11 Best Indie Games Made in 2020 (Android & iOS)

Every day people are trying to find new entertainment for themselves by exploring more and more different categories of games. Before proceeding to their review, we suggest that you find out what this genre is all about.

Indie Games are games that were created by independent developers, without the support of large organizations and companies. Sometimes they can be completely created by just one person, who is really interested in creating a unique and non-commercial product.

Mostly the indie studios have only a few people, who together create something new and interesting for users.

Most indie games have something unique in them: probably, beautiful and interesting graphics, plot, unusual gameplay, and crazy ideas realized. Due to the fact that the development is not sponsored, these games are rarely very popular and you could simply not even hear about them. You may be interested in 11 Free low MB games for Android & iOS.

To correct this misunderstanding, we offer you to find out about 11 Best Indie Games Made in 2020 – maybe you will even download some of them.

Sandship: Crafting Factory

Sandship Crafting FactorySandship is an interesting game, that was released in March 2020. It represents your mobile factory, that you need to manage completely. In the story the ancient race of Engineers disappeared because of a mysterious event, leaving all the research and technology.

You will have to continue their work, manage your own factory, build facilities, extract resources for this, and even solve what the Engineers did. There are also the main characters, and the general style of graphics, as well as artificial intelligence.

It is quite logical that the more different units you build and install in the factory, the higher their productivity will be. In addition to the development of the company itself, in Sandship there are thematic quests and tasks, performing in which you can solve the mysteries of the missing race.

You have your own tutor Harvey, who will tell you what to do next. In addition to the basic game mechanics, related to the extraction of resources, you will solve puzzles. To develop the game itself, you will be able to create your own tasks for other players.

Sandship Crafting Factory1 Sandship Crafting Factory2


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Chick Hell: Free Chicken Shooter

Chick Hell Free Chicken ShooterPixel games remain popular in our time, as their graphics are similar to the old games for consoles. Chick Hell is made in this style, so you can immerse yourself in 8-bit games of your childhood or feel the atmosphere.

Of course, there is a story here: you are the farmer who wants to kill all the chickens in the world. It may sound a little strange, but it’s a fact: you have to destroy the birds using different weapons.

Things aren’t that simple at Chick Hell. The chickens won’t run towards you, towards death. You’ll find that some of them are zombies or robots, and it’s much harder to fight them than ordinary birds.

So you will need to improve your weapons, kill as many common chickens as possible, and earn points for your own improvements with this.

In Chick Hell, you can also add additional skills to the farmer or upgrade the ones he already has, so you can increase the damage from any blow or shot. Show them they’re really in hell!

Chick Hell Free Chicken Shooter1 Chick Hell Free Chicken Shooter2


Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Totally Reliable Delivery ServiceThe Totally Reliable Delivery Service caused a sensation among the players some time ago. Initially, the game was released exclusively for computers and consoles, but in 2020 the developers presented the mobile version.

Here you will be engaged in parcel delivery, which is to become a courier. But it is not that simple – on the way, there will be different difficulties and obstacles that need to be overcome together with the parcel. Totally Reliable Delivery Service is an interactive sandbox, in which you get different tasks.

The game gives you the opportunity to choose: you can both play with other users on the network, and do the delivery yourself. Together with friends in Totally Reliable Delivery Service, you can organize a whole courier company, checking how well you can work together.

Remember that each package must reach the recipient at any cost – and in the game, you will have many cases when you have to overcome the laws of physics.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service1


Rocky Rampage: Wreck ’em Up

Rocky Rampage Wreck 'em UpOne of the most popular genres among users is simple arcades. In these games, you can distract and relax from everyday routine, plunging into the game world.

In Rocky Rampage you will have to be the cobblestone that takes away enemies and fights with bosses. Don’t expect high difficulty or unexpected plot twists.

On the screen, during the game, there will be constantly something happening that will drag the user. In this case, you perform short sessions of the game, which will not take too much time from your break.

In the story of the game, the Queen of the Kingdom of Scissors has stolen your personal collection of pants. Surprisingly, the cobblestones wear pants, but you still have to steal them and escape from the pursuit.

Your enemies in Rocky Rampage are the Queen’s subjects, and you will destroy them. In order to earn as many points and win, you can use boosters or improve your hero’s strength. Only this way you will be able to get to the cherished pants.

Rocky Rampage Wreck 'em Up1


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LevelheadAt first glance, Levelhead may seem like an ordinary platform that has no particularly interesting details. In fact, here you can even play together with your friends, exploring the world and universe of the game.

In the process of exploration you will find various objects and resources, that will help you to reach your goal more quickly. With their help in Levelhead you will be able to create incredible and incomprehensible objects that will help you to deliver packages.

One of the key features in Levelhead is that players can create different levels themselves. For example, by playing online, you can create a unique task for your friends, passing which they will have a great time.

You can also see leaders in Levelhead, to which people subscribe while waiting for new levels. However, you can also enjoy the process yourself: you have a robot supplier at your disposal who needs to be trained in everything. You will jump, shoot and try to pass the level as soon as possible, with the best result.



Cookies Must Die

Cookies Must DieCookies Must Die is an attractive new mobile game that can bring you positive emotions. The point is that you will not fight with some abstract monsters, dinosaurs, and vampires, but with cookies.

