15 Best appointment scheduling apps for Android & iOS

Today, it is impossible to do without a task scheduler on the smartphone. We constantly need something to remember and write down, and most importantly, to remember this after. There is a lot of information around, personal cases are “on the throat”, and tasks are not simple, they are multi-stage. Everything needs to be planned, organized and laid out on the shelves.

A common built-in calendar or text editor will not work for these purposes. Our version – a specially trained application – task scheduler, organizer or task manager. As it is called, the only thing is to help the user plan an endless stream of cases.

What should a convenient task scheduler for a smartphone have? The answer to this question depends on the needs of every user. But let’s try to determine the main moments for most of them: convenient and intuitive interface, the ability to create to-do lists for certain dates, projects, and subprojects, and a reminder function.

Guided by these criteria, we selected several applications for organizing cases. So here is the list of best appointment scheduling apps:


This program will help you plan your day, it is very simple to use it, but it really can streamline the work process and thereby make it better and more efficiently. The essence of its work is not in ordinary reminders, or in a timer. It will literally paint all your actions for the whole day, as well as the deadline for performing these actions – tasks. For example, you sit down to do one of the necessary things, turn on the timer, and immediately see the time for which this case would be desirable to perform, after completion, the timer turns off and pauses.

The Time tracker, ToDo list TimeIO has fairly flexible and extensive settings, so with it, you can schedule all day for hours or even minutes.

This application is especially suitable for busy people, businessmen, or just employees for whom time is money. But it will also help you in everyday business, not only in work, so install the application and feel its benefits. In addition, the use of the program requires almost no time and everything is accessible and understandable.

  1. Convenient advanced reminders.
  2. Simple and interactive settings menu.
  3. Ability to work in a minimized mode.
  4. A detailed system of functional management.

Android version

Nine – Outlook

A great application that plays the role of your virtual diary and organizer. Plan your day by creating notes and reminders, using the wide functionality of the utility. With convenient synchronization, you can synchronize your data with all your devices. For security purposes, it is possible to hide and restrict an access to certain information.


  1. Ability to work with multiple accounts.
  2. Perfectly optimized work on Android Wear.
  3. Convenient widgets.
  4. Working with e-mails in a convenient client.
  5. Multiplatform.

Android version


Once upon a time, Wunderlist was a simple list of tasks. Now the application can do much more than just remind about plans, but it has not lost its simplicity and simplicity.

With the help of Wunderlist you will be able to:

  1. Add new projects and tasks with the terms of their implementation.
  2. Group task lists into separate folders.
  3. Highlight the most important tasks (the selected moves to the top of the list).
  4. Create subtasks for the effectiveness of the solution of the main ones.
  5. Write notes to any task, attach photos, tables, files.
  6. Perform a task search.
  7. Reinforce the voice message to each of the reminders.
  8. Write your comments to any reminder. If the case is entrusted to another person, then it is possible to conduct a dialogue within the task through a system of comments.
  9. Make labels. With the help of them, you can set the task to “pause” to know from what action to resume its execution.
  10. Synchronize data in real time. Thanks to this application, manual synchronization will remain for you in the past. Everything happens automatically on any device or platform.
  11. Synchronize tasks and calendar.
  12. Receive notifications and push messages to the e-mail as soon as there are any changes.
  13. Besides all this, you can print out lists, save them on your computer or create a backup copy of the information.

And all this you can get for free. There is also a paid version of Wunderlist that does not limit the user in any way (you can add files of any size, do any number of subtasks and assignments for subordinates for one task).


  • Wunderlist is easy to learn. The scheduler solves simple tasks: to track what is done and what is not. It is not overloaded with functions, so everything important is studied in 20 minutes.
  • The application has a simple task structure. For the project management of the program – it is small, but to order the main cases of these functions – it is enough.
  • Delegation and collaboration on lists. For work, these functions may not be enough, but for household issues – it is the ideal solution.


