11 Best Apps To Use When Traveling to Berlin

Travelling has really become a must-have nowadays rather than a luxury how it used to be in the past. Moreover, it has turned into an industry bigger than ever before and it keeps growing. Most of that happened because of the expansion of social networks – when people got a chance to demonstrate how they spend their holidays. So today you can really find literally anything about traveling. Another reason for that is, of course, globalization – learning foreign languages is easier than ever, the global connection is here 24/7, simplified migration and so on, and so on.

Although, there is one problem. When there is so much information it turns into a noise where it is hard to find something that would suit you personally. But this task is easier when you know that you are traveling to a definite destination.

Berlin has always been attractive for tourists all around the world. It is hard to describe how diverse and contradictory this city is. Seems like all the era and all the cultures of the world have left their own pace in its history. Everyone will find something for themselves in Berlin – either it is history, exotic culture, music, parties, drugs, IT industry, luxury – everything is mixed here. Well, they say it is better to see one time than to hear.

So, here you go, traveling to Berlin. You more or less have an idea of which places you would like to go to. But how to make this trip truly unforgettable? Which apps to use to get the best experience in the city? In this article, you will find the best apps that you should use if you are traveling to the capital of Germany.


What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about traveling to new places? Well, at least one of the first things will be a logistic issue. Do you feel a little anxious already? Don’t need to be afraid of it because most of the people who travel are also afraid of new unknown directions in the cities they’ve never visited before.

And this is great that developers have cared about it and created an app to make the life for all the tourists (and not only tourists) in Berlin much, much easier – they invented the BVG app with the use of which you can always find the right direction or route.

This app includes a bunch of useful functions, it is basically a personal guard for tourists, Here you can compile the route according to which you are going to walk around the city and then the app will tell you which transport it is better to use to get from place to place and it will plan the route in accordance to all the stops you are planning to make.

What is also very comforting here is that you can buy all the necessary tickets right in the app. No more headache on where to find ticket sales machines and whether you got the right ticket for the route or not. Moreover, the timetable for all kinds of transport is available in the app – underground, suburban train, tram, bus, ferry, and the regional train.

In case you want to get across the city by bike – no problem, the app will give you information on the nearest point where you can get one. If you like a certain stop in your route a lot you can mark it as your favorite and then it will be saved in your app’s notes so you can go back to it later.

Logically, you might wonder: but what to do if I don’t have the Internet being abroad? Then this app becomes, pretty much, useless? Not really, everything is taken care of here. You can always save the route and the transport departure schedule in advance, for example, when you got WiFi in the hotel.

Set an alarm and you receive notifications in case of connection changes. In case you are having trouble with finding the stop you need, the app will make a quick guide for you. Everything will be displayed together with the highlights of the nearest bike renting or car-sharing points. Use the zoomable line network maps for further information.

When you make payments via the app almost all existing kinds of payment are accepted – including PayPal and Apple Pay. In general, a great app to help you to explore Berlin. Of course, it will be a little bit hard to understand all the complicated routes it creates at first, but it provides such detailed information that you will orientate yourself in no time.



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Wie Geht’s

…and of course, no travel is complete without learning new words in the language of a country you are travelling to. Actually, Berlin is a quite cosmopolitan city and almost all the people can more or less speak English, but what is the real dive into the culture without knowing its language closer? Moreover, you never know in which situation you can get into so it is better to stay prepared for everything.

According to learning foreign languages, in general, this app might not be the best one, but when you just need an app to learn basic phrases for a several-days trip journey to Berlin, this is a perfect option. For beginners, it provides multiple options depending on what exactly they want to learn.

In the main menu, you can also see the section “travel”, where you will discover all the useful expressions, words, and phrases that might be helpful for you in Berlin. The app contains 96 lessons based on real-life cases so you could see what you’re learning on practical examples. Flight and hotel reservations, dining out, shopping, exploring and meeting new people – you will learn something useful for each of those situations.

You will be memorizing new words and phrases by multiple-choice – the german version will be above and you will need to choose the English version of it. In total, the app includes more than 3000 vocabulary words so you can go pretty far with learning here. The pronunciation is also important. Here all the words and example conversations are done by native speakers, so before you go to Berlin you will get a chance to listen to the language and get used to it.

The list of topics that this app involves is really impressive and includes almost every daily situation. Of course, you won’t need to study that much just for a trip, but if you need to learn some basic German fast and with no efforts then this is a really effective way to do that.



Culture Trip

Another essential part of every journey is by exploring the local culture. By local culture, we mean not only the history and architecture but also the people who live in that place. Good for us that modern apps almost erased the problem of meeting locals in such touristically popular cities as Berlin.

This app is more like a Trip Advisor but in a more structured version. Here you can immediately see which cool places the city has to offer and which ones are recommended by users. A distinctive feature of Culture Trip is that it also has articles dedicated to a specific topic, for example, “Where to get the find the best techno music party in Berlin?” which both cool to read in your leisure time and useful if you are really interested in that.