You have a character with unique abilities – his name is Jack. In the story, he is a secret agent endowed with incredible skills by scientists and researchers. Your mission is to destroy the cookies, which are going to take over the entire Earth with an evil plan.

In addition to cookies, you will be opposed to other sweets – deadly jelly, evil sweets, and even marmalade. You need to fight them with special weapons, which you can change or improve during the game.

It is also worth mentioning that Cookies Must Die also have Bosses, who will be able to fight with them and open new opportunities. Also, the game has strange and unusual gameplay, that you will be able to get used to only with the time and during the game.

Cookies Must Die1


Bubble Tale – Bunny Quest

Bubble Tale - Bunny QuestBubble Tale is another retro-style game created in the platformer genre. Here you go to the world of retro pixels, that has a unique and absolutely charming creature. This is the character that you will play for.

Bubble Tale offers you to create bubbles and jump, protecting other unique creatures. The created bubbles will help you to overcome the traps, and also to defeat enemies or villains that will be encountered in the game.

There are three different worlds in Bubble Tale, and each of them is unique and unusual. The control in each of them is intuitive for everyone, and you will just need to adapt to it. The world contains 30 different levels, but if you think that it is too little, you will be mistaken.

In Bubble Tale on one level, your hero has only 3 lives, and it is incredibly easy to lose them. After these lives you need to start the level again, trying to pass it again and again. You will meet the bosses, look for the items, and earn new awards in your piggy bank.

Bubble Tale - Bunny Quest1


Hidden Through Time

Hidden Through TimeAre you attentive in games? If so, how confident are you that you can see everything, even the smallest details? In Hidden Through Time, you are asked to check if you are really attentive and confident in your skills.

The game offers you a lot of attentiveness puzzles, in which you will look for items or their smallest details. All of them will be hidden so carefully, that you will find them in the most unexpected places.

Hidden Through Time is a non-standard search for items on art maps. Each level here represents a unique picture in a special style. By the way, players can create their own levels and locations directly in the application using the map editor.

Once you have finished your own creation, you can present it in Hidden Through Time for other players. In this way, you can not only train your attention and logic but also try to do something interesting yourself.

Hidden Through Time1


Slay the Spire

Slay the SpireNot all players like to go through quests together or play in multiplayer mode. The game Slay the Spire is designed for a quiet single-player experience, where you will collect your own deck of cards, move through the levels, and fight against enemies.

Earlier the developers released the computer version of the game, which turned out to be incredibly popular. The team announced the release of the game for smartphones, so in 2020 Slay the Spire will appear on all platforms.

At the moment the game is designed exclusively for iOS. The users will have not only to gather the whole deck but also to conquer the Spire. It is rebuilt every time you start a new adventure.

In the future, the whole atmosphere changes: enemies, bosses, maps, rewards and many other things can be generated endlessly.

During each adventure in Slay the Spire you will get new powerful relics or amplifiers, as well as reveal new cards. Remember that artifacts can amplify your deck, and in the future, it will lead you to victory.

Slay the Spire1


The Curse of Zigoris

The Curse Of Zigoris1Another pixel-style platformer is The Curse of Zigoris. We think you have already noticed that indie studios love this format of games and maybe the market is already saturated with them.

Here you get not only interesting graphics but also the opportunity to plunge into the role-playing game as Eva the Witch.

All movement will be not only with simple jumps and moves forward. The developers have tried to make sure that you have to apply various tricks, as well as see the elements of parkour on your screen.

In The Curse of Zigoris there are more than 20 different levels, passing which will take you quite a long time. You’ll be able to start developing your character right away, enhancing your character’s abilities and filling them with energy.

All the tests that are on the levels are quite complex. Sometimes you will meet bosses, and it will be possible to defeat them only on the second attempt or even more difficult. The Curse of Zigoris is also interesting because all monsters and traps behave differently, and it is too difficult to predict it.

The Curse Of Zigoris


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Galaxxy Idols PV: Dress Up and Runway

Galaxxy Idols PV Dress Up and RunwayIf you are bored with all games with monsters, we would like to tell you about Galaxxy Idols PV. In fact, there are also alien invaders and battles, but everything is quite unusual and with an interesting idea.

In the game, your enemies decided to turn all stylish clothes into rags so that mankind will be left with terrible rags. In such circumstances, you have the opportunity to independently introduce new trends, as well as to compete in this with other players.

But it’s not that simple. In order to create successful combinations and be able to compete in the arena, you will need to fight against alien invaders. Galaxxy Idols PV offers to clear the city from enemies to have more access to wardrobe items and accessories.

Not only will you be a warrior fighting the invaders, but you’ll also be a true novice stylist who, in terrible conditions, is trying to collect the most stylish look available.

Galaxxy Idols PV Dress Up and Runway1 Galaxxy Idols PV Dress Up and Runway2


The biggest drawback of indie games is bad marketing and advertising. For this reason, users will not even know about the release of a new and interesting game, missing a great opportunity to have fun.

With each download you promote the game indie studios, giving them the opportunity to develop. There are different genres of games presented by us – it can be a puzzle game, shooter, journey and more.

Thanks to the quick feedback from the developers, you can directly express your wishes for the improvement of the game – thus affecting the final product. We recommend you to try these games to evaluate what developers without large companies and support are capable of.

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