12 Best car sharing apps for Android & iOS

A smartphone can become a guide, concierge, navigator, and generally an indispensable assistant.

We have collected for you an excellent twelve of really useful and valuable applications that will become excellent assistance in matters related to car rental or if you need to get to any place by car.


Uber service works through a mobile application that replaced the usual search for a taxi. The services of this company are available worldwide.

About Uber

You no longer have to remember the phone numbers of the taxi, with the Uber service it is enough to download the application once to your smartphone and you can order the car at a convenient point on the map. The application is downloaded from the App Store, Google Play depending on the operating system of your phone. Then you need to register. You can perform not only in the role of a client but also become a driver in a company under certain conditions.

Order a car

You only need a few seconds to call the car. The service operates without dispatching and without the need to call anywhere. On the GPS signal of your mobile device, the Uber application itself will determine where the request came from and find the car in the nearest radius. Thus, you will be taken to absolutely anywhere, even if for some reason you do not know the address of the place where you are. Immediately after determining the location, “Uber” gives you information about the owner of the ordered car. If desired, he can call or send a message.

Prices and tariffs

When specifying the starting and ending points of the route, Uber tentatively calculates the cost of the trip. It is very convenient and without unpleasant surprises. Payment is made by bank card or in cash. In case of payment by bank card, the money is automatically withdrawn upon arrival. If you are traveling with friends who have accounts in the Uber, you can divide the cost of the trip.

Travel Quality Assessment

Urban is focused on the continuous improvement of the quality of services. Therefore, both the passenger and the driver leave each other feedback from the trip, which directly affects the rating. A low rating for a driver means lower earnings, and a lower rating for a passenger is the risk that the driver may refuse to carry it. Also, when a certain level is reached, both the passenger and the driver can be blocked from the services of Uber.

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The company is Uber’s main competitor. The territory on which cars with pink mustaches are located – is more than 60 cities. The company pays close attention to safety – drivers provide not only the rights but also a certificate from the DMV motor transport department, their autobiography, requests information about the existence of a criminal record and any offenses. The interface of the application is similar to the program from Uber – you can see information about the driver and the movement of the car. According to the research, the waiting time of the Lyft machines is a few seconds slower than waiting for the car from Uber. There are 3 price categories – Lyft, Lyft Premier, and Lyft Line. And if your company consists of 6 people or more, then order Lyft Plus.

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The car, of course, has long ceased to be associated with luxury. Such speculation remained only with respect to some models but this is not an indicator. Nevertheless, most often without it at all cannot do. The issue of car rental rises especially when we are abroad. But many are afraid that all this is too complicated and expensive. But it’s not so, Avis will be able to prove the opposite, including using its application.

First of all, it’s important to note that Avis is one of the world’s leading car rental companies. Most likely, you saw their sign or sticker on cars, while abroad.

With Avis, you can book a car you like at any of the 5,750 rental locations in 165 countries around the world. The

booking process will take you a few minutes – it’s very simple. But the most pleasant thing about this is that when you make your order with this application, you will receive a 5% discount.

The application is not overloaded with unnecessary sections – everything is only the most necessary. And the main thing here is the ability to determine your location, and then find on the same map the nearest Avis offices where you can rent a car. Very convenient when you need to rent a car in an unknown city.

If you do not need such an urgent option, you can first calculate the cost of rent. In this case, you will need to specify a bit of information, for example, the city, the dates, and time of receipt/return of the car.

Select and rent a car in Europe or the US, as in any other place, using the application is very easy. Having specified the necessary information, the application will offer you affordable variants of cars of different price segments. You can rent a small and economical car, as well as a business-class car and minivan. It all depends on your wishes and financial possibilities.

For an additional fee, a rented car can be equipped with a navigator or a child seat. Then it will only be necessary to indicate your contact information and, after pressing a special button, the car will be reserved for you. You can safely come and take it at the specified date and time.

To simplify the booking procedure for regular Avis customers, the application automatically saves all the details of the reservations, making the subsequent times even faster.

The Avis application is an excellent tool for car booking, wherever located. You can always book a car in advance or, finding the nearest Avis office and visiting it personally, rent a car directly on the spot. But, of course, through the application make it more convenient and more profitable: recall, with his help you can get a 5% discount – very decent for such costs.

