11 Best Apps Like Whisper for Android & iOS

Are you looking for anonymous apps like Whisper? The good news is, we have the list of best Whisper alternatives on the market. All of these apps can be used by both adults and children.

Whisper is perhaps the most well-known anonymous social network, but it is by no means the only one. Apps like Whisper allows you to share secrets, rants, and confessions with those around them without having to worry about being judged or identified. Using these apps you can chat with random strangers anonymously using your smartphone

Here’s the list of 11 best apps like Whisper for Android and iOS users that are available for free, check it out!

ASKfm: Ask Anonymous Questions

ASK logo

Ask.fm is an app similar to Whisper that allows you to post questions and so leave comments being anonymous.
This app is one of the largest social networks for asking anonymous questions in the worldThat waythere are millions of questions being asked in this app every month.

Using this app you can literally ask anyone about anything and get your answerThe app gives you an opportunity to know something about your friends and relatives anonymously so you can ask something you wouldn’t ask in the faceYou can also follow your friends to see all the questions they’ve answeredThe app also allows you to add photos or animated GIFs to any answer.

Along with that Ask.fm app enables you to feel completely free to be who you are so that if you are not absolutely sure about the question you’re about to ask you can always ask it anonymouslyMoreoverthis app gives you the opportunity to choose whether to ask your friends directly about somethingto ask someone anonymously or to just send your question to the communityTo send a question to the community means that you can basically ask a random person about something.

Another great feature of this app is that it also asks you some interesting questionsThat way you can learn more about yourself and understand yourself betterAsk.fm is an app for friends and no parents are allowed there so you can be more openThis app is a great place for teenagers who want to communicate with people about the topics they are interested in without fear of being judged by anyone.

To sum it upthis is a great app that enables you to ask and answer the questions of different people anonymouslyThat way you can feel safe about the questions you are asking.

Price: free

ASK screenASK screen1


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Moco – Chat, Meet People

Moco logo

Moco is another anonymous chat app that allows you to easily search and chat with millions of unknown friends nearby or around the world.

This app gives you an opportunity to make new friends, and even play games. One of the best features of this app is that you can filter of strangers by age, gender, location, sexual preference, and others. You can also customize your message with stickers, emoji apps, themes, and others.

As you install the app you will need to go through a signup process that is very easy and will be completed in a few minutes. There is also an option to skip the education mode or to sign in vis your Facebook or Google account. Besides, you will need to add a photo to your profile, but you can be sure that Moco doesn’t review these photos.

Along with that, there are lots of things that could be customized in your profile. You can whether make it public or private. The private account means that the users can only see your profile after you accept a friend request.

Using this app you will be able to join various chatrooms to communicate with other users or even create your own unique room.
These chatrooms could be built around any topic you can imagine. However, there is a limited number of people that can join it. Your feed in this app contains the whole activity of the user including photos they’ve liked.

As you open the app you will see the “Meet People” feature that enables you to find people to communicate with. You can set up any filters of what type of people you want to find or what topics you want to discuss. Besides, this app also has a simple and user-friendly interface so it’s a pleasure to use it. And there is also 24/7 user support that can help you to find your way through the app.

To sum it up, Moco is a great app that enables you to connect with people who have interests similar to yours. It is available all over the world so it is definitely worth checking out.

Price: free

Moco screenMoco screen1


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Steams – anonymous chat, share, date, video, text


According to its nameSteams is an app for anonymous chatting that enables you to communicate with people about everything that you have in mind.

Speaking of the design of this appit is very stylishly madeIt has an attractive and easy to use interface so that you can chat with people using various pictures and videos.

This app is a 100anonymous social network that lets you express your thoughts anonymously through a storypicturevideoor picture memeAnd when they claim 100they mean it because the app doesn’t need your emailyour contactsand phone numberYou won’t even have to signup to use this app – just install it and its ready for youSo by posting on Steamsyou can always be sure you can bring any issues out in open discussion to debate.

Using this app you will also be protected from bullyinginsultsand hatred based on religionraceorientationphysical abilitiesand physical appearance because anyone caught on it will be bannedAs you can seeSteams is a safe place that does everything for you to feel comfortable and safe to speak your mind.

Steams gives you an ability to rapidly take a picture or shoot a creative 8 seconds video and upload itAnd after thatyou can discussdebateand chat with likeminded peopleYou can also mark interesting people as a favorite to see their updates and be able to chat with them laterMoreoveryou can look up Steams based on recentpopularity and your location and share it on FacebookTwitterand Tumblr.

Recording a video in this app is so simple and funYou can pause and record multiple clips into one video using a very simple interfaceMoreoveryou can write down your thoughts as text and add images as a backgroundThe app also provides you to create memes and use stickers in comments and chat.

To sum it upSteams is a great app that has all your needs coveredThis app is freeanonymous and easytouse so you should definitely try it.

Price: free

Steams screenSteams screen1


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Sarahah loog

Sarahah is one of the best anonymous chat apps that enables you to leave a constructive message being anonymous on other user’s profiles. But unlike other anonymous apps, the messaging too in the pp includes reminder which says: “leave a constructive message :)” — which the developers hope to encourage positive among its users.

