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For those of you interested in the news or what’s going on in the world of finance, you’ve heard exactly about the Bloomberg platform. This company is one of the most important and major suppliers of financial information in the international market.

With the help of Bloomberg, you can find out how much shares or securities were worth at a certain point in the past. The company is also actively engaged in the creation of a news feed – this is the part that interests us most of all.

In addition to trading and exchange operations, Bloomberg actively distributes news and creates real loud statements. Collecting information, the agency broadcasts it not only to the Internet, but also through its specialized TV channels Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg Radio, news sites, newspapers and, of course, mobile applications.

News in apps collects all available information from other Bloomberg channels. Using them you will be able to easily learn the latest news, so we have collected 6 Bloomberg applications for you, which are also convenient to use.

Bloomberg: Market & Financial News

market and financialBloomberg: Market & Financial News is very similar in functionality to the standard Bloomberg application. With its help, you get all relevant information about the market, as well as have access to the world business news and cryptocurrency.

In this application, you get all the latest financial news, and also you will be one of the first to learn about emerging trends in the global market.

Bloomberg: Market & Financial News will be most useful for professionals in the field of finance and economics. With its help, you will always have up-to-date information about futures and stocks.

You can also add all your personal securities to your Bloomberg virtual wallet. Tracking them will be even easier!

You will also be able to view videos and recordings of Bloomberg TV broadcasts. Find out about financial news in a convenient format – videos, podcasts and radio broadcasts or brief text summaries in Bloomberg: Market & Financial News.

market and financial1 market and financial2


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Bloomberg Professional

professionalThe application is designed for Bloomberg Anywhere users, so if you don’t have a subscription to the service yet, go to the Bloomberg website and order it. If you are already using a subscription, you may find Bloomberg Professional useful.

In fact, the application gives you access to Terminal from your mobile device. Bloomberg Professional collects news and updates for you from tens of thousands of sources around the world, and also allows you to track market data and quotes in real time.

Wherever you are, with Bloomberg Professional you can place your bets and make financial transactions and communicate with important partners. This application can be described as a specialized service for financial professionals.

professional2 professional1


Bloomberg Businessweek

businessweekAnyone with a Bloomberg account can use the application worldwide and use it completely free of charge. All you need to do is login to your account and use the service with all the settings. However, if you do not have an account, you can access only a few articles per month.

Bloomberg Businessweek collects the most important business week materials for you, as well as their review and full analysis of what is happening. You get a digital version of the edition even before it’s released in printed form.

Worldwide journalists and specialists provide a unique in-depth analysis of events that have taken place over the past week, especially for Bloomberg Businessweek.

Create your own collection of articles that interest you the most and read them at the right time. Analyze the deepest stories with leading Bloomberg professionals.

businessweek2 businessweek1


Bloomberg NEF

nefSince Bloomberg is a really large company, they conduct their own research and sponsor large projects of other centers. In order to be able to fully cover all these projects, Bloomberg has a NEF service.

In this application you get access to all the company’s research. All reviews and articles you are interested in can be sent to your colleagues and friends for review, as well as saved for yourself – so you get offline access to them.

All news can be reviewed by professional analysts. Their discussions are also available in audio mode for your convenience. Projects and studies are presented in the form of a brief summary, which shows the most popular points of view and basic data.

This way you can quickly get acquainted with the news and save your research on for a more detailed study. Share the most interesting details even by email – friends who have a subscription to Bloomberg will appreciate your discovery.

nef1 nef2


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Bloomberg BWAY

bwayBloomberg BWAY is probably very different from other Bloomberg applications. It is your coordinator, who will practically guide you through the city, showing you the best places and sights.

The most important thing is that it happens in 3D! The app calculates your location and virtually demonstrates your environment. You can move around the buildings without even being inside. For example, you can easily find out what is inside the offices of Bloomberg itself.

Bloomberg BWAY includes only a few cities and countries where Bloomberg has offices – Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, USA, Beijing, Tokyo. Virtually you can visit conference halls of buildings, office rooms and even look at tables in them – and all this simply by opening the application.

If you are interested in the inner life of the largest financial company Bloomberg, we can advise you exactly Bloomberg BWAY.

bway2 bway1


We cannot deny the influence of Bloomberg on the world market. They can influence the world stock exchange, the value of shares, as well as present the latest news to consumers.

Everyone can find the most suitable way to interact with Bloomberg, as there are applications for any purpose. We hope our article helped you to understand the company’s products a little bit and now you know exactly which application you really need. Stay up to date with the latest news with Bloomberg!

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