  • You cannot postpone the task for an hour or the next day in the desktop version. To do this, you need to change the deadline for the task and set a new time for notification. In the mobile version, you can transfer notifications for a few minutes or an hour.
  • You cannot schedule multiple notifications for one task within one day.
  • We cannot mark the start and end dates for the task.



For several years the Any.DO application does not leave the leading positions in the rating of the mobile applications for scheduling the daily routine. Every day the program is being improved in accordance with the needs of the users, thanks to which its audience is estimated by millions of people. The developers took care not only of the full functionality but also did not forget about the convenience of the intuitive interface.

You can easily add new tasks by simply dragging them to the desired day as part of the Drag-and-Drop technology. In order to mark the task, it is enough to follow it with a finger repeating the strikeout gesture. To clean up the routine from the tasks performed, simply shake the device. It’s hard to come up with a more intuitive way to manage.

The app is equipped with a widget that will allow you to keep up to date on the upcoming affairs, throwing a quick glance at the main screen of the gadget. The Any.DO is supported by any Android and iOS devices and provides instant synchronization between them. Also, you can import jobs from the Google Task. Speech recognition allows you to dictate notes that are automatically converted to text. Caring about convenience and saving users time, the developers have equipped their application with an intelligent tool for predictive text input from the touch screen.

  1. Voice input.
  2. Tips from contacts.
  3. Drag & drop tasks to set the order.
  4. Sort by date, type or priority.
  5. Reminders.
  6. Notes (they are also subtasks).
  7. Strikeout gesture to complete the task.
  8. Phone shake removes completed tasks.
  9. Widgets.
  10. Sync with Google.
  11. Backup tasks on SD.
  12. Black and white themes.
  13. Invites to other participants for joint tasks.

IOS version Android version


A nice organizer with a very simple and extremely clear interface, completely sharpened by gesture control. The great color scheme is worthy of separate praise: the importance of the case is indicated not only by the position in the general list but also by color. By default, the most significant ones are red, but you can choose another color scheme in the settings.

All this creates a vivid and distinct to-do sheet. You can set reminders about the most important, and thanks to the synchronization with iCloud and the presence of Clear clients for other operating systems, your lists will always be at hand. Note also the integration with Apple Watch and the widget for the Notification Center.

Clear is able to create lists by tapping on the screen on your smartphone/tablet or by clicking on the touchpad on the laptop. You can create 3, 5, 10, as many points and move them up and down the list, simply by holding your finger on the screen or touchpad. Thus, you can build tasks in order of importance or urgency. For each item on the list, you can set the date and time of the reminder, of course, if you are compiling a list of urgent cases, rather than plans for the year.

To manage the tasks is very easy. Brushing to the right, you close the task as done. The selected item flashes green and moves to the very end of the list. The backlight disappears, and the text is struck out. The completed task will be at the bottom of the list with a dead load until you delete it. To delete the item (like any other task which is not yet done) is also simple: swipe your finger in the opposite direction – to the left.
For those who maintain several lists at once, the creation of categories My Lists are provided. You can create a series of lists and add new items to each of them.

Clear – is a well-built task manager, reminder, and to-do-list. And now imagine, that this whole combination is packed in a minimalist wrapper – just like a blank piece of paper. There is nothing superfluous in the program. Only lists, with a dozen color schemes and nothing more.

IOS version


The program Todoist allows you no longer to hammer your head with information about upcoming events and other plans.
Now, you will not forget about important events, because there is always a phone at hand, and it has a convenient scheduler of affairs, which is necessary for modern people.

Installing the program on a computer, tablet, phone, even a smart clock, you can add new notes, and they will automatically appear in all devices after the next automatic synchronization of programs.

You can add a new entry even in offline mode after the phone connects to the network, it will immediately transfer information to your other gadgets. Therefore, you are completely independent of what device you use. All the necessary information will be at hand.

Do not miss the deadline, schedule an event in advance, and then track it with the help of Todoist, in which you can set the start, end time, and the repetition of events. For the user of the application, it is very convenient to organize and view their tasks in advance. You can study the task plan for the day ahead, a week or a month.

