11 Best Investment Apps 2020 (Android & iOS)

Investment applications can be completely different. You can use them to track the position of stocks on the market, learn how to invest, or even invest in a company yourself.

In the past, it was hard to even imagine such a thing – in order to deposit your own money and make deals, you needed special people, brokers, and the whole procedure was delayed for a long time. In the era of modern technology, investment is becoming more and more common for ordinary people.

Now you can enter the market with even minimal knowledge and investments, as well as expand your portfolio with some shares. There are many convenient applications for iOS and Android, which allow you to start your investment using only your smartphone. There are also applications that help you monitor current situation on stocks.

You no longer need a broker or advisor to make your money bring you income. We decided to consider for you 11 best and intuitive Investment Apps 2020, which will help you to start investing.

Robinhood – Investment & Trading, Commission-free

robinhoodRobinhood is one of the most popular investment applications that gives you access to the financial market. You can make your investments in stocks or funds with no fees, simply using your smartphone.

For beginners and first-time investors, Robinhood has a small introductory course. It will explain what financial markets are, how to use the stock market, and which stocks are suitable for your investment.

The application provides a set of trading tools that inform the user about market data in real-time. This means that you will be able to check every time how the stock or currency rate changes, as well as receive the latest news.

In Robinhood, the user tracks his own portfolio, can replenish it, or, conversely, sell existing assets. You can invest not only in stocks and funds but also in cryptocurrencies (bitcoins, Ethereum, and others). Get all financial information in a language you understand and make appropriate purchase decisions.

robinhood1 robinhood2


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Acorns – Invest Spare Change

acornsAcorns is another popular investment application that has been tried by over 7 million people. By paying for a subscription for just 1 dollar a month, you will be able to fully control your investments, receive regular news updates, and automatically generate profits.

By the way, registration of new users takes literally 5 minutes, after which you can start working immediately. In addition to the standard subscription with limited functionality, there are several more that allow you to dive deeper into the world of the financial market.

For example, Acorns has a separate investment account feature for children, where you can invest money for the future of your family. In the same way, you can keep a pension account or a personal current account.

You can earn on standard or bonus investments, from which you receive a certain interest. Insurance will help you protect your money even in the event of a market downturn. Still, it is worth noting that any investment has some risks.

acorns1 acorns2


Investmate – Learn to trade shares and derivatives

investmateIf you don’t understand anything about finance, we’ve found a real friend to you. Investmate is a mobile financial expert, who will tell you about all his knowledge in the field of trading and finance.

You can become not just a beginner investor, but even start getting money for your investments right away. Different courses, tests, tickets, terms, and much more can be explained to the user in one application. Investmate teaches you from the very beginning, so you won’t miss anything.

In the application, each course is designed by professionals. In the courses, you will learn what CFDs are, how to trade them, as well as learn to interpret and understand financial charts. One lesson (i.e. short training) takes a user a couple of minutes, for which you get new information.

The most convenient thing is that in Investmate the whole interface is simple and not overloaded with details – only clear and necessary information. In order to consolidate your knowledge and prove it, the application offers you to periodically pass small tests after lessons.

investmate1 investmate2


Ally Mobile

ally mobileIf you want to have all your banking and investment tasks in your pocket, the Ally Mobile application will help you do it. The whole process of data uploading, investing and tracking is completely safe.

Only you can access your data – using biometrics to log in. Ally Mobile has managed portfolios that can invest automatically, without having to take away consultation fees or the transfer itself. You can even choose the strategy that the system will invest in.

For busy people, Ally Mobile has an excellent tracking feature. You can have complete control over your budget, as the entire transaction history, transfer and enrollment history is presented here.

For some categories, you can even visualize your account to see what your money is being spent on. In Ally Mobile, you can analyze the effectiveness of your own investments, as well as prioritize them.

However, it is worth noting the security of the application. No one else but you will get access to your portfolio and information, and fraudulent transactions with this system become impossible.

ally mobile1 ally mobile2


Personal Capital

personal capitalIn case you have already invested money, you need a tool to track your personal finances. Personal Capital can become such a tool, and you no longer have to worry about the market.

All your bank accounts, pension savings, and investment portfolio will be in one handy application. This way, you can track your funds from one platform at the same time. Personal Capital is a little more than just keeping track of the market.

In separate Personal Capital tabs, you will be able to see how much money you actually have. The application collects and summarizes information about your stocks, funds, and savings, so you can see the full amount immediately.

Also, statistics are always attached by months and even years – how your savings have grown or fallen. For each of the individual funds, information is published separately.

Personal Capital does not collect or store your personal information. You can see everything on the screen, but data from your smartphone is not sent to the Internet or remote servers.

personal capital1 personal capital2


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TD Ameritrade Mobile

td ameritradeThe market is always in motion and it is difficult for an average person to foresee at what point the situation will start to change. With TD Ameritrade Mobile you will be able to monitor all changes, as well as your positions in the stock market.