The name ‘Sarahah’ itself actually means ‘honesty’ in Arabic so whenever you feel like you need to tell someone a good thing and want to be anonymous at the same time, try reaching them out through this app.

This app is very popular among teens because it lets them send anonymous messages to other users no matter they know them or not. There are also some privacy settings that make this app safe, so a teen’s account doesn’t appear in the search or receive messages from unregistered users. Sarahan also doesn’t collect your information and any cookies you may have.

This app also does everything to protect you from bullying and hatred so anyone who wrote a hatred comment will be banned. That way this ap is a good place that allows you to say encouraging words and boost self-esteem.

After creating the account, you have to check Settings because if some of them are selected, unknown people can send you messages. Thus, if you want to minimize the risk of cyberbullying, you should deselect these options.

Moreover, Sarahah gives you the opportunity to share notes on Twitter, Facebook, and even Snapchat.

To sum it up Sarahah is a great app that has a convenient user interface and allows you to chat anonymously, so give it a try.

Price: free

Sarahah screenSarahah screen1


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Connected2.me – Meet & Chat

Connected2 logoConnected2.me is a great Whisper alternative app that enables you to easily chat with people all around the world anonymously.

One of the best features of this app is that you have the opportunity to find a random person to talk toAlong with thatyou can anonymously share secrets and confessions with the help of this appBesidesthe app is free and easy to use.

As you install the app you will need to create a personal account with a little bit of information about you but you can always leave it empty.
After thatall the users will be able to chat with you anonymouslyBesidesyou won’t see the information about them unless they decide to share it directly with youYou can also have the ability to follow some users to chat with them laterMoreoveryou can share the link to your account on Facebook and Twitter to invite people to connect with you.

Using this app you can get involved in random chat where you can easily meet expertsspecialistsand even celebritiesAlong with thatthis app might be useful for the business people to find out customer’s opinion about their products. Just like in other similar messaging appsyou will have the ability to send a voice mailmemesand videosThere is also an option to get randomly connected with a stranger to talk withThat way you can easily meet new people all over the world.

Apart from thatthe app has a strict privacy policy so all the expressions of the bullying will be instantly bannedThat way you can always feel safe using this app. To sum it upConnected2.me is a great chatting app that enables you to meet people and get to know them online.

Price: free

Connected2 screenConnected2 screen1


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Chatous is a great chatting app that enables you to connect with different people from all around the world and chat with them anonymously. Using this app you have the ability to look for the chatrooms with interesting topics by using hashtags or to even create your own chatroom. Needless to say, all the conversations in this app are completely private and are getting deleted in a couple of days.

Along with that, this app is a nice place to find new friends because it is always a possibility to choose the topic you want to talk about. That way you can be sure that the person you’re talking to has interests similar to yours.

The app works simply – you’re looking for topics using hashtags and then you have the ability to enter a chat room and to chat with people who are also interested in the same topic that you chose. While chatting in this chatrooms you can share images, audio, and even your favorite videos from YouTube. All of these actions could be made anonymously and you can always exit the chatroom whenever you want.

Along with that, the Chatous app has a smart, user–friendly interface so that you can easily use it on various devices. Speaking about confidentiality, you will be able to create an account with a little bit of information and a photo. But it’s up to you how much info you want to give and you can always change your display name at any time so that it cannot be searched.

To sum it up, this is a great chatting app to try out. And if you are looking for an opportunity to anonymously chat with strangers about the topics you’re interested in, this is a must for you.

Price: free

chatous screenchatous screen1


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Babbles! logo

Babbles is the anonymous social network app that allows you to express your thoughts freely without being judged. This app gives you the opportunity to stay invisible while talking about interesting topics and make honest confessions.

As you install the app, you will have the ability to communicate with people through plenty of various ways from reacting to stories to post random emojis. There are thousands of new stories being posted every day so you definitely won’t get bored. There is also an ability to follow someone so that you can always keep an eye on their profiles.

Along with that, you can use Babbles to discuss different topics and stories that people share through this app. That way you can always find something to laugh about because there are plenty of fun stories. Moreover, you can use this app to have interesting conversations with people anonymously with no fear of being judged. That way, you can openly share your news, photos, funny jokes and little secrets with a huge community with no attachment to your name.

There is also an option to have a private chat with someone without giving them any info about you. It is worth mentioning that all the messages will eventually be completely gone so you shouldn’t be worried about staying anonymous. Another great feature of this app is that you can look for people basing on your location or the similar interests you have.

However, the app does everything to protect you from rude conversations and hatred. That way, if someone is bullying you, you can complain about them and they will be banned. To sum it up, Babbles is a nice app to anonymously chat and freely speak your mind.

Price: free

Babbles! screenBabbles! screen1


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MeetMe – Go Live, Chat & Meet

MeetMe logo

MeetMe – Go Live, Chat & Meet a nice chatting app that enables you to chat with strangers, anonymously. Moreover, this is one of the largest chat apps that is already downloaded by more than 100 million people.

