AutoClose Software Review

We all know the expression “time is money” but what does it mean? Often, users need to place a file for rendering, update the software system, or just download a large file. But, of course, no one wants to sit and wait until this process is completed. At the same time, continuous operation of the computer can lead to its overheating and breakage. Therefore, to save your time and money, we offer you AutoClose.

It allows you to perform auto-shutdown quickly and without unnecessary effort. A simple but powerful program that allows you to set the shutdown time of a computer or a specific program. You can choose the exact time, reverse timer, daily, or single shutdown. The latter is useful when you need to wait for the completion of a resource-intensive task.


It is also possible to turn off the computer by timer, restart it, or sleep mode. In hibernation mode, the contents of the RAM are flushed to the hard disk, but not in sleep mode. And if the power goes out or the battery runs out, then when you turn on the computer, a new Windows boot will start, and all unsaved data will disappear. After waking up from hibernation, you will get the same desktop anyway. In addition, the automatic transition to sleep mode will be useful when the program notices that the mouse and keyboard have not been used for a long time.

An interface with a minimal set of options. You will only need to set the time and start the timer. After that, the program will collapse and turn off the computer at the time you specified. Before turning off the computer, the program issues an alert so that the user can cancel the shutdown.


Applications can not only be turned off, but also run using the built-in AutoClose timer. Automate your work processes with this application and do not worry about the fact that you can leave the office without turning off your computer!

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