11 Best Budgeting Apps for Personal Finance 2023

“Money rules the world,” – we all heard that phrase. Whether you agree with it or not, there is some truth in it. Money can be used to rest, to achieve your goals, to realize your desires and dreams, and simply to live in good quality. Of course, all people have different needs, demands and even more opportunities. But in any case, we all make purchases and pay the bills.

The costs vary depending on your income. If you have a small income and a small apartment, you pay less than a millionaire for your country cottage. The rest of the forced expenses – food, clothes, transport – are available to all people in varying degrees.

Sometimes even before you know it, you have spent all the money, and it is not even clear what it is for. “Why I bought it” – we often think about some trinket.

To control your budget, or just to find out what you spend the most money on, people have come up with budget planning. Expenditures are only visible if they are strictly fixed somewhere, but it is very uncomfortable to write down every spending or purchase.

To do this, the developers have created applications that will help you track where your money goes. We present you the 11 best services for controlling and planning your budget. Open Google Play or the App Store and you’ll find the app you like.

Mint: Personal Finance & Money


Mint is an application that will help you to organize your expenses in such a way that they in no case exceed your income and will clarify all your expenses in detail. Just install the app on your smartphone and you will be surprised how much you have missed.

To get started, you need to link all your debit and credit cards to your Mint account. In addition to the cards, it is worth giving you access to your accounts, deposits and investments for a complete analysis. This way, you can keep track of your investments and even get forecasts on them.

After analyzing your expenses, you can see for yourself where you can save money. Mint will offer you exclusive options for saving money that you could not have imagined. So you can afford a little more than before.


All your finances are in one place. You can track stocks and investments, monitor bank accounts and even plan payments. For example, all your mandatory expenses, such as rent, utilities or telephone charges, can be paid automatically – so you will not forget to do so. And we can remind you about manual or real life payments – just set up a notification system.

Mint keeps your credit history and bills. This way, you can view your credit rating in banks for free – just by using your smartphone. Mint will also send you an alert in case of suspicious transactions. You can also manage your account via your smartphone or you can synchronise Mint with your computer.


YNAB – Budget, Personal Finance


You Need A Budget – the name of the application. You really need to organize your spending. YNAB offers you to use the 4 main rules of the budget organization.

1 – Allocate each dollar strictly for a certain purpose; 2 – Divide large expenditures into smaller ones; 3 – Dynamically change the budget depending on the circumstances; 4 – Do not spend money as soon as you get it. Simple four rules will help you to plan your expenses more clearly.

You connect all your bank accounts and cards to the YNAB – the costs will be displayed directly on your smartphone. If you prefer to manage all your transactions in person, you can manually manage them directly through your mobile app.

You can synchronize your YNAB account on all your devices. Now you can see your statistics even from your computer. But you can go beyond your own devices. Plan your budget together with your partner and create a clear plan of joint spending in your smartphones. Now you can always make important monetary decisions together.


All money transactions are presented to you in the form of charts and graphs, so you can visualize all the information.

Use the effective rules of the YNAB and you will learn how to control your funds and save money on trifles. Sometimes you just need to download the app to your smartphone and learn how to plan your budget.


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PocketGuard: Personal Finance, Money & Budget


In case you like minimalistic modern design, try to control everything in your life, and especially expenses – you should consider PocketGuard as a financial analyzer. The application is installed directly in your smartphone that is always with you.

PocketGuard collects all your maps in one place so that you can manage them in one application. All your loans, savings and investments can also be added as a separate income item. This is done for full transparency of your welfare picture.

Even if you use different banks, the service still gives you access to debit and credit card management through yourself.

Your fixed costs or habitual expenses become leading in the list. PocketGuard analyzes how much you usually spend on this. You can use this information to plan your budget and expenses for the future – for a month or even six months in advance. You can set limits on spending on certain categories, and the application will send you notifications when you reach a certain limit.


All your invoices will be sent directly to the application and you will be able to pay them on the most advantageous offers. Save about 25% only on these offers!

All your transfers are protected by a special coding, so you do not have to worry about your financial security. PocketGuard controls your expenses, safely executes transactions and assists you in planning.


Wally Next


Do you have a better visual understanding of the information? Graphs, diagrams and digital analysis are the best expression of information for you? Then the Wally Next budget analyzer fits you better than ever!