Using this app you will also have the ability to see how many profile views and the gifts you have received. Another great feature of this app is the opportunity to play various arcade and casino based games you can play while having a conversation with people. That way you can get to know each other better and stay in touch.

Once you install the app you will need to go through a fast sign up process where you can give a little information about yourself and update your status with various quotes, videos or pictures. There is also an opportunity to chat with people basing on their location and age. Moreover, you can send them a friend request so that you can chat at any time and always stay in touch.

The app is free but it also provides in-app purchases and a paid version that upgrade your account. This version allows you to put your profile at the top as a spotlight for others to see, to expand the number of s admirers you get and to play online games.

To sum it up, If you’re looking for a great chatting app with built-in games that one is definitely for you. Download this app and start making new friends!

Price: free

MeetMe screenMeetMe screen1


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reddit logo

Reddit is one of the largest places on the Internet where you can discuss various topics anonymously. Using this app you will get access to millions of interesting topics to discuss with people anonymously.

As you install the app you will see the chatrooms that you can join to ask questions, to get the answers or to discuss something. The process of looking for a chat is very simple  you just need to use hashtags. And when you find the right chat you can’t just drop in and start a conversation and choose whether to do it anonymously or not.

However, you will need to create an account to join a chat room which could also be anonymous. In case you have a Reddit account in your browser you can easily link it to the app. After that, all the information and chatrooms you’ve joined will be imported.

There are lots of great features in this app so that you can view images and posts and have a private conversation with people. The design of the app is simple and minimalistic, everything is made in blue colors. It is intuitive and easy to use so you won’t have any trouble understanding it.

Along with that, there is a built-in viewer for videos, images, and GIFs that also enables you to answer the comments with a long press. In your profile viewer, you’ll find all your posts and comments so that anything won’t get lost. There is also an opportunity to send people private messages if you’s want to.

The app is originally free but if you’ll get really disturbed by the ads that usually appear in the middle of the post, you can pay a little to turn it off.

To sum it up, Reddit is a fun and useful app to get lost in. There are thousands of chatrooms and millions of topics to discuss so you should definitely try this one.

Price: free

reddit screenreddit screen1


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Wakie Voice Chat – Talk to Strangers

Wakie logo

Wakie is a chatting app that enables you to easily communicate with strangers all over the world anonymouslyThis app also gives you the opportunity to discuss different topics with people who has the same interests as you.

Using this app you get the ability to use the location mode to chat with people near to youThat way you can whether joining the chatroom or start a discussion with a random str5anger after getting matched.

The original purpose of this app is to give you an opportunity to ask strangers to wake you up by a call but now it’s much more than that.
This app gives you the ability to discuss various topicslisten to other people’s thoughts or simply request for a companyAll of your conversations are being published in realtime so that anyone can tap to joinWhat is worth mentioning is that the app is not fully anonymous so you can choose whether to show your profile to the public or notHoweverif you want to stay hidden you can simply do that in the settings so that all the personal details and pictures will be covered.

Nowit is not only an alarm application but a big community of people sharing ideas among each otherUsing this app you can create an interesting topic to discuss with someone via the responses to itThis way you are likely to find a good conversational partner according to your interests. Wakie gives you the ability to communicate with people of different nationalities and languages all over the worldThat way you can find
thousands of different subjects to discuss – from language practices to liferelated issues.

The app also allows you to create a topic so your skills could be evaluated and supportedAnd if you struggle with some personal issues or situations and have no one around to share them with can also find support among Wakie users. Moreoverthis app enables you to see real photos of userstheir agegenderand interestsThe app requires users to register via Google accountFacebookor mobile phone numberThat way you can feel safe and not worrying about the person you’re talking to.

Price: free

Wakie screenWakie screen1


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Rooit – Anonymous Chat Rooms

Rooit logo

Rooit is a great app that enables you to anonymously chat with people who have similar interests to yours. As you install the app you will watch a quick tutorial about how to use it so that you won’t have any troubles in the future. By far, there are more than three thousand users, so you will always find someone to talk to.

Using this app you will be able to not only to anonymously chat with people but also to join chat rooms and even to play various fun quizzes. Along with that, this app has a built-in assistant that will guide you through all of the app’s features. Unusual, right? Once you start using this assistant you’ll quickly get a clear idea about the benefits this app has and how you can use it. Along with that, the app has 24/7 users support ready to respond to all your questions and complains.

The app works simply – there are bots that pair you with people with the same interests from all over the world. Besides, this app has strict privacy policy rules so you can be sure that all the conversations you have will never leave the app.

Another great feature of this app is that you can get to know people better through playing fun online games with them. There are lots of types of these games like personality tests or quizzes. There are also various chatrooms dedicated to particular topics where you can cummunicate with lots of people at the same time. Apart from that, you can use this app as an online journal where you can record anything and share all of your secrets and feelings with your chat robot in the “Dear Diary” room.

To sum it up, Rooit is a cool app that gives you the opportunity to feel free to discuss everything you want with random strangers that could potentially become your friends.

Price: free

Rooit screenRooit screen1


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