11 Best apps like Ibotta to save money (Android & iOS)

Money on the Internet can be earned not only sitting at home and tracking exchange rates or making sites. It is possible to replenish your budget even while shopping in ordinary stores. Spend – and immediately earn.

To do this, you need a phone and a useful application. With their help, you can scan checks from stores and receive cashback. You can also make purchases directly in these applications.

The most popular application is Ibotta. But mobile app stores also have tons of more useful and functional apps.

This list contains the best applications. With them, you can earn extra money on your purchases.

Drop Cash Back Shopping Rewards – Earn Gift Cards

In the Drop Cash Back Shopping Rewards – Earn Gift Cards application, weekly refund offers for the buy are updated. Here you will find offers from both large and smaller brands.

How does it all work? Signing up for the application is very simple. To do this, you will need an existing account on any social network or email. Each “deal” must be “opened” or activated in the application.

After pressing the “unlock” button, you will be asked to take a survey or answer a question. You can also watch the promotional video. Once the offer has been activated, it will go to your shopping list.

The next step is to get part of the money spent back. You need to go shopping at one of the stores that have a loyalty program. You simply attach your client card to the application. To do this, these stores have a special button on the page.

The “card” sign means that you can bind a customer’s card and not take photographs of checks.

If in front of your store there is only a camera icon. Then you need to photograph the check issued to you by the cashier using the camera. This can be done using the camera built into the application. This requires normal lighting and care.

Some products will have to be photographed separately. That is, read the barcode to confirm that you bought exactly what you need. You will receive the money within 1-2 days.

When your “cashback” arrives in your account, you should check your shopping list. The machine analyzes the images, so it cannot decrypt some abbreviations.

If any of your purchases have not been taken into account, write to support immediately. Attach a photo of the check-in the letter, a screenshot of your shopping list and a letter with a question.

You can also expand your team in the application Drop Cash Back Shopping Rewards – Earn Gift Cards.

If you have an account on any social network, you can find specialized groups. There, people post ads like “looking for friends.” They are only looking for people to earn bonuses. When the person becomes your friend on the social network, the app will also add him to your friends list.


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InboxDollars is a cashback application that allows you to receive a refund when buying in online stores.

When purchasing goods, you can receive a refund in the form of a fixed amount or a percentage of the value of the goods. To do this, you need to register in the application.

In your personal account, you can find out which stores money is returned. Also here you can view the current percentage of money back. Find and choose goods, keep track of your purchases and display cashback.

Register or log in using your account in one of the social networks. Select one of the stores from the list. For convenience, you can use the thematic filter or search bar by product name.

After going to the store, buy the goods. In the upper right corner appears information about the size of the discount. Cashback will be carried out only after payment and confirmation of receipt of goods. Return statistics can be viewed in your account in the appropriate section. The amount of refund depends on the store.

You get a fixed amount by inviting a new member of the service. If your referral accumulates enough funds in the account, you will receive an extra 15%.

You can earn regular income using the affiliate program. To do this, create a separate account. The partner will receive up to 90% of the service revenue. In your account, there are promotional materials. Such as banners, links, text, letter templates for mailing.

To register as a partner, click on the corresponding menu item in the basement of the site.


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SavingStar – Grocery Rebates

SavingStar – Grocery Rebates is a cashback application. It offers discounts on several items from several stores. After creating an account, you can browse the available stores. Choose offers that will refund you for your planned purchases.

After payment, you need to scan the receipt and barcode using the application. It is important to unblock discount offers before purchasing.

Since some discounts cannot be used after making a buy. In some stores, you can link a loyalty card to your account. When the loyalty card is scanned in the registry, the application provides discounts.

As a rule, discounted money is added to the account within 48 hours. Offers vary between stores.

SavingStar – Grocery Rebates is a quick and convenient way to return money for purchases. The list of available offers for any store is diverse. You can quickly browse offers and choose what you want to buy.

This program also has a search function. Thus, if you see that a particular product has a discount offer, you can buy it in a store.