In the application, there is an opportunity to create subcategories of tasks. You can draw them in different colors to make it easier to navigate in their hierarchy. Thus, you can create a list of subprojects or subtasks, which is very convenient when the case has some nuances.

Todoist supports the integration of many applications, such as the Sunrise calendar, Google Drive, Cloud Magic and others. Therefore, the user has unlimited opportunities to share these programs.

Todoist features:

  1. Receiving instant notifications of events.
  2. Creating labels, tasks, events using advanced filters.
  3. Download files, videos, photos to the task list directly from your computer or remote storage.
  4. Tracking your performance through Todoist Karma.
  5. The presence of several colored themes for the design of the application.
  6. Setting of new notifications on smartwatches with the help of voice commands.
  7. The ability to install new tasks through the mail.
  8. Access to the list of cases via iCalendar.

IOS version Android version


If you have nothing motivating at work, and you postpone the task at the last minute, we advise you to install Due. It is only necessary to distribute tasks throughout the day, artificially creating a deadline for yourself, and you will immediately join the work process.

Since, if you do not get to the deadline, the application will remind you about this every 5 minutes, until you delete or transfer the task. The main goal of Due is the fastest possible installation of reminders. For example, you can say: “Cancel the New York Times subscription next month”, and forget about it. After a month, Due will remind you that the specified time has expired.
The program is autonomous, it does not require any connections to the Internet, has a fairly simple design.


  • The SNOOZE function – the phone will emit a signal every minute (or hour) until you turn off the reminder.
  • If you are currently busy, it is very easy to transfer the task to another time (10 minutes, hour, day, or manually set).


  • The SNOOZE can be set either every minute or every hour, for some reason the developer does not understand the idea that some people may need to repeat every 10 or 30 minutes.
  • Pretty long starts.
  • Does not turn over to the horizontal position.

IOS version


The Todo Cloud application is one of the best affairs managers for your devices.
With the help of Todo Cloud, you can attach tasks to a specific place, after which when you reach the appointed place, the notification is triggered and you will not forget to perform an important task.

There is an opportunity to share via e-mail your tasks with relatives or friends. For convenience, it is possible to prioritize each task, so that the most important of them you will perform first. Todo Cloud differs from other similar programs in that it saves you a lot of time when using this utility.


  • adding tasks by sending email;
  • synchronization with other devices on iOS, Mac, Android;
  • geotagging;
  • a reminder of the task when it is near the location marker;
  • organization of tasks for activities or locations;
  • multilevel priorities;
  • selected tasks;
  • subtasks;
  • integration of contacts;
  • repetitive tasks;
  • reminders and stuff.

The Todo Cloud interface complies with all standards, it is simple and convenient to use.
With Todo Cloud you can now qualitatively, easily, and most importantly, quickly achieve the goal. Download Todo Cloud on your smartphone and you will never forget about important things with this application with the geolocation feature.

IOS version Android version


The developers of GTasks offer the user a simple and at the same time an effective application for scheduling tasks. You can work offline or use the integration with your Google Account. Using GTasks, you will never miss anything important and learn to use your time more productively. Full integration with Google Task provides easy access to all the functions of the service from your gadget. Create task lists and notes easily and at ease wherever you are. Interaction with an unlimited number of Google accounts will allow you to organize effective teamwork and monitor the progress of its implementation.
You can sort the tasks by name, date, time of creation and priority. You can change the order of tasks by simply dragging the desired icon in the list. You can always view the scheduled events using Google Calendar, select several tasks, publish, send or move them. Convenient reminders settings allow you to program any frequency of notifications. Quick and easy access to the search functions and create tasks will become even more comfortable when using widgets.

  1. A convenient organizer with the integration of relevant Google services.
  2. The possibility of autonomous work.
  3. Synchronization with multiple devices and Google accounts.
  4. Creation of collective projects.
  5. Sorting by several parameters.
  6. Publishing and sending assignments to colleagues and friends.
  7. Extensive options for customizing notifications.

