Bluebee Pals App Review

First of all, I would like to say that the Bluebee Pals application is quite pleasant to the eye. There are no difficulties with it and everything is quite simple and clear.

The menu in the application is very primitive, we are offered a choice of character, after a training video and various games to your taste. It is also worth considering that every action in the application is voiced in a pleasant and understandable voice, so you will not have any problems, you will learn how to use the application in a matter of minutes.

Bluebee Pals1

Bluebee Pals is an application that contains several different game modes. On the main page of the application, we see a house with several rooms in which the characters of the game are located. When you click on any room, the room will be on your screen and there will be various games in this room that you can play

In the Bluebee Pals app, we can play games, read and listen to the pronunciation of texts, decorate drawings, watch funny videos, play hide-and-seek with characters, go through mazes, combine colors, and learn a lot of interesting things. It’s really funny! We can record your voice for the character and set it. There are several different animals in our selection of characters. This app is addictive!

Bluebee Pals2

The design of the application is very colorful and bright, the application causes only joy and a smile, there are no negative effects and objects that could disgust you.

Bluebee Pals includes not only entertaining games but also training. We can switch to reading mode right after the games and listen to the author read before reading. We can learn the names of colors and solve mazes or collect puzzles! The application is very good, with a lot of functions that will help you relax and learn something new, this application will bring a great effect to your child!



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