You can also spot which local activities are going to take place soon and join. For example, if there is a group of people is going to hike and you know it’s your choice – you’re welcomed. In the search bar, you will need to type the name of the city to which you are traveling to (in our case it’s Berlin) and then you will see articles, reviews, overviews of popular places and events in the city.

Also, there will be small sections under the search bar after you type the name. You will see the following: Food&Drinks, Music&Dance, See&Go and so on and thus it is very convenient to instantly find something you’re interested in.

The app also contains videos of places and experiences. They were all created by local photographers, filmmakers, and writers. And coming back again to the issue of the Internet abroad – here you got an option to save the places or other media files you liked offline so you could review them any time. With the function of Wishlists, you can create an idea for future trips and walks.

What is more, in Culture Trip you will easily find all the necessary links to book a hotel you liked. And, the last, but never the least, find out where the nearest party with local is – and go there to get to know people better and have great fun while traveling!



My Taxi

One unpleasant surprise you might discover while traveling to Germany is that Uber is banned in this country and the taxi prices are relatively high. However, there are still some cool apps that will make the process of getting a taxi easier for you. This is a kind of an app like this. It is a licensed ride-hailing app for black cabs and taxis in 9 European countries.

In general, the overall principle of functioning of this app is pretty much the same as it is in Uber or in any other get-a-taxi app. When you first open it, you will need to create your account with the number of the phone, your card details and then you will see the map with your current location and all the available cars around.

Then you just choose the car you want, book it and track how the driver is coming to you. Usually, it is no longer than several minutes. Among interesting features it is worth to mark that here you can book a car 4 days in advance (for example, an airport transfer)  and share your ride so friends and family know where you are.

In case you are having a business trip, then you can automatically collect your receipt by email after each trip paid through the app or skip manual expense reportings after each business trip by using a business account. What is more, different types of cars are available, either you need a mini-van or a business-class car. While booking you can also set a definite time up to when you would like to get a car.




Another essential sightseeing which attracts so many tourists to Berlin is its street-art culture. In this sense, Berlin has almost become the world capital of graffiti. In case you were looking for this experience, here is an excellent app for you to use so you could always spot some interesting arts and places.

The app actually contains the map of gravity all around the world but you can always scale it and find them in the city you are currently visiting. Along with that, in the main menu of the app, you will find photos of the most prominent street arts in the world – probably the ones that Berlin has are there as well.

You can always add an interesting street art spot yourself. Just tag a location and upload a photo. Dozens of new photos are uploaded to the app regularly. Besides, if you want, you can add a short description to each picture you upload. Those posts that you like, you can save to your favorites so you can go back to them later. You can also see, how many users liked a certain post and which one is the most popular. So, it is like a street art Instagram with locations which is definitely will be useful to have in Berlin.



Foursquare City Guide

Food experience is also an irreplaceable part of each journey and will help to perpetuate the authentic image of any city you are visiting. In the sense of food, Berlin can suggest lots of options. It may be not that exquisite in local cuisine as Paris or Milan, but it has many other delicious and outstanding options that you have probably never tried before.

This app will be your ultimate guide in everything which is about restaurants, food trucks and other meals in Berlin. In the main menu, you first need to choose whether you’re looking for a place to have breakfast, lunch or dinner, or you just want a fast-snack on the go.

Then the app will show you the list of best places to have meals according to your choice. You will see which one is the best and best-liked by users. You will also immediately see the comments which people left for this place. It is actually very useful since visitors mark the most unusual and outstanding aspects which a certain place has to offer to its guests.

There is also a section where you can take a glimpse of which places and restaurants in Berlin are trending this week. Maybe something new and exciting has just opened and you got a unique chance to become one of the first visitors? Or maybe, some food track has a real bargain sale tonight?

All the places that you liked and would like to return to you can save to the list of your favorites. Actually, there are some other apps like this on the market and not to say they provide the worse service. But this particular app is worth more trust in the sense that it is really popular among locals who live in Verlin constantly and know the really interesting and good places to have a meal in this city.



Berlin-Vegan Guide

Berlin is a generous and open-minded city and that’s why people of all kinds and tastes from all over the world want to visit it. Logically, it would be weird if Vegan culture would get its acknowledgment here. Because of liberal and progressive lifestyle, being vegan is actually popular in the capital of Germany. And the city itself has a good number of vegan restaurants which are recommended for visiting even for non-vegans.

With the “Berlin Vegan Guide”, you’ve got quick access to an overview of the vegan food and shopping possibilities in Berlin. The app works in a similar way as the previous one, though it is a little bit more simple. When you open the app you can see the map of the city with all the vegan restaurants marked on it and you can see your current location – so you can choose a place depending on the proximity.

