8 Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on iPhone

We all sometimes lack privacy in this crazy world of Instagram, Twitter, Periscope… Our modern gadgets enable us to share so many facts about our personal lives that keeping some things in secret becomes a problem.

Hardly you can find someone who doesn’t have a couple of photos “just for friends” or a bizarre video that is not necessary to show to everyone.

People to whom you may pass your phone might be curious about your photos or videos. Fortunately, there are some tricky ways of how to hide those files. With the help of the apps below, you can make your private content invisible to others. Check them out and ensure your privacy!

Best Secret Folder

Best Secret Folder is a perfect way to protect your files from intruders. Now, let’s imagine that someone has taken your phone and wants to view your pictures. If you are using Best Secret Folder to store your files, the person will be asked to enter a password. If he fails to do it, the app is going to make loud sounds, so that you can catch the intruder red-handed.

If you are far away from the crime scene, the person might try to enter a password again. After four such attempts, the app will take a picture of that persistent bastard. So, as we can see, the system is perfectly elaborated for keeping the hands of curious people away from your data.

Best Secret Folder is indeed one of the best apps to protect photos and videos because it has a simple intuitive design and is quite handy in use. The app enables you to create inside folders and organize your files the way you like most.

It is also possible to import and export files. The last but not least advantage is icons that make it difficult to notice the app. Download Best Secret Folder now and make sure all the intruders are caught!

best secret folder screenshot


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Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault is a reliable app for protecting your photos and videos from nosey individuals. The password-protection can be implemented in two different ways – pin-lock and pattern lock. It is quite convenient as you can choose the one you have already got used to.

The interesting feature of the app is a decoy password. It is meant to make your friends believe that you are showing them your secret photos or videos when in reality you don’t.

The feature works in the following way: you enter two passwords – the one for your private content and the other for your ”open” gallery. When someone asks you to show pictures, you just enter the second password and get a nice image of a person who doesn’t have anything to hide!

Breaking into the app is not so easy. When someone tries to do it, you get to receive their GPS-location and a photo. The app’s design is pleasant to look at. You can create internal albums and work with your private content exactly like you would do it in your phone’s gallery. You can even email and message your photos and videos.

The nice addition for those who like surfing the web and saving images is a private web browser. It allows you to download pictures directly to the app so that you wouldn’t bother importing them there afterward. All in all, Private Photo Vault is an amazing tool that helps secrets to remain secrets. Get in now and be on the safe side!

private photo vault screenshot


Lock Photos Album & Video.s Safe

This one is an excellent file managing app for advanced users. The app conceals not only your photos and videos but also all kinds of other files like documents, music, notes, text messages, etc.

As for documents, it supports such formats as PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Html and so on. So if you invented some kind of a genius program, you can import it to the app and be sure no one will be able to steal it!

Just a joke, of course. But the protection system is indeed powerful. First of all, there are different locks to choose from: dot lock, password lock, touch ID. Files are organized inside the app in a very convenient way and every inside folder can be locked as well. The interface is customizable, so you can set everything as you like.

There are import and export functions. Moreover, files can be easily imported from your PC. To sum up, this app is a great organizer of your files. Privacy is just a cool addition to all the other features. Download Lock Photos Album & Video.s Safe now and as Germans say “Ordnung muss sein” (Order must be)!

lock photos album screenshot


Secret photos KYMS

Secret photos KYMS in one more interesting vault app. Just like the previous one, it works as a usual calculator, but for the one who knows how to break into a vault opens a range of amazing opportunities.

The app can be used for concealing photos, videos and different kinds of documents, including PDF, text, PowerPoint and so on. Inside the app, there are a lot of wonderful features, such as photo editor with over a thousand effects or a possibility to view videos fast and easy right in the app.

A nice plus is an embedded web-browser for downloading stuff directly to the app. The browser is quite fast and friendly in use. Videos can be downloaded as well – all you need is to make a one playing and the browser will show you the download button. Download Secret photos KYMS now and are sure that your privacy is enforced!

secret photos kyms screenshot


Keep Safe Photo Vault

Keep Safe is a simpler version of those apps above. This one protects your photos and videos under a 4-digit passcode – the golden middle – not too long, not too short. Files can be either imported from the gallery (don’t forget to delete them afterward!) or shot through the app’s camera.

Inside the app, you can access all the features available in your usual gallery – view both photos and videos, send them via email or in some other way, zoom in and zoom out and so on.

If you happen to have a tablet, then you’re lucky, because the app works both on iPhone and on the iPad. A nice handy interface and a simplicity of this app make it one of the best. If you don’t need any new-fangled features, Keep Safe is a perfect choice!

keep safe photo vault screenshot


Pic Lock – Photo Video Vault

A classical app that allows you to set the most secure password to lock all your pictures with a password. The entry is PIN-based. Here the pattern for accessing your pics will be quite difficult after you set up a code, so it is probably not for those who might forget things.

Moreover, there are even such options as the setup of a fake password and Break-In instruction detection. In other words, if you feel like you have a lot to hide, then this app is 100 percent for you. The only thing is that the free version of it won’t be getting regular updates, but for the monthly subscription, everything will be accessible.



Photo Vault

As you see, these photo and video hiding apps don’t bring much diversity in names, but those on this list surely do their job. Like this Photo Vault – it is a simple and classical app for those who want to protect their media files from unwanted intruders.

Another curious feature that this app brings to you is it allows you to sort pictures and videos by the date, type, file size, or name which is good for search. Moreover, it is known by its advanced security tools – here you can set up protection with an alphanumeric lock, pattern or PIN lock and the Face ID.

For those who want more, there is double protection. Apart from that, if you ever decide to take your photos or vids to your PC, the app will easily synchronize with it so transferring will cause no problem.



Picture Vault Lock Photos Safe

In this app, to hide all your pictures, you need to create one separate folder and Picture Vault will hide them automatically. An interesting feature here is its special secret camera in the app, that allows you to immediately take pictures and hide them into a secret folder.

Moreover, the face that your pics are going to be hidden doesn’t mean they will stay in the oblivion forever. The app allows you to easily share them on social media just like with normal pics. The interface and the app itself are very simple to use and that’s why it is so popular on the App Store.



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With one of these apps, you can forget your concerns about privacy and, what is more, keep your files in perfect order! Enjoy peace of mind and be smart in choosing apps!

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