11 Best apps to balance checkbook for Android & iOS

American banks are thinking about how to wean the population from using checkbooks. At the same time, popular apps have decided to turn the popularity of this tool in their favor.

Spend a few minutes and digitize all paper checks. And leave your wallet at home.

This list includes the best apps to balance checkbook, with which you can track the balance of your checks and use them.

Checkbook – Account Tracker

Checkbook - Account TrackerThe Checkbook – Account Tracker app allows you to convert paper cheques into electronic form. Make purchases using your phone.

It looks like this: you scan a page from your checkbook using the application, creating a virtual copy. Now you don’t have to carry it with you.

Paying at the checkout in the store, you can scan a QR code with your smartphone. Then, the electronic copy of the check from the checkbook is transferred to the seller’s bank.

Registration in the application Checkbook – Account Tracker is done in five simple steps. The first step is to enter your email address.

Then to take a picture of any document, proving the identity. The app explains this need by the anti-fraud policy. In the third step, you must create your own password. Then you need to pull the blank page out of your checkbook and take a picture of it.

The photo will be saved in the cloud data warehouse. Each time you pay with the app, the information from this page will be used to create an electronic check. This virtual check will be sent to the merchant’s account.

At the end of the registration process, you need to confirm the correctness of the check details. After that, the application Checkbook – Account Tracker can also be used to pay in online stores.

Checkbook - Account Tracker Checkbook - Account Tracker

Here instead of scanning a QR code, you choose the method of payment by check.


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LANDBANK Mobile Banking

LANDBANK Mobile BankingLANDBANK Mobile Banking is a replacement for your wallet.

Here you can store cheques, bank cards, credit cards, and debit cards. You can also add store loyalty cards, discount cards, movie tickets, coupons and more.

You can add a paper check or card in the following way:

  • You need to go to the application and click on the text “Add a paper check or card”.
  • Next, follow the instructions that will appear on your mobile device screen.
  • Detailed instructions for adding a map are available in the app.

You can make the desired settings for each card. Open the application LANDBANK Mobile Banking and click on the desired map from the list.

Then click on the ‘i’ icon on it to go to the settings and get more information. The card is flipped over, so you can call this feature “the back of the card”.

On the back of the card, you can do the following:

  • Delete the check
  • Send a check via email
  • Update the information on the check
  • Enable or disable auto-renewal
  • Enable or disable the display of notifications on the locked screen by geolocation or time
  • Activate or deactivate the automatic selection function for contactless cheques

LANDBANK Mobile Banking LANDBANK Mobile Banking

Other useful information may also be displayed on the back of the cheque. For example, links or contact information.


PNB Mobile Banking

PNB Mobile BankingPNB Mobile Banking is one of the most well-known and used applications for storing payment receipts.

It also allows you to issue bonuses, discounts, and bank cards. Has extensive functionality, beautiful and solid design.

The app will easily replace the traditional wallet and will always be at hand along with all the cards.

Advantages of the application PNB Mobile Banking:

  • convenient and clear interface, easy to install and scan a paper check, completely free of charge
  • work without registration, but, the data will not be saved when switching to another phone
  • recognizes all kinds of checks
  • a personal account with balance sheet information, history and a list of shares is available
  • allows you to store bank cards and pay with them on the Internet
  • allows issuing virtual “digital” bank cards online
  • has a high degree of security, must be authorized
  • can be used offline
  • there’s no advertising

PNB Mobile Banking PNB Mobile Banking

The app PNB Mobile Banking allows you to store all your checks in one place. They also include both payment cards and loyalty cards, bonus cards and much more.


Byblos Bank Mobile Banking

Byblos Bank Mobile BankingYou can upload any paper checks, payment cards, tickets, certificates and much more to the Byblos Bank Mobile Banking app.

It is possible to receive notifications about discounts from partners.

You can check the balance of your check directly in the application, in real-time. Refill your account easily and simply.

For example, by touching a contactless bank card or scanning it with a phone camera.

You can store all kinds of cards in the app and categorize them. Here is a list of preset names and pictures of your checks.

The application Byblos Bank Mobile Banking has a high degree of data protection. To use all the features you need a full registration. You can register with any social network account or e-mail.

The application scans and recognizes barcodes and QR codes. You can share your checks with your friends. There is also a “Messages” tab where you can read the mailing lists from the brands on the added cards.

Byblos Bank Mobile Banking Byblos Bank Mobile Banking

There is no annoying advertising in this free application. It works without restrictions and does not need built-in shopping.



SGBLSGBL is an easy, convenient and simple application to store checks on your mobile device. Its main task is to free your wallet from paper checks. Transfer all bonuses and discount cards to your smartphone memory.

Here is a built-in “Assistant”, which determines your location.

Features of the application SGBL:

  • The app is not overloaded, has simple functionality, understandable saves checks.
  • Simple registration via social networks or e-mail. All checks can be restored even if you change your smartphone.
  • Recognizes all barcode cards, even if not listed, simply enter the number and name of the card without a barcode.
  • The application supports linear, 2D and QR codes.
  • The front or back of the card can be photographed and can be saved without a photo.
  • All checks are loaded with the balanced state if you enter data for authorization.
  • When you scan a paper receipt, your smartphone screen becomes brighter.
  • You can share the recognized cheques by pressing the “Share” button in the upper right corner of the “Cheques” tab.
  • It’s possible to sort checks.
  • There’s no advertising.


This is a specialized application for storing paper receipts. You can scan a QR code or check number in just a few seconds.


ClearCheckbook MoneyManagement

ClearCheckbook MoneyManagementThe ClearCheckbook MoneyManagement app is designed to store paper checks and all types of bonuses and discount cards.

The account is linked to the phone number for extra protection and safety of checks.

You need to register to use all the application features. You can do this through social networks or by phone number.