By the way, here you will find not only restaurants. This software also includes vegan supermarkets, grocery shops, and organic cosmetics shops. Basically, everything that is trending right now. The results are labeled according to vegan-friendliness and by reviews of other users.

The virtue of this app is that you can even sort the restaurant and shops depending on the type of vegan you are. You can choose either vegan or vegetarian. Then you can also choose some additional categories that you would like to see in the place: allowed with dogs, high chair, WiFi, gluten-free products and so on. This Vegan Guide will satisfy the requirements even of the pickiest consumers. Developers did a really scrupulous job here.



Berlin Guide Civitatis

If you are the kind of person that likes to have all the essentials in one app, then this is your choice. It is a great city guide that will help you to find all the info needed: top sights, where to eat, how to save money while traveling, what nearby towns are worth exploring and a lot more.

The app not just suggests you see the most popular touristic attraction and eat in the best restaurants, but also gives you tips on how to save money during your visit and which places you should avoid. It also has a special guide for those tourists who are visiting the city just for two days – for them, there is a special program so they could see all the best sightseeings and get the brightest experience possible.

In case you have more than several days for a visit, the app will suggest you visit interesting places and villages nearby Berlin as well. The Guide includes information based on the answers to the most popular question about tourism in this city. For example, if you need a visa for Germany or not.

Another great option that the app provides is its info about the English-speaking tours in the city. It is often that these are for free so don’t miss your chance. All the information about the transfers to the airport is also available. In other words – you just open this app and type in the place or even you want to go to, or sightseeing that you would like to find – and the app will give you a quick result. Here you will really find all the info needed for a great visit.



Going Local Berlin

The app for those who don’t like all that cheesy touristic sightseeing and the feeling of being a tourist in general. Actually, as general tourism gets more popular and accessible, more and more people are seeking a different experience which is not so mainstream yet. And this is a great alternative for those who are tired of trivial holiday trips.

Explore Berlin off the traditional tourist trails. With over 700 personal tips, tours and recommendations for eating out, you can enjoy Berlin like a Berliner from the word go – just like a real local. Here you will discover such curious places as Reinickendorf’s Kräuterhof herb and vegetable garden to Spandau’s ‘Little Venice’ or Peacock Island in Steglitz-Zehlendorf.

The whole navigation of the app is based on tips from other users, and many of them are locals. They know better about the hidden treasures that the city hides from the tourists’ eyes. Get a chance to discover something unusual and be involved in a unique story.

Here you can also find great places to do sports, relax and explore culture in general. Another good thing is that Going Local Berlin can function offline as well – so you always got your maps and pictures of places with you no matter of the Internet presence.

Personally, you can always mark the places you liked and add them to your favorites. Don’t miss a chance to feel like a real local in just a couple of days of visiting Berling and dive into another life with completely different emotions. With over 700 personal tips, you can enjoy Berlin like a Berliner.



Berlin Clubs, Party & Open Air Guide

Here goes the option for those who are into the party and nightlife. Actually, it is one of the main features of Berlin so you better be that kind of person. Berlin has gained a reputation as one of the craziest cities with its mind-blowing parties a long time ago and keeps its positions until nowadays. The liberal atmosphere of the city provokes the emergence of the weirdest, coolest and most authentic events that you have ever seen in your life.

When you open a map, just like in any guide mentioned before you will find a map of the city, but this time there are going to be a lot of parties and clubs spotted on it. Which one to choose – up to you. You can compile a list of parties that you are interested in and save it in the app so you don’t forget about anything.

Literally all kinds of Berlin clubs are here – small, spontaneous open-airs and secret locations, big events and famous clubs. Are you traveling with friends or do they live in Berlin? You can invite them to an even your found on this app just by sharing it via WhatsApp or Facebook or any other social media.

Monthly, the app includes more than 200 events. Find a lot of events ins Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and all the other interesting spots in and around Berlin. Considering the music styles, everyone here also will find something they like: techno, minimal, drum’n’bass, electro, house, hip-hop, pop, reggae, dub and the sounds, that make this city so famous.

The only possible disadvantage may be that the name and description of some parties here are in German.



Berlin Toilet

Might seem funny at the first sight – but hey, this is actually useful info. So let’s be our list closed with this small but useful app. In general, the apps about Berlin are so advanced that there is even a toilet app. Well, it is nice when you can literally find anything you need so nothing distracts you from enjoying the city. Besides, this app will save you from searching for local fast-food restaurants and going there just for toilet purposes.

So it is also a map of the city where all the public toilets are marked. You just need to switch on your location and see the one closest to you. Then the app will create the fastest and most convenient route to one of them for you. An interesting feature, that this app actually has its own network of public toilets.

You can access them only by using this software. All the payment is digital which saves you from the necessity of looking for coins. And don’t worry about that if these are public toilets they are going to be dirty and nasty – the toilets by this app are claimed to be clean and tidy. But just in case, you can always leave your feedback.



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