11 Best drinking games for Zoom conferences

Do you miss your friends? Contact them using Zoom. This is a great app for online communication. The distance will seem inconspicuous to you. Drink games to make your Zoom conference fun and memorable. There are many drinking games for fun parties.

You can try them out at the Zoom Conference. Stock up on your favorite alcoholic drinks. Gather your team together in the Zoom and start a fun conversation. We have selected the best drinker games for alcohol lovers on this list. Create a unique booze-fueled night.

Power Hour

This game will test your resistance to alcohol. Each player needs to drink a certain number of shots. The rules of the game are very simple, so it can be played even at the Zoom Conference. Select the number of shots and the amount of time for a drink.

Complicate the game by increasing the degree of alcoholic drink with each shot. This is a challenging game mode that will bring you a lot of fun and relaxation.

Try to drink as many shots as you can. You will notice that the more you drink the more fun your conversation. Since you drink shots often, you get drunk faster. This game is worth your attention if you want to have an online party with your old friends.

Power Hour

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Three Man

Dice is required for this drinking game. If you don’t have them, use the online sites. You need at least 3 people to play the three-man game. The rules of this game aren’t very complicated.

First, randomly select a person with the title of Three Man. Roll dice. If you get the number three, then everyone should drink. If the number 7 falls, then the person on the left should drink.

If the number 9 falls, then the person on the right should drink. If the number 11 falls, then you should drink. When a double falls out, then special actions begin.

This game is interesting because it has excitement. It all depends on the dice. The game has no time limit. You can play it until you run out of booze.

Three Man


Turn your conversations into an interesting game. This game will let you know all the secrets of your friends. Prepare different drinks. The players alternately say NEVER HAVE I EVER and add any ending of the sentence.

If you did, you drink shots. Ask what you always wanted to know from your buddies. You will be able to recognize the crash of your friends or what they did not tell anyone. Alcohol will help you in this game. You can relax and have fun.

If you plan to play this game at the next Zoom conference, then prepare questions in advance. This will help you not to slow down during the game.



This cool drinking game will make any Zoom conference informative and fun. Choose your favorite alcoholic drinks. The rules of the game are as easy. You need to name celebrities in turn.

The main rule is that the name of the new celebrity should begin with the last letter of the previous one. This is more common than it sounds. Especially when you drank a lot of alcohol.

Compete in celebrity knowledge. You can also chat on your favorite topics in parallel with the game. You are lucky if you are interested in cinema or singing. You will know a lot of celebrities.Celebrity


This game has many names. You could hear the donut, the ring of fire, and even the circle of death. Almost all of us play this game in college. This game is great for online parties. You will need a pack of cards.

You can use online resources. Each player draws a card. If an Ace falls, then each player must drink at the same time. If Two falls, then you give two drinks to any player. If Three falls, then you must drink.

If Four falls out, then the person who last touches the floor drinks. If Five falls, then you need to choose special options for action. If Six is ​​dropped, then only girls or guys drink.

If Seven falls, then the person drinks, who will be the last to raise his hand. If Eight falls, then you need to choose a person who will always drink at the same time as you.

If Nine drops out, then you must say the words, other players must pick up the rhyme for the word. If you don’t find a rhyme, you drink. If Ten falls out, then select a category.

If Jack falls, then everyone should drink. If the Queen falls, then feel free to ask questions. If the King falls, then this move is called the King’s Cup. These simple rules let you have fun playing this game.


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This fun game will help you understand how well friends know you. The number of players is not limited. You won’t feel the distance thanks to Zoom. Select the judge who will read the cards.

You can find many interesting cards on websites. Other players carefully listen to the judge and tag of one person, which is mentioned in the card. This person should have a drink.

Tags can be based on past stories, personal impressions, or facts from a person’s life. You can argue proving your point.

You can also change the rules. A big plus of this game is the ability to get to know your friends better and strengthen friendships.


Around the world

This is a great guessing game for funny Zoom conferences. You can test your luck and knowledge. Become a winner. All you need is delicious booze and cards. The rules are very simple.

You need to get 4 cards from the deck. Other players have to guess the card. They must guess the cards in a certain order. You need to guess the color of the first card (red or black).

Then, you need to guess if the second card higher or lower than the first one. The next guess is whether the third card is between the first two. The most difficult thing is to guess the suit of the fourth card.

If a player guesses incorrectly, then he or she drinks. You will know all about your intuition.

Around the world


Each of us at least once plays the battleship. This is a game on a military theme that is familiar to all of us. The rules of the game are very simple. Place your warships on a drawn sheet and smash your opponent’s warships.

There are several types of warships such as Carrier, which has five parts, Battleship, which has four parts, Cruiser, which has three parts, Submarine, which has three parts, Destroyer, which has two parts.

You can play that game with the whole company. If someone shot at your ship, you must drink. This game is easy to adapt to Zoom Conference. You can also use online resources for the game.

Try different game modes. You can talk during the game and discuss different issues. You can also have a themed online party in a marine style. This game is perfect for this occasion.


Two truths and one lie

Do you want to know your friends better? This game will help you do this. Gather a fun group of friends at Zoom and get a drink. Your task is to name three judgments about you, one of which is incorrect.

Other players must guess which judgment is wrong. If the player is mistaken he or she must drink. A person remains sober who knows his friends well.

You can make judgments in advance and write them down in the notes of your smartphone. This game has no time and player limits. The most important thing is to come up with judgments that can confuse your friends.

Two truths and one lie

Drunk pirate

This game has a website. You can check it out here. Before playing, you need to read three simple rules such as age limits, responsibility, and site rules. The website has a very nice design with an intuitive window layout.

There is nothing complicated in this game. The website will generate a random card with a dare for you. You need to accomplish it. The host needs to share the screen with the other players.

If it falls dare to touch the nose, then the person who makes it last should drink. You will have fun. Zoom helps reduce the distance between you and your friends. The drunker you get, the more fun the dares seem.

Netflix Party

Netflix party is a new way to watch your favorite movies with your friends. Prepare drinks and snacks. More than 100 thousand people have already tried this way. Install the Netflix party on your computer and add it to Chrom.

Select the movie or show you want to watch. Create your party and share it with your friends using the link. Join the Zoom Conference so you can discuss the film and drink.

You will get access to thousands of films in HD quality. Enjoy watching your favorite movies with friends.

The weekend is coming soon? Have a horror movie night marathon. Watch scary movies with your friends in real-time. You can also discuss the film and just have fun.

Netflix Party

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Quarantine isn’t an obstacle for meeting friends, because it can be done online using Zoom. Use this list of drinking games to create a fun atmosphere at your online party.


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