Android version

Remember The Milk

A convenient system for organizing of notes
The user can group the created notes and to-do lists by priority or due dates, creation date, tags and other characteristics. By the same parameters, a quick search of the necessary records is organized. The user is also able to set shortcuts and create sub-tasks in tasks.
Reminders about tasks
These are an additional reason to download Remember The Milk to your device. This is one of the few applications for mobile devices that sends a user a free text message 10 minutes before the scheduled meeting. In the basic version of the application, there are standard reminders about tasks, notifications are sent to e-mail, to Twitter, and so on.

Synchronization of data
So that the records are not lost, the organizer supports the integration of Google Calendar, Gmail, Twitter, Evernote notebook and some other services. Thanks to this, the participants of the application can work together on lists, share records with each other.
Ease of use and design
The application has a nice modern design and a clear interface.
Paid content
The application Remember The Milk with basic functions is distributed freely and without any restrictions on the time of use. To gain access to the advanced features of the program, you must purchase a subscription for a month or for a year. In the Premium version, SMS-informing of the user is connected, there are widgets, restrictions are removed from the number of subtasks, participants of joint viewing and editing of records, etc.

IOS version Android version

To Do Reminder

To Do Reminder is a simple task management application. It can be considered not so much a scheduler, as the manager of reminders.
Authorization in To Do Reminder is not required – backup and restore is done manually from the memory card. The application itself is very simple and it is not difficult to understand it.
The To Do Reminder main screen displays a list of tasks. You can quickly add new ones, search among existing ones, or browse history. The task description indicates the date, time and frequency. You can also add it with audio notes and text comments. In general, the interface is moderately convenient, although from the visual point of view, the application does not pretend to be original, and the layouts in the settings do not change.

A distinctive feature of To Do Reminder is the synchronization with Google Calendar and Facebook. From there, you can get information about birthdays and other important dates. Later this information will be displayed in the Special Dates menu.

The set of tools for sorting and searching tasks in To Do Reminder is quite small. There are no folders, custom lists, tags and other familiar tools. You can only find an assignment by name. The paid version of the application is distinguished by the lack of advertising.

To Do Reminder can hardly be called a full-featured task manager, and its advantages include only compactness and integration with Google Calendar and Facebook. It’s good for those users who have few tasks and no need for cloud synchronization. Here, you can quickly create small tasks with sound notifications, but for long-term planning the To Do Reminder app does not fit.

Android version

 Do it

Perhaps this is the most primitive application in today’s review. Here, all tasks can be scheduled only for the current day and for the next and nothing else.
In Do it, there is cloud synchronization. You can log in to the settings and access data via the web version.
Visually Do it looks somewhat primitive, in a sense, it is not a task manager, but a simulator of two pages of a notebook. The tasks for today are on the left side, for tomorrow – are on the right. The interface is moderately convenient – you can mark the task as completed (in this case it will be crossed out) with one click, and also use arrows to move it from the current day to the next and back.

There are no special tools for sorting data in Do it. In fact, everything that is planned not for today moves to tomorrow. In Do it, there are no folders, custom lists, tags and much more. The application is a good idea for those who need not a task manager, but a simple reminder.
Advantages of Do it include compactness and fast data entry. Nevertheless, this does not compensate for significant limitations in terms of functionality. Through the purchase in the application, you can get 3 widgets for the desktop size 1 * 1, 3 * 3 and 4 * 4, but this almost does not change anything.
Do it does not have enough features to compete on equal terms with other applications presented in the article. Do it will certainly find its target audience, which will apply it as a task manager.


SplenDO is a useful application for Android that will help you organize daily business and leisure.

The program is positioned as a simple and convenient list of tasks for daily use. The relevance of such an organizer is that a modern person is burdened with many important things that surround him at work and at home. Shopping lists, plans for the evening, meetings, meetings with friends and family – all this can easily fly out of your head! Thanks to this program, daily affairs can be systematized according to specific thematic tasks and do not worry that memory will fail you.
All tasks are fixed in special lists that correspond to one or another category. Just touch the miniature icon to create a new note or use the voice input. Home, work, family, entertainment, medicine, nutrition is a basic set that can be supplemented independently. All notes are accompanied by pleasant sound reminders and can be displayed on the desktop in the form of visual widgets. SplenDO is distributed free of charge and has no visible drawbacks.