The Wally Next brings financial stability to your life by planning and controlling costs. You are becoming more organized, so you are thinking through your purchases more carefully.

All your accounts are in one column and you can easily manage them directly from the application. International payments, transactions and currency savings are also taken into account when analyzing your wealth.


You can manage your old payments – keep track of them, remind yourself of recurring payments and set up auto-payments. The Wally Next can immediately take into account fixed costs when planning your monthly availability.


You can create a general account and manage your crowd. That is, you can create a joint account with your friends, where you can all put money together and spend it on common needs – for example, travel or shopping. In such a group there can be up to 50 people in the Wally Next – maybe you have a really big friendly company.

More than a million users use the Wally Next every day to track their well-being. The application also has paid versions. You can choose certain categories in which you want to use advanced functionality. The fee will be automatically deducted from your account and will be included in the fixed costs.


Spendee Budget & Money Tracker


Manage your accounts, currency savings and deposits directly from your smartphone. With Spendee Budget & Money Tracker you can manually manage all your debit and credit cards. You can also add cash to your total expenses.

All analysis is done with the help of full bank synchronization. It is also possible to connect PayPal, electronic wallets and foreign accounts. Spendee Budget & Money Tracker is such a modern application that even your cryptocurrency savings can be tracked. So you can view forecasts for the growth of the cryptocurrency and roughly calculate your expenses depending on it.


All your monthly expenditures are easily tracked at the end of the month – utility services, bank loans, etc. If you do not have a payment connected in advance, you can set up alerts with reminders – so you do not have to pay a penny for delay. Infographics is based on all the data you receive and visually reflects your budget.


In addition to the basic expenses you can create separate wallets for special occasions. For example, Christmas gifts require large amounts of money and you can allocate funds for them yourself. Or create a separate wallet for your family budget – and manage your general finances with your family members.

Simplify your life and save where you can! And Spendee Budget & Money Tracker will only help you achieve this goal.


Dollarbird – Personal finance calendar


Unusual design and unique functionality attracts attention immediately. This is not exactly a standard and typical cost planner.

Dollarbird is a stylized calendar where you can easily enter all your expenses and costs. The work of the application is based on the frequency of your expenses.

You keep track of all your payments by simply entering them into the financial calendar.

Yes, Dollarbird does not have any synchronization with your accounts and all records are kept in the same currency, but it is easy to use. You can classify all your expenses right away – Dollarbird has a system of smart hints based on artificial intelligence technology.


All your past transactions are sorted at once and you can make plans based on them. The application automatically builds your financial balance for the following months or even days. All the data entered into your account is also available to you from other devices.


You can also give access to your business partner or other half, so your account will be shared and you can plan your total expenses. Now you have the ability to keep your finances under control – and everything is done with Dollarbird.


Monefy – Money Manager


Have you ever thought about the fact that you cannot control your own spending? Or your expenses are often unexpected and spontaneous, and you want to end it? Then just try installing Monefy on your device.

Monefy helps you keep a complete record of your finances. Every cup of coffee, a croissant or a business lunch at a cafe should just be added to the app on your smartphone. Such tracking will help you to see the main items of your expenses and make a decision on their reduction or possible increase.

You can quickly synchronize your devices through your DropBox account and see all the cost items on each of your devices. You can also add other people’s accounts to the list of synchronized devices – also with the help of DropBox.


You can add and edit records and all changes will be instantly displayed on all devices – it is most convenient if you are not the only one interested in expenses.

All funds are tracked in one currency only. You can choose the most convenient one for you in the settings. You can also set up a widget on the desktop of your device and have quick access to additional information.


Monefy supports multiple accounts and a backup system for your cloud storage. All information about your expenses will not be lost, even if you format your smartphone.
Review your expenses over a period of time, draw conclusions and build a cost-saving strategy – Monefy will help you plan your finances for the future.


Prism Pay Bills, Money Tracker, Personal Finance


Bills are an integral part of adult life. Loans, mortgages, utility bills and rentals – we cannot reduce these expenses and have to pay them.

Prism is designed to help us control and remind us of our ongoing payments. You will be able to pay all your bills, keep track of your expenses and personal finances, and see the balance of your available funds and savings accounts.