Sometimes, there are marked offers, where a refund refunds the cost of the product. There are also random offers marked as “buy one, get the second for free”. Each offer includes restrictions, such as size, variety or limit on the amount to be paid.

These restrictions can be found by clicking on the offer before unlocking it. All discount offers also have an end date. It may not be displayed until it expires.

Discount offers can also be exchanged for online purchases. Open the application, select your store and launch the site. After you buy, the application will deposit a refund within 30-60 days. There may be some limitations. Thus, read the terms of the offer before buying.


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Dosh Get money & earn real cashback when you shop

Dosh Get money & earn real cashback when you shop is one of the most convenient applications for receiving cashback.

To get cashback you need to register in the application. To do this, enter your email address. Go to the mail and confirm the e-mail. With it, you can recover your password. Letters with information about profitable promotions and contests will also come there.

Now you can buy profitably in any convenient way.

Refunds take place in three simple steps:

  • Store selection
  • Purchase
  • Refund

At the top of the screen is a menu button. There you can activate any codes, change settings or view the buy history.

To make a buy in the application, select the desired store. After clicking, you will receive detailed information about accruing cashback. Next, you must go to the store.

Here you can find the right product. For this, the application Dosh Get money & earn real cashback when you shop has a convenient filter. Choose the right price, delivery, and quality.

Next, you can view the rating of the store and the selected product. After checking all the conditions, you can make a buy. The application will place an order. Select a Payment Method. Bank cards and e-wallets are available here. Next, confirm the payment. In the end, you will receive a notification of a successful buy.

The amount of cashback you can find out immediately when paying for the goods. A cashback will appear on your account a day later.

You can track the movement of the returned interest in your personal account. Your money will be alternately assigned a certain status:

  • under consideration
  • approved
  • added to balance

The received funds can be withdrawn to any card or electronic wallet.

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BerryCart – Healthy Coupons

The BerryCart – Healthy Coupons application is an excellent service for receiving a cashback. It is distinguished by regular promotions and prize draws.

After registering in the application, you can get 30% more cashback during the week. There is also a convenient affiliate program. From the cashback of each person listed, you will receive 15%.

Register in the app via the referral link to receive extra bonuses to your virtual account. In the application news feed, you can also find special codes. They will increase your cashback.

The program also features a convenient withdrawal of funds. Order payments to e-wallets, bank cards or phones. Money comes in 2 to 20 hours.

Use the loyalty program. Constantly using this program is very beneficial. The percentage of return grows from the cashback accumulated over the entire time. Start using the service to verify this.

The service has special days when the standard rate rises for everyone. Sign up for the BerryCart – Healthy Coupons app newsletter so you don’t miss a profitable promotion.

According to the loyalty program, you will receive the largest cashback of 30%.

How to become a member of the cashback program BerryCart – Healthy Coupons:

  1. The first step is to register. You need to have an account. The money will be accumulated in your account. You have to collect the smallest amount for withdrawal.
  2. Next, you need to add purchases to the application. This is a prerequisite.

How to register?

When you first start on the main page of the application, you will see a registration window. At the top of the page is a window where you can enter a password and email for registration. You can also register through any social network.

If you go through a social network, the system will automatically send you to the profile page.


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Checkout 51: Grocery coupons

Checkout 51: Grocery coupons is one of the most popular cashback applications.

The registration process in the application is not complicated. On the main screen of the application, there is a registration field. A window with a form will appear in which you must enter your data. There are two options:

  1. you can register in the standard way by entering your email and password
  2. you can register using your account in one of the popular social networks

After that, a confirmation email will be sent to your email. Once you confirm your email, your account will become active.

You can go to your e-mail directly from your personal account. To do this, click on the “Check Email” button. There you will also find links to resend the letter. After the registration, you will receive a pleasant bonus in the form of a free premium account for 7 days.

