7 Best Apps to Block Blue Light on Android

It has long been proven that blue light has a negative effect on your vision. It usually comes from computers, smartphones, and other devices with an interactive screen that you can look at for a long time.

Sometimes blue light can even cause real discomfort and even damage – for example, dry eye syndrome, impaired vision, headache, and even migraine. So how can you avoid it if you use your smartphone all the time?

For computers, special glasses, applications, and services that reduce or block the blue light have long been available. On smartphones, such features have appeared not so long ago and have not yet gained popularity. You may also check How To Set Up Dark Mode On Your Favorite Apps to reduce light coming from the screen of your smartphone.

It is worth noting immediately that iOS devices do not provide special quality applications for blocking the blue light.

Such a filter is set by the user in the system settings, as well as regulated manually in the process of using a smartphone. For Android users, we have found 7 Best Apps to Block Blue Light.

Dimly – Screen Dimmer

Dimly - Screen DimmerIf your eyes hurt when you use your smartphone for a long time, you can try the Dimly app. It will help you reduce the load on your eyes and correct the brightness of the phone screen if necessary.

Sometimes you might find that even at the lowest brightness setting, your smartphone emits too much light. Dimly corrects this situation. You can save this value as default and use it at any time.

Of course, the minimum settings are best suited for low light in a room or at night. The blue backlight and brightness of the display are fully adjustable, with Dimly not taking up too much memory space and almost no battery charge. In the premium version, you can even set the timer when the mode starts.

Dimly - Screen Dimmer1 Dimly - Screen Dimmer2


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Twilight 🌅 Blue light filter for better sleep

Twilight Blue light filter for better sleepTwilight was designed specifically for people who like to sit on social networks or read on a tablet for a long time before going to bed.

International studies have shown that the perception of blue light can negatively affect your sleep and sleep rhythms, thus disrupting the standard functionality of the body. Twilight can help you cope with the problem and fall asleep in peace.

This application helps to restore melatonin production if it was disturbed by blue light. With the application, you get a fully controlled screen, which adapts itself to the current time of day and gives you the opportunity to sleep before a hard day.

The brightness intensity of the Twilight screen is adjusted by solar cycles and also changes very smoothly – you will not even notice that the light has become less bright.

Twilight Blue light filter for better sleep1 Twilight Blue light filter for better sleep2


Bluelight Filter – Night Mode

Bluelight Filter - Night ModeThe blue light has a strong effect on the eyes – we think you know that too. You may have noticed some dry eyes or soreness after spending some time on your smartphone or playing a tablet.

Bluelight Filter can help you get rid of such inconveniences – at least partially. Your eyes will be much less stressed and the effect will be felt immediately.

The application offers different color filters for different people. You can reduce blue light, and then choose a certain color scheme that is most comfortable for you. It can be one of the 5 presented colors – red, brown, yellow, and others.

You adjust the filter values in Bluelight Filter yourself, thus ensuring a healthy vision. Of course, this will not replace a complete rest from the screen, but it will significantly reduce the impact of blue light.

Bluelight Filter - Night Mode1 Bluelight Filter - Night Mode2


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Blue Light Filter & Night Mode – Night Shift by Ascendik

Blue Light Filter & Night Mode - Night Shift by AscendikUnder the name Night Shift, there are several applications at once. This service will help you protect your eyes at night or in low light, as well as changes the cold light from the screen to warmer tones. So you will normalize your sleep cycles (if you used to play before bed), as well as get rid of insomnia.

It is the blue light that causes insomnia in many cases. You could also feel tired or even migraines. But this will not happen again if you use Night Shift correctly. There are preset filters that are designed to protect the eyes and the retina.

You can set all the parameters yourself, and they will be turned on at a certain time by default. You can also reduce the brightness – even if it was previously at your lowest setting.

Blue Light Filter & Night Mode - Night Shift by Ascendik2 Blue Light Filter & Night Mode - Night Shift by Ascendik1


Iris mini

Iris miniYou may have heard of the Iris app before. The developers have long presented their product for computers and successfully helped a lot of people in their work. Now there’s Iris mini – designed for smartphones and tablets, but with the same goal in mind as full PC applications.

Iris mini is really minimalistic and easy to use. You just start it at the touch of a button – the same way you can pause it at any time. Iris mini will automatically reduce the blue light on your screen, adapting it to the eyes and safe use of your smartphone.

Not only can it ease the strain on your eyes, but it can also increase your own productivity – you’ll be much less tired.

Iris mini1 Iris mini2


Blue Light Filter – Night Mode, Night Shift by Leap Fitness Group

Blue Light Filter - Night Mode, Night Shift by Leap Fitness GroupA lot of people really like to read before going to bed. They can be e-books, magazines, articles, and much more. Unfortunately, in most cases, reading is done with a smartphone and its blue light has a negative impact on your health. Blue Light Filter will help you read without any harm, even if you are already in bed.

The app removes the blue light from the screen, leaving only the safest light sources. You can adjust and adjust the intensity of this radical filter to your own needs.

The Blue Light Filter doesn’t waste your battery and over time you won’t even notice that the app is working at all. If the service works by default, you will be able to look into your smartphone at any time of the day, without discomfort and avoiding dry eyes.

Blue Light Filter - Night Mode, Night Shift by Leap Fitness Group1 Blue Light Filter - Night Mode, Night Shift by Leap Fitness Group2


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Night screen by Arrows app

Night screen by Arrows appNight screen is designed to work exactly with the brightness of the screen. If you turned on your smartphone at least once during the night, you have noticed that it is very bright.

To fix that, the Night screen app was created. It reduces the brightness of the screen, making it more comfortable for ordinary people to use.

This screen mode helps to reduce the load on your eyes, as well as prevents your further problems with your eyesight. You can adjust all the parameters automatically – with the help of a light sensor Night screen will determine how bright the screen should be at the moment.

You will also be able to use the application for reading books – in “reading” mode the screen will not turn off after some time after use, as well as will maintain a comfortable brightness for you.

Night screen by Arrows app1 Night screen by Arrows app2


In major and leading universities around the world, it has been proven that the eyes are very affected by the blue light. Prolonged use of the screen emitting such light can lead to atrophic diseases or degeneration of vision.

In such a situation, you will need to see a specialist, as well as take measures to protect your eyes – for example, wear glasses on a permanent basis or dramatically reduce the time of interaction with devices.

If you do not want to get health problems or want to reduce the discomfort of your eyes, we recommend installing at least one of the presented applications on your smartphone. Even partial use of them will help you take care of your health and avoid consequences.

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