15 Best Bible apps for Android & iOS

The Bible says that in the beginning was the Word.
The Word of God is a tool for God’s blessing. The Word of God is the only connection with the invisible world. God is in the heaven, and we live on the earth. The only way we can connect with God is to know his Word, to believe in his Word and to act on the basis of this Word. And only in this way we can release his power in our lives, and then his wisdom will fill our lives. Everything that God has, he packed into his Word. When we receive God’s Word, it dissolves within us.
But the Bible not only exposes us, but also teaches us. The Bible also corrects and teaches us. The Bible helps to understand how I can change my life, with what I should begin this process. So, it is so important to read the Bible every day.
If you do not have the opportunity to pick up a book, your phone will come to your rescue. We present to your attention the 15 best Bible apps on iOS & Android.


Bible – this is the best e-bible for Android and iOS, translated in almost all languages of the world, and has a lot of settings and convenient possibilities. In contrast to the material (book) version, here almost all translations and several reading modes are gathered. The app has the ability to search the right place for a keyword, the study of poetry, listening to the text, saving bookmarks and text to share with your friends.

If you need the Bible, the better program than this, you just will not find. You will be able to read and use all the built-in information, even without an access to the Internet. However, certain features require the Internet access. You will be waited for a convenient interface and easy reading. Just select a method, thematic plan and customize the program to fit your needs (font, layout, binding, etc.).

You can download the e-Bible on your phone absolutely free, and it does not have any built-in shopping and advertising. Here is the most popular book in the world, containing the mass transfer, explanations and additional information. Depending on the region and the way of reading, you can be available more or less features, but the basic information and the destination remain unchanged.

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Bible App for Kids

The mobile app for the little ones “Children’s Bible” can be downloaded for free on Android or iPhone.
The guys from YouVersion created a “Bible for children” for smart phones especially for children from the very young age in order to allow them immersing in the biblical history, and the Word of God fills their hearts.
Free the mobile app “Bible for Children” offers its viewers to study the Bible characters and remarkable history with the help of colorful and animated pictures with quality music and friendly voice of a narrator.
With the help of interactive adventures and beautiful illustrations, children will explore the great stories of the Bible. The Bible app for kids is specially designed for kids so they are excited about returning to it again and again. This is the beginning of love for God’s Word of a lifetime.

♦ Easy, clear navigation for a child.
♦ Colorful illustrations.
♦ Animation, activated by pressing.
♦ Fun interactive illustrations that enliven the Bible.
♦ Funny facts and tasks which are designed to remember of what the children have learned.
♦ Special tasks, allowing children to win prizes.

IOS Android


Bible.is – is an application that allows you to read the Bible in more than 800 languages. In addition to the opportunity of reading the Bible in the Bible.is app, you can listen to the Bible and watch it (as the video), it was impossible to do before.

You can upload the text and writings of Bible verses in Bible.is, so that you will be able to read and listen to them at any time, even when you do not have an access to the Internet. In any place and at any time. You can search by keyword, do a search by title, verse, and so on. Also, you will be able to celebrate, underline and take notes with a simple click on the screen.

The most interesting thing in the Bible.is app is that it allows you to view 61 video sequences of the film project JESUS ( ‘JESUS’). It is available in hundreds of languages, and the new languages are added daily. The project allows you to animate the Bible and make it more accessible.

Bible.is – is an excellent Bible for your phone. It is available not only in hundred different languages, but also, has a lot of useful features for its users, including social.

IOS Android

Glo Bible

The company Immersion Digital LLC has released Glo Bible app for iOS and Android operating systems. It is the fruition of a huge amount of efforts, as a result of which it was possible to collect a lot of texts and visual materials. The Glo Bible app includes a full text of Scripture, the high-quality images, HD-videos, various articles on religious themes, and 360-degree virtual panoramas, and more. All these are combined with a convenient interface.

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This app serves for reading and study Bible, it is developed as a handy pocket tool for daily Bible reading, memorizing verses and chapters by heart. In the application, you can simply search in the text for any episode, use bookmarks in the text of the Bible, parallel study of two or three translations of the Bible, can compare the translation with the Strong’s dictionary, and create notes during reading, etc.
Features of MyBible:

  • the most convenient navigation through the Bible;
  • remembering last visited places in each book of the Bible;
  • convenient thumb through the text;
  • mapping the entire book of the Bible;
  • bookmarks with captions and color categories;
  • two or three parallel Bible translations are automatically synchronized on the current position or scrolled independently;
  • selection and copying the verses;
  • fast and functionally powerful search in the text.

♦ Support multi-window mode of the device.
♦ Improved support for dictionaries.
♦ Improved search of using Strong numbers.
♦ Search multiple Bible translations.
♦ Support for notes system (auto-text references to the Bible).
♦ References in the text of the Bible at the same time on a few comments.


Bible by Olive Tree

You will not find a better way to read and study the God’s Holy Word than the application Bible by Olive Tree. The program has a huge database of translations, including the NIV, ESV, KJV, etc.
The application allows you not only to read the Bible, but also to make notes, underline the main ideas and make synchronization with any mobile device.
Study the Bible in greater depth with the excellent management, which provides you with a variety of maps, comments, connects you with outstanding Bible study.
You can easily compare the different translations of the text, using the unique split window. In addition to the basic versions of the translation, you are permitted to download various free publications of translations.