Application Checkout 51: Grocery coupons benefits:

  • Easy registration and bonuses
  • Increased cashback for certain stores
  • Often contests, promotions and prize draws are held among users
  • A system of promotional codes that allows you to increase cashback or get an extra discount
  • Loyalty program for regular customers
  • Profitable affiliate program targeted at any users
  • A large number of options for withdrawing funds
  • The relatively low the smallest withdrawal amount
  • Convenient mobile application
  • Reliable, time-tested service

The application Checkout 51: Grocery coupons has a nice and intuitive interface.

At the top of the screen are the following items:

  • Both balances are indicated: confirmed (yellow) and pending accrual (gray).
  • By clicking on the “star”, you will see a list of stores that you liked.
  • Displays notifications of new promotions, contests and more.
  • By clicking on this button, you will be taken to the menu of your profile.

Below is a search bar for stores. There are also buttons to go to the page with all the stores, as well as a link to the page of affiliate programs.


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Cashback Deals & Rewards on Shopping with Shopkick

Cashback Deals & Rewards on Shopping with Shopkick is the largest cashback service with more than 1100 popular online stores.

The application constantly hosts various promotions and competitions with cool prizes. There is also a section “stores with increased cashback.” Sometimes at some stores, there is even a “double cash back”.

There is no commission for withdrawing money.

To start receiving cash back for purchases, you need to perform a few simple steps. Register in the application. Log in to your account using your username and password.

Select a store, click on the “go-to store” button and buy your favorite goods. Then, after a certain time, you will see a cashback credited to your account.

The longer you use this application, the higher your status becomes. The higher status will allow you to receive increased cashback. The application Cashback Deals & Rewards on Shopping with Shopkick has a convenient profile menu. You can get into it by clicking on your photo.

This menu includes the following items

  • My office. It displays the number of funds and information about your status. Your current status, total cashback. Also here you will see the number of funds that you need to collect to go to the next level.
  • Orders and finances. The balance and all information about your orders and withdrawals is available here. They are displayed with the date, description of the operation and cashback size.
  • Withdraw funds. Here you can choose any convenient method and apply for a withdrawal of funds. The same page displays the history of all your payments.
  • This section is required to enter the received codes. It also displays detailed information about activated codes.
  • The section includes 3 subsections: General Settings, Security and Login, Notifications and Newsletters. They allow you to change contact details, the country, and currency, passwords. You can also enable or disable various notifications and newsletters. Here you can delete your account.
  • In this section, you can find answers to asked questions or create your appeal to tech support.
  • Go out. Lets you log out of your account.

The application is free for both Android and iOS platforms.


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Fetch Rewards: Scan receipts, earn gift cards

Fetch Rewards: Scan receipts, earn gift cards is a cashback service that returns money for various purchases. When shopping, you will be able to return to your balance a part of the funds spent on checks.

When shopping, be sure to take the check. You will need it to return part of the funds from each buy. Only certain products take part in the promotion. You can see all the products in the application directory.

To work with the service you will need to create a new account. To do this, specify the email and password. Saved money can be withdrawn to a bank card for other purchases. You can also buy a certificate for a certain amount or pay for any services.

Click on the “Start saving” button on the main page of the application. Remember the brand or heading. Make a buy at any store, taking a check at the checkout. Take a picture of the receipt confirming the buy of the product.

Use the registration form to create a new account. Select the purchased product in the catalog and upload a snapshot. After some time, the system will process the application. It will transfer the indicated amount to your account.

Later, you can withdraw money to an electronic wallet or bank card. Here you can view promotional items, take screenshots without leaving the cash register.

Invite your friends to earn revenue for each friend you bring. The amount of payment is fixed: 1 dollar. If you have your blog or forum, you can copy the affiliate link to your resource or put it in your profile signature.

You can also tell your friends about this application. Just log in to one of the social networks, click on the “Share with Friends” button in your account.

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The Krazy Coupon Lady: Shop Smart. Save Money.

The Krazy Coupon Lady: Shop Smart. Save Money is a free application. With it, you can receive discounts on goods by check due to receiving cashback.

Each product is “tied” to a particular store. You can find out in which store you can buy promotional goods on its card.

