be able to visit them because the feeling of being squeamish will take over.

SitOrSquat contains not only information about the place, but often pictures of the room itself. This may sound absurd, but the moment you really need a bathroom, you will want to find the best option. SitOrSquat will even tell you where to find a disabled toilet, with a diaper room or other features.

SitOrSquat Restroom Finder1 SitOrSquat Restroom Finder2


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Protest by Tediferous LLC

Protest by Tediferous LLCProtest is a rather controversial and scandalous application. Its developers are actively expressing their position on the United States president and are looking for like-minded people among other users. If your point of view is largely the same, you can join the movement and start using Protest.

It offers you to show your position to others without unnecessary words or agitation. To do this, you just need to lift the phone above your head when the time comes.

This signal will indicate that you are a member of the Protest Movement. Also, the service has its own website, which explains in more detail their ideology, as well as discuss possible demonstrations and meetings.

Protest by Tediferous LLC1 Protest by Tediferous LLC2



ParachuteWe’ve already said that when you participate in mass protests, you put yourself at risk anyway. An emergency situation can happen at any time, and the main thing in such a situation is to have time to warn close people about what is happening to you.

The Parachute app will allow you to quickly inform them at a time, so you don’t waste time sending out messages or connecting to the network.

Parachute can send a video, audio, or message directly from the scene of an incident by recording everything that is happening. You can also pre-install a system that can automatically send alarm messages.

This will happen if you have not marked yourself as safe in Parachute. In general, the functionality of the application is really suitable for any case when your life or freedom is in danger – you set the necessary actions in such situations yourself.

Parachute1 Parachute2


Protest by Blaze Wolf

Protest by Blaze WolfWe told you about the application with the same name, but the functionality is completely different. Protest is a service that allows like-minded people to come together.

Here you can contribute to the development of the movement, as well as organize an action or protest. Protest will help you to do everything to find an audience and interested people.

You can also see for yourself which communities already exist around you. Protest informs you which rallies and protests are taking place now or will take place soon – and you can join them.

There is a chat room in the app that keeps people in touch and looks for a suitable place to organize together. You don’t have to be an organizer – you can use Protest as a participant of actions.

Protest by Blaze Wolf1 Protest by Blaze Wolf2


Photo Metadata Remover – Clear Exif Metadata

Photo Metadata Remover - Clear Exif MetadataOften there are situations where your location or participation in something can be tracked by indirect data. Some of this data is metadata from photos and other content that you create from your smartphone.

Photo Metadata Remover helps you maintain anonymity and confidentiality without hiding other information from the recipients.

The application removes information about your location, smartphone model, time and date, and other data from your photo file. This way, you can share your photos with your audience or on the internet in peace and privacy.

This can be useful if you are reporting from the scene and are concerned that you may be punished or convicted by others.

Photo Metadata Remover - Clear Exif Metadata1 Photo Metadata Remover - Clear Exif Metadata2


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iProtest – Your Protest Guide

iProtest - Your Protest GuideMass protests are visited by different people. Many of them speak out so openly for the first time and have no idea what they will do at the rally.

The iProtest app is your personal informant, who will dedicate you completely to the topic of social movements. Here you can get the information that you need during the events.

For example, iProtest will tell you about the basic laws and your rights that must be respected in any case. There are also separate instructions for emergencies – for example, how to behave when you are arrested or how to get rid of tear gas as quickly as possible.

iProtest developers have also prepared whole instructions on how to record what is happening with complete safety for you. It is possible that even the most active protesters will find something useful here.

iProtest - Your Protest Guide1 iProtest - Your Protest Guide2


We do not think that you should put yourself in danger and participate in events where you may get hurt. The harm can be different – both moral and material.

Also, we should not forget about the epidemics of diseases that put your health in danger when you visit crowds of people.

It is also worth remembering that your actions must always comply with the law so that in the future you will not be punished for wanting to speak out. We hope that our article has helped you, and your participation in demonstrations and protests will be successful.

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