In the application you can also buy stocks or deposit even more funds, trading with confidence and precision. To keep you up to date with the latest news, TD Ameritrade Mobile provides you with educational content and a selection of the latest news and economic studies.

You can use the Mobile Check Deposit to change funds and make transfers, as well as transfer funds regularly to your personal account. All streaming quotes, currency changes, economic charts are provided in real-time, so you can always trust the data presented.

To access funds, you can log in using the Face Unlock function or fingerprint sensor so that only you can use the money. Use the alert system to quickly get information about all current bargain offers.

td ameritrade1 td ameritrade2


Stockpile – Stock Trading & Investing Made Simple

stockpileStockpile is an application designed specifically for investing in stocks. You can easily learn how to not only buy stocks but also make money on them. Gold funds or crypt funds are available for purchase, but the most stable earnings can be considered as stocks.

It should be noted that Stockpile contains stocks of even the largest world companies, such as Apple or Amazon. There is no subscription fee or access to the list of shares in the application – Stockpile takes money only for the transaction.

You can even start with fractional shares without having to pay for an entire part of it. This makes the whole transaction process more accessible for ordinary people with a small budget.

The developers of Stockpile guarantee that with time and subject to regular investments your income will only grow and any profit you can withdraw to your personal bank account. In the application, you will buy and sell stocks and learn how to invest correctly.

stockpile1 stockpile2


TradeHero – CFD Social Trading

tradeheroTradeHero is a community of traders all over the world, which is designed for their communication, exchange of trading information, and much more. You can join the community even if you are a beginner.

In this way, you can easily expand your knowledge in the economy, learn how to manage your finances, and work on financial markets. All transactions can be done directly in TradeHero without using additional resources or by hiring a specialist for the transactions.

The investment starts after you deposit $50. This will provide you with free support for the platform for any trades, as well as financial security. All client funds will be in bank accounts and not in a particular account of any company.

For each transaction, you will be able to track risks and possible profits, and you can work with gold, bitcoin, currency, commodities, and much more. Get all the latest news with TradeHero to control your portfolio and follow the strategies of leading traders.

tradehero1 tradehero2


Schwab Mobile

schwabYou can manage your financial future even with a smartphone alone. With the Schwab Mobile app, you can keep track of your accounts, investments, and even sell your shares.

The developers are constantly providing users with various cutting-edge research, the latest market news, and the most useful tips for novice investors and traders.

According to statistics, most customers and users of Schwab Mobile remain satisfied with the functionality, as well as increase their own income through competent investments.

In Schwab Bank, you will be able to open a new personal account so that all your profits will go there. The card you receive from the bank is easily blocked by you in case of a risk of fraud.

You can also constantly monitor the activity of card transactions, to monitor the withdrawal and charging of funds.

It should be noted that the developers immediately warn about the absence of FDIC insurance, so all your shares or deposits have certain risks. If you don’t have the right experience, it’s best not to invest large amounts.

schwab1 schwab2


E*TRADE: Invest. Trade. Save.

etradeE*TRADE helps many novice investors simplify the whole process of investing and trading. You will have all the information you need to start making a profit or wisely invest in certain companies.

You can invest in E*TRADE in trading stocks, options, and mutual funds. The main thing is to pre-assess risks and analyze the information available in the application.

In order to enable you to assess risk, E*TRADE provides various studies and tools to identify opportunities. You can also present all your shares in the form of visual charts and graphs for a preliminary assessment.

If necessary, you can get help from real experts through E*TRADE. The application is also educational in a sense, as it provides you with the latest news and independent research – all in Bloomberg format.

It’s worth noting that E*TRADE charges a certain amount of money for transfers between accounts and withdrawals, so be careful when making transactions.

etrade1 etrade2


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Stash: Banking & Investing App

stashIf you are interested in buying stocks, funds, or investments of any amount in dollars, you may like the Stash application. Here you can do all the above, as well as receive some banking services with advantages.

This approach will save you money, and also earn. In Stash, there are several tariff plans, each of which is designed for a certain level. For beginner traders and brokers, for experienced investors and for professionals. It is always recommended to start with the simplest subscription level.

In Stash, it will be possible to organize the personal budget, and “extra” money to invest in stocks or to invest. In the application, you can buy fractional shares and bonds of any amount in dollars.

Over time, in Stash, you can become a professional in finance, as there are investment guides, financial news, and useful tips on budget and savings. All investment fees are individual and are only calculated when you have already transferred the amount.

stash1 stash2


You can start with absolutely any amount – even if you have 5 dollars left and want to make a small profit from it. In addition to applications where you can immediately transfer funds into shares, we have tried to find those that will tell you what to do.

Investment applications will be useful for big players as well as for beginner amateurs. Before you invest real money in a company, we recommend you to check its reliability – read reviews or communicate with other users.

The best investment applications are usually developed by banks or financial companies that really want to work with you.

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