11 Best Apps like Flipagram (Android & iOS)

Nowadays, we store a large number of images, music, and videos on our mobile devices. That’s why there comes a time when we don’t know what to do with all that content or how to manage it.

But in fact, there is an excellent way to take advantage of all those files – we can create home movies from the screen of our smartphones, even without having any knowledge on the subject.

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There are many applications that help you achieve this goal – the applications that are able to merge videos with photos and music, and that have a variety of features so that it was possible to get a truly great result. And can you believe it? They are free to use!

Let me walk you through some of these fabulous apps.


In the era of Instagram stories (does anybody still watch the posts???) it is important to have a nicely framed ones even for the regular people. Seriously, there is nothing more disappointing on Instagram than an ugly boring story filmed on a soap dish.

At the same time, the editing of videos for stories shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes, because, c’mon, regular people don’t want to waste tons of time in order just to get a beautiful story. That’s why GlitchCam is an absolute leader in this category – it allows to create cool and impressive short videos within seconds.

You can trim videos, compile them together, add small effects by just tapping on an effect, and holding your finger on it. You can also lay over the filters on the videos and add heavier effects, as well as changing the background music. Because of the intuitive user interface of GlitchCam everything mentioned above can be done within seconds.




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With this app, you will get a chance to personalize your videos and photos, in a simple and intuitive way. It has an option that works very well and allows you to make slideshows called “Photo Movie”. You can change titles, use different types of transitions between photos, apply effects, stickers, and filters. Even better, it comes with some interesting camera lens effects and supports different capture modes.

You can even use the selfie effect to get more natural and illuminated photos. Also, if you have several videos stored on your phone, you can create a video collage using any of the available templates. When finished, you can export and share the results on social media or by email. The best part is that it is a free video editor. Although there are some limitations in the free version, such as watermarks and a time limit per video, it is still worth a try! 


It is probably one of the best applications to make videos with photos and songs. Animoto offers an amazing catalog of effects and a fun interface. Moreover, the final result might surprise you! Because of the quality, it can be considered semi-professional video editing.

Although the videos that you create with this app are limited to a certain length of time, the quality of this editor is exceptional.

All you have to do in Animoto is to select the images with which you want to make a video and choose your favorite music, or, if you prefer, you can make a capture in the same moment, then you must select an audio clip and then select one of the more than 50 available templates.



InShot is another convenient video editing program to create short videos, a.k.a. content for your Instagram stories. The editing process and the overall interface is similar to ClitchCam – first, you need to cut the video, then choose the transitions, then add effects and background music along with stickers and filters.

You can also regulate the speed of the video, or, being more precise, slow it down. Unfortunately, there is no such function as to speed the video up. InShot is constantly updated and all the new trendy effects are added here. By the way, this app allows you to edit not only videos but photos as well.



Now, this app is a little bit different, since its editing process is organized in a different way, however, it is still a cool and convenient app for creating videos. The hallmark of WeVideo is its cool stickers, templates, and fonts, that give you a chance to create an impressive short video for the Instagram stories.

You can layer various filters on the video, trip it, and merge with other vids from your device. You can also change the background music. WeVideo is especially good for adding titles and captions. What is more, it gives you the chance to export all the videos in an extra high quality – up to 4K.



One more coolest video editing app which is simply perfect for creating vines, tiktoks and insta stories. However, it is quite good for creating longer videos as well. Videoleap is all about creativity. One feature that distinguishes it from other video editing apps is that here you can layer one video on another, thus creating transparency effect or make an impressive transition – as you like.

By the way, if you accidentally did something wrong you can “undo” the action – there is a special button for that. Considering the sound, apart from adding the music to the background in the traditional way, there are more than 100 sound effects that you can add in order to make your video unique.

Adjust the colors of the video, add text. What is more, the possibilities for the text customization are simply wide because you can make it shine neon, sparkle, flash, etc.




iMovie has no rival for iOS users. It is stable and precise. It can be used on mobile devices, iPod Touch, or iPad.

When Apple decided that mobile devices could work with video materials in the same way that Mac works with its famous video editor, the company launched the iMovie app and then started to improve it and strive for the best quality that is associated with Mac editor.

With the advent of iOS 9, the app has been updated and got a possibility to edit videos in 4K. With the improvements of the camera on the latest iPhones, this update is exactly what is needed! So, this is how the dream of high-quality video edition on the iPhone has come true. 

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Wondershare Filmora Go

One of my favorite video editors is FilmoraGo. This program aims to create videos easily and feed your creativity. It has many original graphic elements that will allow you to tell your story in an authentic way.

In addition, it comes with music free of copyright, which is perfect for creating videos with images and audio. It also has the effects store in case you want to expand the variety of its themes and effects.

The app has a free trial version in which you can play with all the functions but with the awareness that your final result will have a watermark on it.

When finished, you can share your videos on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other social networks. Undoubtedly, this is a complete option that needs to be taken into account while choosing an image editor for Android and iOS.

Music Video Maker

Music Video is a good tool for creating videos that will include your favorite memories. The app is free and is very easy to use. In addition, its usability makes editing easy on all types of screens. It is one of the best options for simple and quick editing.

The app offers three options: you can create a video with music, create a video with photos and edit the videos that have been created earlier by you to add more content or to change the effects.

Music Video Maker has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to make eye-catching videos with your favorite photos in just one minute. One more great advantage is that you can add locally stored audio.



It is no secret that for optimal video editing most people need the following tools: trimming the video, framing, effects, filters, music, and sometimes text. All the features like masks, green screen, curves, and all other things regular people don’t almost use.

Thus, VLLO is a great app for the fast editing of your videos, because it includes all the features mentioned above that follow one by one for better convenience. There are no watermarks and the app is completely free which is awesome. What is more, it includes more than 1000 stickers for your videos.




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This is an interesting app for those who love to experiment with their favorite memory-provoking photos. Instead of a slideshow or a compilation of photos, you get to use a unique interactive frame that can contain different videos and pictures.

The first thing you will be asked to do is to select one of the many styles of frames in order to create your own masterpiece. You can merge a maximum of 6 videos to make a collage inside the frame.

The second thing you will have to do is import videos from your gallery. You can also include background music and photos that go along with your videos. If things do not fit, drag the video inside the frame, zoom it in or zoom it out. You can even tilt it if you want.

Once you are finished with all of that, just touch any video from the frame to play it. The app can be downloaded for free, however, it has some ads and adds a small watermark to the processed videos.

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