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92 percent of the time, private cars are idle but could bring profit to their owners. Getaround allows you to turn in or take off the car for a while from each other with the help of the service. You are going on vacation or just want to turn in your car and earn some money or you need a car for several hours, no problems.

Through the site or mobile application Getaround, a car at an affordable price can be found in your city, at the right time for you, from an hour to a week or more. Renting a car per hour, depending on the car brand and the owner’s greed, can cost $ 6 or $ 75 per hour. Strongly overestimate the prices of landlords do not make sense because there are many offers, the service is popular.

The important point is the fact that the rental price includes insurance against any accidents and damage to the car, as well as round the clock technical assistance on the roads. With such a service, there may soon be no need for car rental companies. Why pay extra money, you can take cheaper and faster.

For those who want to surrender their car, all conditions are created, the fee for using the service is taken from the tenants. Getaround employees come to the landlord, check the car, park it in the center of your city, take pictures and place the database of the service.

So-called Getaround Carkit is installed in the machine, there is a GPS transmitter and a special protection against theft. Tenants get access to the car through the phone application only for the time of the paid rent.

Every two weeks, the car undergoes technical inspection and cleaning. If you rent a car for a long time, you will receive a monthly usage report and payments for the arena of your car.

After the application for the car is received, the owner receives full information about the tenant, and you decide whether to hand him the car or not. In this case, Getaround pre-checks the prospective tenant to exclude cases of theft of cars.

The application Getaround has built-in social networking features, there you can chat and leave feedback. It’s a great business idea, is not it?


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Certainly, many car owners and car lovers who flew to another country, often asked themselves the question: where can I rent a car to move around the city on my own? And if the trip is business, then your car is especially necessary. In such a situation, a specially developed mobile application called SixT will come to the rescue. To rent a car has never been so easy! Together with SixT, you can easily book a car with only a mobile phone!

Book minibuses, trucks, and simple cars in one application! Like many tourist applications, SixT begins its work with determining your location in order to immediately offer the nearest rental locations. You can set a quick search using filters. Then enter the desired date of the first and last day of booking a car.

All offered cars are presented with photos and detailed characteristics: brand, model, color, electric drive equipment, mileage, type of transmission. Create an account with your contact information and other information. When all the required operations are completed, book the car in just one click!

The SixT application is equipped with a simple and intuitive menu where you can choose the type of armored transport, access your customer center, and also read the privacy policy. Very soon in SixT there will be a section with special offers. Do you want to know what proposals are being discussed? Then you just need to download this unique application to be aware of.


  • Uniqueness.
  • Multilingualism.
  • Tracking your reservation.
  • Available for both iOS and Android.


  • Not seen.

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Long dreamed of making a trip by car but do not have a personal car? Or you broke the car but urgently you need to go somewhere but there is no time to call a taxi? Or maybe you do not like walking and prefer to explore the sights and at the same time enjoy a fast ride? With Europcar, these problems are solved easily! You can quickly place an order and find all the necessary information about the selected car directly in the application (the rental stations are located in more than 100 countries of the world: from Russia to Japan).

How does this service work?

Run the application, click on “Make a booking”, a list of cars appears, which is divided into categories (depending on the class): “Standard”, “Premium”, “Special” and “Van/Truck”. Have you chosen a car? Click on it to get the necessary information: technical specifications, price for rental, as well as additional services that are already included in the rental price (for example, unlimited mileage, collision damage compensation, VAT).

Europcar contains several other useful features that will assist you while searching for a car:

  1. A review of all car rental rates and conditions.
  2. Special prices for prepayment by credit card.
  3. Selection of additional services, such as a navigation system, child seats, etc.
  4. The ability to view, change or cancel the booking.

Prepare to say goodbye to the routine of everyday life and just be ready to hit the road with Europcar!


  • Convenient and simple use.
  • Intuitive interface.


  • None.

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Discover a new way to save money on international crossings with the free mobile application BlaBlaCar! BlaBlaCar unites drivers and passengers who are on the way. This application can safely be called the world’s largest community of fellow travelers. Now you can join this social network №1!

BlaBlaCar collects drivers with free seats in cars with passengers moving in the same direction in one place. That is, you can both find a trip, and offer your own. Simply select the desired section in the menu. In a company with reliable fellow travelers, getting to the right place will be several times more fun, and at the same time considerable saving.