The user interface has a concise design that allows you to focus on planning your daily business. The main menu is presented by a systematized task panel with a deadline and thematic categories. At the top of the screen, there is a navigation and notes block, as well as an additional settings tab.

The SplenDO is a handy organizer for Android, which is useful for daily planning of affairs and organization of leisure.

Android version


Taasky is a handy task scheduler that allows you to create a to-do list and delete them as you go. Despite the huge number of similar applications that perform, in fact, the same function, this planner should be looked at more closely. Here, the user convenience is brought to its highest point.
So, the main feature of Taasky is intuitive and simple control combined with a bright design that can be adjusted to your mood.

The design of the application attracts attention with its unusualness, and gesture control is very simple and easy. It is quite possible to feel like a beginning magician, who commands his tasks, sending them to the right and to the left.
The list of all tasks visually looks very simple, more priority tasks are immediately evident, the color bar reminds which list the task comes from, it looks very nice together.

Managing your to-do list comes down to a few simple steps. To create a new task – swipe down. To see all the task lists and select another list if necessary – make the swipe to the right. To edit the task – swipe to the left. To change the priority of the task – touch the screen and hold your finger.
All tasks are grouped by separate lists. The task list is easily transformed both externally and internally – adding and removing or editing tasks is very easy.
When creating a task, give it a name, specify the list to which it will fall, and optionally specify the date and time of its execution, you can also mark the task with an asterisk to select among others – then the task will jump to the top of the list and will be written in a larger font.
The order in the list is your creativity, keeping your finger on the task, then it can easily be moved up or down, thus regulating the priority of the cases. When the task is completed – safely put a tick in the circle to the left of it. The task visually “will go into the shade”, accompanied by a pleasant sound, which can be turned off if desired. Completed tasks can be completely removed from the list.


Things – is one of the most simple and pragmatic organizers for “apple” devices. The program contains only the most necessary functions and at the same time has a very high-quality and thoughtful design. The main screen is a menu in which the user is asked to perform one of three actions: add a new entry to the calendar, go to the section with projects or start working with the scheduler of the daily routine. All three tools are very closely related, and working with each of them is very simple and pleasant. The program quite actively uses pop-up notifications, with the help of them notifying the user about the need to perform some action in the near future, and also about the fact that he “delayed” the planned project. All the data entered by Things “operatively” synchronizes between devices using a proprietary cloud service.
With Things, an unlimited number of users can work simultaneously. Switching between accounts is done with only a couple of touches. In the latest versions of the application, there is the support for the Touch ID and the ability to import and export data to third-party applications. In general, we have a convenient and, importantly, completely free organizer for the iPhone and iPad.
The possibility of working with Things:

  1. Easy task entry and management with a simple interface.
  2. Scheduling tasks for today.
  3. Move cases to lists.
  4. Control over the fulfillment of tasks.
  5. Auto-display tasks with expiring deadline and scheduled.
  6. Evaluate tasks by moving them to the next in order folders.
  7. Organization of various tasks: workers, personal, hobbies.
  8. Support for tags to assign a context.
  9. Setting priorities and task time.
  10. Quickly filter the task list to find the most current.
  11. The Quick Entry feature allows you to enter new tasks without interruption.
  12. “AutoComplete” will help you create tasks faster by selecting the text highlighted on the screen.
  13. Support for links to e-mail, a document or a web page.
  14. Creating repetitive tasks.
  15. Adding deadlines.
  16. Transfer tasks to later dates.
  17. Import of “Reminders”.
  18. View the log of already completed cases.
  19. Cloud synchronization with Things Cloud is free.

Now, tell us, how you manage to organize yourself… Maybe, you have got a favorite planning system or some other secrets of productivity. Share with us.
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