11 Best Apps for Real Estate Agents (Android & iOS)

Working as a real estate agent means always being on the go and have to meet dozens of people every day. This fact makes the fast reaction skill extremely important so let’s see how to enhance it!

There are lots of apps for real estate agents (Android and iOS) that can level up your productivity. These apps will eliminate the need to babysit your laptop as you will have all the instruments you need right on your mobile!

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Here’s the list of 11 best apps in that category you should try. Have a look!

RPR Mobile

RPR Mobile

Let’s start with an app called RPR Mobile. This is an app that provides real estate agents with access to NAR official data and resources.

Frankly speaking, this app is an absolute must-have for all the realtors out there. The app empowers you to quickly find any CMA you need wherever you are. Thus, you will always know how to answer the question about the property’s worth.

Moreover, you can view the history of all worth changes and all types of reports on the property. You can also check all the listing detail on every property and give your clients the most accurate data possible.

Plus, the app grants you to search for homes on the go — it will show you all the listings available around you. For now, the app holds the info about 165 million properties, its docs, tax records, and all that.

Another cool thing about this app is that it empowers you to view the stats of the local property market so you can always keep things under the radar. You can save the listings at your profile to have ultimate quick access to them. Besides, you can even make thematic reports right within the app and send it straight to your clients.

RPR Mobile 1 RPR Mobile 2


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DocuSign – Upload & Sign Docs


DocuSign is another app that can be very helpful for real estate agents.

As you can probably guess by the title, this app empowers you to keep your document work organized. The app expedites the process of e-document exchanging and helps you to make sure your clients have got all the docs they supposed to get from you.

Due to this, you can send your clients notifications on their email and check all the docs you’ve sent. Therewith, you can set the same notification to the list of people which saves your time even more.

On top of that, this app serves as a tool for electronic signature and empowers you to get all your electronic docs signed on the go. It practically takes seconds for you to send the doc to someone and get it back signed. Plus, this app is the official NAR’s app for real estate agents so you can be sure all your data is fully secured.

Thereby, you can also void any documents right from the app if needed. Unfortunately, the app works with subscription packs but you can get a discount for your official NAR ID number. Besides, the functionality of the app fully made up for its cost.

DocuSign 1 DocuSign 2


1Password – Password Manager and Secure Wallet


1Password is an app that makes sure all your private info is stored in a safe place.

Being a real estate agent means having lots of important private docs and data on your phone or a tablet. And one of the worst thing that can happen is if your client’s data get leaked cause you weren’t thinking about its safe storage. That’s when this app comes into the game — it protects all your docs, debit card numbers, notes, and logins.

Therewith, the app empowers you to quickly reach any of the data on any advice you have. Another cool feature of this app is that it suggests you strong passwords that will keep your accounts secured. Plus, this tool makes sure you’re not using the same password for all your accounts and reminds you not to do that.

On top of that, the app also enables you to share your logins and docs with your relatives and colleagues safely. Besides, you can categorize and systemize all the data you store within the app to always have quick access to everything. And in case you have the info you need to view on a regular you can save it to your faves list.

1Password 1 1Password 2


kvCORE Mobile


kvCORE Mobile is a CRM system you will always have on hand in your pocket.

As you probably already know, CRM is a place where the realtors usually store most of the notes about their clients. Thus, it’s extremely helpful and time-saving to have entrance to the notes on your mobile. This app can work on multiple devices so you can sync it to your computer, laptop, or tablet.

What the app actually does is it empowers you to make an ultimate base of your clients with all their contacts and info. Therewith, you can sort the contacts by status and only see active or finished leads. Due to this, you won’t lose a single person you’ve ever worked with.

Beyond that, you can connect to your clients within the app and send them by property listings in secs. Plus, you can make groups of clients and share the same info with all of them.

It’s even possible to integrate the app with your calendar and it will offer you contacts of people you need to meet or chat with today. You can also report any of the listings in your SM. The interface of the app looks pretty clear and basic so it won’t draw your attention too much.

kvCORE 1 kvCORE 2


TurboScan: scan documents & receipts in PDF


As its name supposes, TurboScan is an app that puts a scanner into your phone and saves a lot of your time.

This app empowers you to live scan any documents, edit them, and then send it to your clients. The scanning process doesn’t take longer than a few seconds, and they get to pick the format of the upcoming file. A little advice — this app works amazingly in pair with DocuSign it’s literally an ultimate game-changer.

It also needs to be said, the app can even scan the photos of the docs that have been sent to you. All you need to do here is to select the right mode and pick the image from your cam roll. Therewith, the app does a very good job of identifying all the lines and aspects of the docs so you won’t have problems with that.

Although the app is not free, all you need to pay is a one-time fee which made up for all the difficulties you might have with an actual scanner. Plus, it doesn’t cost that much and saves tons of your time so you basically pay for your own comfort and the speed of reaction on the client’s needs.