The BlaBlaCar application opens access to hundreds of offers from car owners, each of which has all the necessary information in the profile. The brand of the car, the fare, the number of available seats, as well as personal, and most importantly, verified information about the driver and contacts on which it can be contacted.

If you yourself own the car and want to share vacant seats and look for a fellow traveler, then simply register in the application and create your own offers! The calculator will automatically calculate the recommended price, corresponding to the driver’s expenses for the trip. By the way, the fact that in BlaBlaCar you can register using your Facebook page is a huge plus. But you can also create a profile via mail.

Ease of use BlaBlaCar provides an opportunity to easily organize joint trips with interesting and, not least, reliable fellow travelers. BlaBlaCar is equipped with features such as Call-to-Buddy directly through the application, reviews, messaging system, and, of course, a map where you can view the desired route. Do long-distance travel across Europe simple thanks to BlaBlaCar, and let them bring you pleasure!


  • Multilingualism.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Available for iOS and Android.


  • Not seen.

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Zipcar is an excellent example of a car rental business that holds market share and successfully launched its own application.

Unlike services like Uber, which strongly depend on their popularity among potential drivers, Zipcar owns its own fleet of cars that it leases. Machines of Zipcar can be used in the city and beyond its borders.

Using the Zipcar application, you can:

  1. Find affordable cars parked nearby.
  2. Reserve cars.
  3. Sign the signal with a horn to detect a reserved car.
  4. Get information on how to get to your Zipcar car.
  5. Contact support if you need help.

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The Car2go service provides access to more than 13,500 transport in 30 cities around the world, involving New York, Vancouver, Berlin, and Rome. Car2go is a one-way car exchange service that permits you to take away a car at the nearest location in the city and leave it at your destination. There is no necessity to make an order, not to return the car to where you took it or to bother about expenses. Fuel/charging, insurance, and parking are introduced in the cost.

With the Car2go application, you are able to discover and get an access to the nearest affordable Car2go vehicle, and in addition:

  1. Preview all transport affordable for the usage in your city and around the world.
  2. Important information about the transport, involving the indicative address of the Car2go and the fuel gauge/charging status.
  3. Book a car 30 minutes before the journey.
  4. Automatic targeting of the nearest car of Car2go.
  5. Unblock the Car2go with your smartphone.
  6. Preview all Car2Go parking spots for each city.
  7. Preview rental history, involving the address of departure and destination and the cost of each journey.
  8. A radar function that sends notifications when an affordable Car2go car is nearby.

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DriveNow is a joint venture between BMW and SIXT, which provides services for the joint use of cars.

The car search is performed using the DriveNow service navigation. In the DriveNow sharing application, there are filters that allow the customer to find not only the nearest machine but also to select a certain model of the car and see it on the map.

You can book a car from a mobile application or from the site for 15 minutes. For quick search of the booked car, there is a function “blinking”. With the help of a mobile application, the client can send a signal to the reserved car to turn on the alarm for a few seconds. Thus, the user can quickly find the machine. Opening the car can be implemented in two ways: using a mobile application or by bringing a plastic ID card to the indicator on the windshield.

At each visit the customer pays the car insurance, which is included in the minimum trip charge. If during the trip the user violates the rules of the road, he gets into an accident or parks in a prohibited place – the client is responsible for such cases.


  • Leading position in the market.
  • Production of cars by a partner company.
  • Availability of a cloud platform.
  • A wide range of cars.
  • A large number of cars.
  • Good image of DriveNow.


  • None.



The car is rented by someone who wants to park their car in the garage.

Service IzzyRent, providing the possibility of convenient car rental anywhere in the world via the Internet, has released free applications for mobile devices, allowing you to quickly search and book cars in many fears. On many major tourist destinations, including Germany, the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, and the USA, car rental offers are available at a discount.

The program allows you to easily compare the price level and book a car directly from your smartphone.

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Auto Europe

Why limit yourself? With the new mobile application from Auto Europe, you can quickly and reliably carry out a car booking wherever you are. To your choice, there are more than 8000 points of hire in 135 countries of the world. Throughout the world, Auto Europe has earned the confidence of customers through the provision of rental cars at low prices with impeccable quality of service. Now it’s all on your mobile. From booking a car on the website, to a quick procedure for getting and renting a car – the company tries to simplify every aspect of car rental. Download the free mobile application from Auto Europe and discover a new world of car rental.

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