  1. Highlight liked passages or words.
  2. Creating personal notes.
  3. Saving important passages.
  4. Create labels for easy future retrieval.
  5. Ability to select and copy text from any translation of the book.
IOS Android

ESV Bible

One of the most colorful, affordable and intuitional applications for Bible studying. A special feature of this application is the availability of free sources such as personal reading plan, audio assistance and full admission to the ESV Global Study Bible.
Pretty interface is elaborated specifically for mobile reading. There is quick admission to the cross-links, split-screen reading, and the Novice Mode will contribute to further exploration of the word of God.
There is a feature of notification and audio interpretation. And for the sequential study of the book, follow one of the free reading plans.
Quick searching is carried out on the links, keywords, phrases. Write down your thoughts during the audition in the special personal notes.
The selection of favorite poems or passages is done in literally two clicks. Share pleasing text with your family via messages, email, Facebook, etc.

IOS Android


This application is one of the best programs for reading the Bible which is translated into many languages. Do you want to always have the handy Bible – download this application.

Key features of the app:

  1. Convenient search (on only one page you can find all the books of the Bible).
  2. You can download the Bible in a variety of foreign languages.
  3. If necessary, open 3 screens immediately. Now, you can easily compare different translations, or read a book in several languages ​​simultaneously.
  4. The dictionary is displayed on the additional screen.
  5. Adjust font, color, theme.
  6. Copy and paste any favorite passage or verse, and many other useful features.

The application also gives you the right information about how to use it in the most useful way.

IOS Android

Bible Reading Schedule

Choose a plan for the Bible reading and follow it daily!

The app allows you to track the advance and the lag from the schedule. It contains information about the reading of the program at the Theocratic Ministry School.

In the current version, there are plans to read for 1 year:


Reading books in the right location.


Reading in the order of historical events.


Reading the various parts of the Bible weekly cycle: day 1 – the Pentateuch, day 2 – history books, day 3 – the Psalms, day 4 – poetry book, day 5 – prophetic book. day 6 — Gospel, day 7 — messages.


Books are arranged in the order of completion of writing

The order of the books and the numbering of the chapters and verses correspond to translation “Holy Scriptures – New World Translation.”


Superbook Kid’s Bible, Videos and Games

Help your child to join the Bible through this educational program. All content is based on the Scriptures, so that you can compare it with the Bible materials.

An interesting feature of this application is that it contains characters from Biblical writings, also this app plunges us into the world of Biblical antiquity. Your child will be able to find answers to his concerns. A huge number of exciting visual material, dynamic videos, Biblical characters, and much more can be found in the application Superbook Bible, Video & Games. To better remember the material the child is invited to go through various quizzes. Also, you can colorize you favorite verses or passages in various colours.

Key features:

  1. Adding pictures to the text.
  2. Adjust the font, background.
  3. It is available in many languages.
  4. Easily search through the text.

IOS Android

The Holy Bible – King James Version

Study the Bible quickly and easily using the colorful app The Holy Bible. You can purchase additional popular translations of the Bible at an additional cost.
This app works offline, so you do not have to look for an Internet connection. Easy and fast search, the selection of verses, add notes, copy and paste – all this and much more are available to you in the application The Holy Bible.

  1. It works without an Internet connection.
  2. Multiple reading modes.
  3. Fast navigation through the text.
  4. Night mode for easy reading.
  5. Integration with Facebook and Twitter.
  6. Color text highlighting.
  7. Create bookmarks.
  8. Organize notes in folders.
  9. Adjust font.
  10. Domestic purchases.
  11. Synchronization with all IOS devices, etc.

IOS Android


Bible Daily Verses & Devotions

Install this app and get new verse from the Bible every day on your phone! The most popular translations of the Bible are available for you.
You can share verses via Facebook, Twitter, Gmail. If you liked the poem, you can save it to favorites. For better memory, you can put a verse on the notification screen.
Quick and easy search and verification of knowledge through different quizzes. There is an audio sounding of a verse. Adjust notification packet or screen function on your own.


Blue Letter Bible

This app is a great way to learn the Bible. Feel the word of God immersed in more than 30 Bible translations. Also, you will find an audio version of the book, audio commentaries, various dictionaries, an advanced search engine for words and much more. You will be surprised with rich color themes, different fonts, automatic scrolling and the ability to view several versions of the translation simultaneously. Create notes, highlight the necessary fragments, emphasize important thoughts!

IOS Android

The Study Bible

This app is a great tool for understanding and sharing God’s word. The application is characterized by the presence of the English standard version of the translation (ESV), the new American standard (NAS) and the texts of the King James Bible (KJV). Thanks to this, you can access the archive of Grace’s sermons, including the entire New Testament and some parts of the Old.
Main features:

  1. It is possible to read or listen to the scriptures.
  2. The numbers of the verses can be hidden or shown to improve reading.
  3. See how John MacArthur answers the questions of the Bible.
  4. Possibility of highlighting of the important passages, creating notes.
  5. Synchronize your data on all your devices.
  6. There is a textbook and articles.
IOS Android

Bible Quiz 3D

By downloading this app, you can answer all questions about the Bible in a playful way and thus feel the love of God and become a true believer.
The main mission of the game – to become the first priest who will baptize all unbelievers. Children will be pleased to answer questions about the biblical characters and stories, learn a lot about their religion.
In the game you will find many tips, traps for opponents, you will be able to collect tokens to speed up the game, a lot of interesting achievements and a list of the best players are also waiting for you!
Test your knowledge of the Bible in a fun way. Along with this educational game you will learn many new and interesting things!

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