Brotherhood of Violence Ⅱ App Review

Brotherhood of Violence is a three-dimensional fighting game. The main goal of the application is to save the main character’s brother from the boss (the leader of the Assassins). On the way, you will face many interesting and challenging battles.

The fighting game has an interesting inside story, in which you, as the main character, will contest a lot of rivals while applying different fighting styles. The Brotherhood of Violence has rich graphics and exciting gameplay; it has more than 400 characters with the possibility of improving their combat skills.

Brotherhood 1

On the main screen, there are 4 buttons: Start game, Challenges, Options, and Extra content. You can adjust the graphics, controls, and sound effects.

At the start, the six styles of combat are available. You can enter the game every day: it is necessary to perform certain tests to earn special credits, to have the opportunity to buy new suits, and to open new attacks.

Brotherhood 2

Next, you need to select the difficulty of the game. In a separate section, you can customize the appearance of the character. You can also check your amount of stats and finally go to the mission.

While experiencing the application, you will enjoy the convenient controls, a large number of levels, opponents, skills, punches, and excellent gameplay. To become a winner, you will need to constantly train to make your skills better. At the end of the story, you will meet the boss, which has a multifaceted combat technique.

Brotherhood 3

A distinguishing feature of the Brotherhood of Violence is the fact that all your learned varieties of fights (with different styles of martial arts) to win, will be studied by your opponents. In addition, they will notice your mistakes and your weaknesses.

Nevertheless, remember that the main objective is Boss and his fighting techniques are unique and versatile. You will have to be unstoppable because at the stake is your brother’s life and your own.

The enjoyable features of the game are quite cheerful music, a fairly advanced character creation manager, and smooth animation of characters in different fighting styles.

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