Best Free Apps to Catch a Cheater

The recent Ashley Madison thingy reminded us that we cheat. Cheating has never been easier (say Hello to Ashley and Tinder). Too bad you can be the one cheated on. And some of us get suspicious of partners even if they behave. Now, there are two things you can do before resorting to spying on your partner: get a reliable one or get a partner without a phone. If you still bite your nails off you can do with free apps to catch a cheater. That is so much more efficient than crouching over their phone, sweating and frantically swiping through their texts and lists of calls trying to tell at least the gender of who they are socialising with.

1. Find My Kids

The key word here is “Find”. Whether it is your, kid, dog, armed neighbor or beloved cheater, this app does the finding. There is a whole bunch of apps called “Find my kids”, like this one. They do not “hack” Facebook, but they do carefully track people. With some of the apps you can set a target area. If your beloved goes to the opposite side of the city or to a red-light district (we all know those countries) he or she would have to leave the target area and you would get a notification. Be kind, do not set target area too small.

2. The things you already use

The things you already use have or can have “upload location” features. For instance it happens on Facebook for free. Now go take a map and check locations of those posts. What if those frequently appearing geolocations were far apart only in your head? But what if they were suspiciously close only in your head? This can be also a good way to study your hometown and it’s transport situation. Upload location feature is also available with Instagram, so you are about to learn your city down to a tree and a power cable.

3. GPS Trackers

This stuff is straight from action movies! You, the protagonist, are looking at the screen where there is a pulsating spot showing where the target is. Nobody can hide from you! Apparently these GPS trackers are so popular there is huge variety of them. This one should work. There is one with a dramatic name.

4. Couple Tracker


As the peaceful logo hints  promotes walking together, that is both partners knowingly installing this app on their phones. Your partner has to consent to your spying and would have the same spying capabilities as you. You can check each other’s calls, texts, Facebook activity, and GPS location. It does those things, yes, but cheaters, just like single people, are using apps to make calls. Same thing with texts, the youngest phone users probably never even sent a sole SMS. Also, cheater’s sidepiece may not be on Facebook altogether or just don’t do anything at your one and only’s profile. GPS location is the most useful tool with this app but it works with 30 minute intervals. Lots of cheating can be done in 30 minutes. Interval can be taken down to 15 minutes but we, modern athletic people can do, like, 5 quickies in those 15 minutes, right?

5. mCouple

Fun fact: all this app’s reviews on App Store are by female users. Anyways,  is a bit muscled up version of Couple Tracker. You get your own user ID and your partner gets a user ID and you live happily ever after. Until somebody eats third party’s apple. Actually, this app works only with Apple’s iOS.

After I have written down all this stuff I feel obliged to tell you that spying and stalking are illegal. And in long-term you do not need an app anyway, you will know for sure when you get an STD)

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