Batch Excel to PDF Converter Software Review

When you need a file created in Excel to be transmitted to the recipient in an unchanged form, it is best to use the PDF format. In addition, this format provides the ability to open a file on a device that does not have the Microsoft Office package. In addition, PDF files are more suitable for printing, and they are easier to share on the Internet.

Therefore, we suggest that you get acquainted with Batch Excel to PDF Converter. This is a program for batch conversion of documents from XLSX format to PDF. It allows you to save the conversion settings as a project that can be used in the future and also knows how to work from the command line.


Your Excel file will be converted instantly using automatic settings. The resulting PDF file will look exactly as you need, without any complicated settings! The software works with most versions of Windows and can convert to PDF both from XLSX and XLS, as well as CSV, and ODS.

The program has no restrictions on the number of converted PDF sheets, you can convert at least an entire book! You can also customize the final number of PDF files: each sheet can be saved as a separate document, or all sheets can be combined into one book.

The program also allows you to protect the converted file from copying and printing if it contains any confidential information. You can change the orientation of the sheets if the original orientation meant working only with the electronic version. In addition, you cannot worry about the correct display of data, since the program supports more than ten languages.


The free and Pro versions are available, where a nice bonus is the ability to work with Word and PowerPoint documents. On the developer’s website, you can find detailed instructions for working with the program (for greater clarity, all the buttons mentioned in the text of the instructions are highlighted with a green arrow). We hope that Batch Excel to PDF Converter will help you to make it much easier to work with a large number of Excel tables!

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