Then enter your details: first and last name, city, date of birth, phone.

This is a free application that has simple functionality and nothing extra. It stores all kinds of checks and cards: with a number, barcode, and magnetic stripe.

The application ClearCheckbook MoneyManagement binds the account to the phone number. Automatic synchronization is performed. It will allow you to restore data when changing the device.

Here you can find pre-installed images of the most popular store cards. They can be selected from the list when adding a card.

This is a full-fledged analog of the wallet. It allows you to digitize all your paper checks, discount cards and remotely issue a bank card. You can get rid of unnecessary paperwork to make your wallet and life as a whole easier.

ClearCheckbook MoneyManagement ClearCheckbook MoneyManagement

All the features are available offline, you can add checks and cards, scan barcodes and open cards.


Volkron CheckBook

Volkron CheckBookThe Volkron CheckBook application has the simplest interface and the smallest functionality. Perfect for storing any paper receipts.

With this application, you can finally get your wallet in order. It allows you to transfer all paper checks to your phone.

Also, the program helps to save money by means of exclusive discounts in some shops. It also knows how to register new accounts in loyalty programs. It talks about special offers of favorite brands.

Advantages of the application Volkron CheckBook:

  • not overloaded, easy to download, does not take up much space in the memory of your smartphone
  • no registration required, you can log in via social media and mail
  • also accepts all kinds of cards from any store: with the number, barcode, and magnetic strip
  • cheques are linked to the social network account and are saved when you switch to another phone
  • quickly save checks, you can enter the number manually, there is a field for notes
  • search by name and sort the saved cheques by alphabet, date of addition, frequency of use or manually
  • can work offline: add and save cheques

Volkron CheckBook Volkron CheckBook

This is a free application that will allow you to digitize your paper checks for more convenient use.

Bank! Bank! – cmcb digital mobile banking

Bank! Bank! - cmcb digital mobile bankingThe Bank! Bank! – cmcb digital mobile banking application allows you to enter all types of payment receipts and cards.

You can also add a discount, bonuses and transport cards to a separate tab.

The application is linked to your Google Account, and all data is saved when you change your smartphone. It guarantees a high level of security and data privacy.

You can also store bonuses, discounts and gift cards here. There is a division of checks and cards into payment and all the rest.

The app Bank! Bank! – cmcb digital mobile banking includes a large list of preset cheques and cards. To add them you need to select one of the lists or create a new card.

It provides fast and high-quality scanning of barcodes and QR codes.

It also scans documents such as checks, contracts, invoices and business cards. It finds the paper itself and instantly takes a picture.

The functionality is not limited to the possibility of scanning, and storage of the check. It also allows you to view reports by category and location. Check all receipts that are relevant to the costs of the selected period and category.

Bank! Bank! - cmcb digital mobile banking Bank! Bank! - cmcb digital mobile banking

All reports can be exported and also change depending on the selected period: week, month or year.


AM Bank

AM BankThe AM Bank application works as a paper cheque keeper and as a service with the ability to refill your cheque.

It also allows you to store all types of bonuses and discount cards and issue store cards from the list.

With this simple application, you can easily manage all your checks. Data is conveniently added and sorted.

There is also a keyword search and support for geolocation notifications.

Benefits of the application AM Bank:

  • has many extra features: bonus and discount cards, and much more
  • there are a full-fledged personal office and a personal account
  • quick scanning and recognition of paper checks, you can enter the number manually
  • there is a division of checks into categories, search by name, checks can be sorted
  • you can subscribe to shares
  • you can share checks with friends through social networks and messengers
  • can be used offline: add your cheques and show them at the box office
  • there’s no advertising

AM Bank AM Bank

Cheques are added to a couple of touches. They are then conveniently stored and categorized so you can quickly find the check you want.


101 Financial Money Manager

101 Financial Money ManagerThe 101 Financial Money Manager application is a convenient service for digitizing your paper checks.

With the help of your phone’s camera, you can scan the receipt and finish it in the application wallet.

An electronic copy of the paper receipt can be used to pay in stores. The transfer of funds is almost instantaneous.

Besides, this application is not only a place to store your paper checks. It also allows you to keep track of your expenses and shopping history.

You will be able to track expenses not only through the buy history but also thanks to the progress bar.

The “Overview” screen will show you how quickly you spend your money. You can set a cost limit or purpose and financial period according to the salary or advance payment.

The app 101 Financial Money Manager allows you to keep a joint history of purchases. The shopping list feature is also available for adding and editing together.

101 Financial Money Manager 101 Financial Money Manager

You can account not only for expenses but also for income. It is possible to set up labels to guide you through your purchases. As well as using the filter to view certain categories.


Metrobank Mobile Banking

Metrobank Mobile BankingThe Metrobank Mobile Banking app stores all types of paper receipts.

It also knows how to scan barcodes and QR codes, recognize and save them. The app is distinguished by a high degree of data protection with the help of a secret password.

The first time you start the application, you need to register. You can do this by means of e-mail or an account in any social network.

Once registered, you can add new checks to the application. If you lose your phone, you can restore the checks on your new smartphone.

You can also use the application without registering. But, in this case, you will lose all checks if you break or replace your smartphone.

Advantages of the application Metrobank Mobile Banking:

  • Completely free and without advertising
  • Quick registration via social networks, can be used without it
  • There is automatic synchronization, data recovery when changing smartphones
  • Simple functionality, nothing extra, just storing any paper checks
  • It is also possible to add barcodes and QR codes
  • There are preset images of the most popular stores’ maps, which can be selected from the list when adding a map
  • Is sorting checks alphabetically and searching by name
  • You can add your checks offline

Metrobank Mobile Banking Metrobank Mobile Banking

This is a free application that will allow you to easily manage your checks.


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