In the smart app, you can keep track of your credit and loan repayment dates, your payment history and total amounts due. All payments can be made free of charge on a reminder day, sometimes even by special payment methods.


You will never forget to make them, because Prism will remind you. The notification system is set up by you personally. With exclusive offers, you can even save money.

Your finances and expenses are presented in the form of round charts and comprehensive analysis of all accounts. In addition to revenues, you can even track your debts, balances and credits.

Prism can even calculate a forecast for your repayment. The application also cooperates with more than 11 thousand companies, so most likely your bank or creditor is on the list of Prism’s partner companies.

All your personal information is protected by SSL encryption – payment of bills has never been so secure!


Albert: Save and Spend Smarter


In case mathematics has always been a difficult and incomprehensible science for you, so you cannot accurately calculate your own budget on your own. In such a case, Albert is the ideal application for you.

Service does not allow your money to lie idle. Albert determines all your expenses and the amount of money you can save without compromising your interests. This amount is transferred to your Albert Savings account, which is located directly in the application.

All calculations are performed by patented special algorithms, which have proven to be effective in practice. The maximum number of transfers per week is 5 and the amount can be between $5 and $30.


Basic finances will not be affected, but an impressive amount can be accumulated over a certain period of time. All your savings are insured for $250,000, so you may not have to worry about the safety of your funds. You can withdraw the reserved amount at any time.

Albert has a Genius platform, which is a financial assistant. The fee for its use is not fixed, but starting from 4 dollars per month. Specialists will always be ready to answer your questions, such as advice on how to invest or large purchases.


For saving money you get small bonuses from the application – up to $100 per year. It is a little bit, but already it is possible to consider as a pleasant bonus.

All popular funds consider the Albert application reliable, and even Forbes recommends it for use. It is worth to take into account such an authoritative opinion.


Goodbudget Budget Planner


Surveys show that most people who try to control their finances try to categorize their spending. This is usually a division of total income into parts. People save money separately for food, rent, credit, entertainment, etc. Sometimes this is very confusing and your entire financial plan has to be edited. Now with Goodbudget, the plan will become a little easier!

The app is a set of “envelopes” into which you save money for certain needs. All envelopes are thematic, just like in real life. All payments you can make only from a strictly defined envelope, which allows you to control the amount of costs.

You can stop spending and much earlier than the end of the deferred funds – this is the purpose of the application. You spend less than you planned – which means that you save.


In doing so, you get rid of the need to start envelopes in real life – all right in your smartphone. You have access to your account balances at all times.

The free version of the application includes only 10 categories of envelopes. Subscription allows you to start them unlimited number, synchronize up to 5 devices and plan all your expenses in advance. Become more organized and economical with Goodbudget.


Acorns: Invest Spare Change


In case you have ever thought about investing, you knew it was a risk. Sometimes the risk may be unjustified. To reduce the risk of losing your funds, while increasing them, Acorns was developed.

Acorns invests your funds without your participation. Money is taken from your daily purchases and is not visible when tracking costs. Specifically, these are very small amounts that have little impact on the overall picture of your financial condition.

For example, you pay around $4.21 for a snack at a café, and Acorns invests 69 cents in something useful. It will not hit your wallet, but in the future 69 cents can turn into several dollars. You can make more than 5 dollars a day just using the service – and in a few days or even a month the amount will be much more impressive.


You can make disposable investments yourself if you are interested. All money is available for withdrawal and insured for 250 thousand dollars – you do not even risk anything.

Just for 3 dollars a month you get an investment account, with a debit card, which makes all the investments for you. You can even get cashebacks from restaurants and cafes – local institutions cooperate with funds.

If you think you need huge accounts and thousands of dollars for investments, you are very wrong and Acorns will prove it to you!


Your income and expenses can change every month. But most people are still stable in their finances. If you have a steady income, a few regular expenses and stability in life – then you can find unexpected ways to save money with the help of the presented applications.

Some of them can even invest absolutely small amounts of money in something big and increase your income. All your cards are protected by encryption and even if a bank account is tied to an application, no one but you will have access to it.

Bills, salaries and expenses merge in modern life. Budget planning and expenditure control applications will only make your life easier, eliminate the need to find out where your money has gone in a month and can even teach you how to organize. Improve your financial situation with simple apps on your smartphone – you can do it right now.

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