Black Friday/ Cyber Sunday – Retail War


Retailers in the USA have fought year after year to gain the attention of their consumers to do their holiday shopping at their venue. It’s the tactic to witness their carefully planned strategy used before the famous “Black Friday” which lays the brick work of consumerism. The plan had been organized and triggers this critical day to target the selected consumers who needed upgrades in phones, television, appliances, beauty, home furnishings, etc. The mayhem occurs on the day after Thanksgiving, which lands on the third Friday of the November month. This generally begins at the crack of dawn with families suited to line up and wait for the doors to open.


Retailers gain the majority of their revenue during these holiday months and Black Friday is the beginning of the expenditure. They rely on this event in hopes that their campaign and plan succeeds thus revenue gained.

Consumers have planned all year, trifling through ads and notated their plan on which store they will hit first and so on. To describe the battle would appear as such.

A family has waited to upgrade in products and along the way they will scratch off gifts on their children’s lists as this day would be the best day to purchase. The blockbuster deals will be at the ultimate lowest price and their savings will be efficiently spent, therefore keeping the dollars in their community.

The pile of colorful ads that this family has received for months will bait them to visit and their day will be mapped. Each franchise will compete with opening hours and sale hours. For example, one store will only have 50 of the newest and latest flatscreen televisions for a certain price that will only be available from 6am to 11am. The lines will be long and the people will chomp at the bit to get their prize. Therefore consumers must plan to achieve their prizes accordingly and will have another opportunity to spend during cyber Monday. There is always another alternative for those who miss the opportunities.
It’s a cut throat venture because these consumers have waited all year to get this upgrade. This image will follow suit through out the remainder of the year for all departments as this tried and true routine as proven successful each year. For many families, this adventure has become part of the holiday tradition.


Consumers become competitive in cutting lines and grab tactics. Security is doubled to keep the consumers in order and somewhat behaved. News will report on altercations of mothers fighting over toys and the mayhem is real. The children and family members are used to stand in lline that generally are wrapped around buildings and many are very serious. It’s comedic with potential danger, yet the enthusiasm gives the tradition that is more self serving. It’s modern meaning that has removed the nostalgic spiritual meaning of what the holidays previously represented. At some stores, such as Walmart and other huge corporate mega stores, residents would camp out front in a make shift line to not miss the opportunity to buy buy buy. It’s become the excessive mentality that many have been conditioned to.

Media has prepared these folks in the needs and wants, therefore the battlefield begins.


Observably, they carry their plan around like a game. Money gets spent and it continues till the new year. Wrapping paper, holiday decor, fifty dollar holiday trees, lights, and food are purchased to appear festive and culturally normal in a society for all to view. It marks this years Holiday season with trends and the need to stay current. Then when it’s all over, after the new year begins, this entire routine starts all over again until the next Black Friday.

In my personal opinion, I am proud to remove myself from the battlefield of consumerism and positioned myself as a spectator among many others. I admittedly secumb to a killer price in an item that I may long for, nonetheless, I may choose the internet route to avoid the confrontational mayhem during the sale and holiday season. The push of the button seems less hectic and my item is delivered at my doorstep. Having moved away from California, I have enjoyed the saved income towards experiences and is able to travel. I have learned that things are just that much more simpler when you can step outside and observe the wheels that adds towards needless things.

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