TurboScan 1 TurboScan 2


Deal Machine for Real Estate Investing


Deal Machine is an app for realtors that eases the process of finding contacts of property owners.

This app can also be considered as a CRM and it empowers you to get everything set up in minutes instead of days. Plus, it helps you to figure out how to connect with the owners of properties as it has a huge base of contacts. The app can give you access to the owner’s names, phone numbers, and emails.

It needs to be said, all the data from the app has been given by the owners themselves so there’s no illegal content there. Plus, the app empowers you to get all the data about the property you right need in one place. You can even trace the ROI for as long as you need it.

Therewith, the app covers most of the properties along the US so you won’t have problems with that. Besides, you can use this app to systemize your client base — both active and finished shed. The app even empowers you to chat with your clients and unite them into groups and send the same listings to several people at the same time.

DealMachine 1 DealMachine 2


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ProofHub: Project Management & Collaboration App


ProofHub is an app that will help you cope with most of the problems related to project management. This app is actually a cloud service that will help you manage all your deals, reports, docs, tasks, client contacts, and all that. Frankly speaking, the main goal of this app is to help you gain success in your business.

Due to this, the app is bundled with multiple features of all kinds — from notes, calendars, and reports to the integration with Google service. On top of that, you can make thematic listing folds with all info you need — pics, links, contacts, and so on. You can also make tasks boards for your team and leave comments on it.

Besides, you can sort the data using filters and tags to keep everything in order. The app also syncs between the app and its desktop version so you can use it on any device.

Apart from its sister apps, this one actually has very fair pricing for its tools. Therewith, you get a month of free trial to decide if it’s effective for you or not. Besides, you won’t need to pay for every member of your team individually which is extremely comfy.

ProofHub 1 ProofHub 2


Xome Real Estate

Xome Real Estate

Xome is another app for real state agents that can bring you together with potential clients.

So this app actually made to bring together property owners and buyers but you as a realtor can show the properties to your clients and make them compete with the prices of other buyers. The listings of properties in this app are constantly updating and the are thousands of deals being signed every day.

The app empowers you to sort properties by various filters and parameters so everyone could find something they will enjoy. Therewith, the app gives you all contacts of property owners so you can always text them and ask all our questions.

Speaking more about the realtors, you can get your clients into property auctions which works amazing with luxury properties. You can also use the app to exchange documents and even make deals if you have an electronic signature (check out the DocuSign app).

Besides, you can use an in-app calendar and fill it with upcoming meetings. You can even search for nears properties for sale and add interesting options at your faves.

Xome 1 Xome 2


Houzz – Home Design & Remodel


Houzz is an app that empowers you to visualize your house renovation.

How could this app serve a real estate agent you might ask? Well, if you’ve ever seen a confused client who is unable to imagine how the property would look with furniture and the walls painted you would understand. This app empowers you to see how the fresh coat of paint would transform the property and how it would look with other pieces of furniture.

The app has a huge base of various furniture pieces you can try to live in the room. You can also take a picture of it and even view this furniture piece in the store. Besides, you can record videos and send them to your client to help them to make the right property decision.

Plus, the app can connect you with the house decoration and renovation specialist who can give you helpful advice. You can even use the app to hire some specialists. Beyond that, the app has a whole section of renovation trends and news which can help you to keep the design conversation going with your clients.

Houzz 1 Houzz 2


Cloze Relationship Management


Cloze is an app that will help you manage your real estate agent’s work.

Working as a realtor implies you communicate with lots of people thought your day and keep everything managed and organized. Without doing that you will simply get confused with all these contacts, emails, docs, and all that. So this app is a service that tracks your emails, meetings, phone calls you need to make, and all that.

You can also rise the app to make a base of your clients — both active and finished to never lose a single contact. Plus, you can sync the app with other secluded services to elevate your productivity even more.

The app runs on smart algorithms that figure out the contacts that are most important to you at the moment and reminds you to connect with them or send them any doc. You can also attach notes to all the contacts to never forget what a particular client is looking for or what from you.

Cloze 1 Cloze 2


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Zillow: Find Houses for Sale & Apartments for Rent


And lastly, Zillow is an app that stores the data on more than 100 million properties in the US.

This app is an ultimate lifesaver if you need to quickly find out any info about the property for your client — you can literally do it in seconds on your phone now. The app covers both for-safe houses and the ones that are for rent.

The app can give you the property worth, the graphs on how it was changing, pics, description, and the owner’s contacts. Therewith, you can add some listings at your faves to always have quick access to them. The base is constantly updating so you can be sure you get accurate and current data.

Besides, you can download the info about the property as a doc and quickly send it to your clients. The app also has a nice searching engine — you can look for the nearest properties and use multiple filters that help you find something to match your preferences.

Zillow 1 Zillow 2


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