Just download the app and get discounts on your daily purchases. You only need to scan the check received for the stock buy. The application will do the rest.

With this application, you can receive cashback for any product that is present in its catalog. The product catalog is periodically updated with new products of promotional products.

Cashback can be obtained using the application The Krazy Coupon Lady: Shop Smart. Save Money on various types of goods:

  • food
  • drinks
  • hygiene products
  • cosmetics
  • household chemicals
  • personal protective equipment and much more

Each product can only be bought at a particular store (service partner). This can be done on the conditions prescribed in the description of each product.

Scanning your check, the application selects cashback products. Under the rules of the program, you can return part of the money to your account.

To get cashback you need to register. During registration, enter your email and create a password. After that, a letter with a link will come to your mail, clicking on which you will confirm your email address.

The application’s action diagram is immediately presented on the main page. The section “Promotions” describes for which goods and in what volume you can get a discount.

Stocks are constantly changing. Data about them immediately goes to the system of scanning and accounting of checks.


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ShopSavvy – Barcode Scanner

The ShopSavvy – Barcode Scanner application is a convenient service for receiving a cashback. After downloading and registering, a catalog with goods will be available for you. For purchases of it, you can receive cash back at any store.

After going to the store, you scan your check and wait for the approval. The application has the ability to enter a check manually. Enter the date of the check and its number.

The application is very convenient, very fast and intuitive. It also has switching categories. Now you do not need to browse all the available products.

This program has a referral program. This allows you to earn extra bonuses. In your account, you can find an invitation code that you can share with your friends. The app ShopSavvy – Barcode Scanner will allow you to forward your code through popular instant messengers.

If you enter someone’s code during registration, you’ll get 99 points to the account.

The cashback in the ShopSavvy – Barcode Scanner application can be of several types:

  • Fixed – for each position a fixed reward is set.
  • Percentage of the buy – the return amount will be calculated as a percentage of the value of the goods.

For any stock, there is a limit – several dozen purchases. Points are awarded within the limit. You will receive a notification when the limit is reached.

The application offers several options for withdrawing accumulated funds:

  • to the card of any bank
  • to any electronic wallet
  • on a mobile phone to pay for communication services

After a request for withdrawal of funds, they are credited to the account within 24 hours.

This is a simple, intuitive and easy to use cashback application ShopSavvy – Barcode Scanner. It allows you to receive discounts for your daily purchases. The program has a huge assortment of promotional items and a quick report on the number of points.


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Receipt Hog – Receipts to Cash

Receipt Hog – Receipts to Cash is the cashback service that has become popular with a large number of people.

With the help of checks, you can get very good cashback. Scan checks, save money and withdraw them to the card. This is a great opportunity to earn extra money on purchases.

To get cashback you need to make a buy-in any store. Next, you need to photograph the check. The application scans the code and processes the received data.

Then you will see the information about the size of the cashback. The application will accumulate points. You can withdraw them in any currency. You can withdraw money by accumulating a certain amount.

But, there are some limitations. For a day, the application allows you to scan no more than 10 checks. In this case, you can only scan 3 checks from one store. The interval between purchases should be at least 90 minutes. Check the date and time printouts of receipts.

The first thing to do to use the application is to download and register. Registration can be done through social networks or through the application. In the first case, you must specify your phone number. In the second, enter some personal data.

Immediately after registration, a new user receives a bonus in his account – 99 bonus points.

There are 4 sections on the main page of the application Receipt Hog – Receipts to Cash:

  • The main page
  • Products
  • Story
  • Money

You can find out the history of their operations and the list of products for which discounts apply. The list is updated periodically. Thus, stay tuned. The “Money” section contains information on the number of points and how to withdraw funds.

To get cashback you need to photograph the code from your check. The program will do the rest:

  • select goods for which a discount is due
  • count and transfer to the account earned bonus points
  • notify you of the total cashback


Points are credited instantly. Cashback can be obtained both on promotional products and on ordinary purchases.


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