CCProxy Software Review

CCProxy is one of the most well-known Windows proxy servers. This is a user-friendly proxy server that supports broadband, DSL, dial-up, optical fiber, satellite, ISDN, and DDN connections.

In this tool, you can also create your own proxy server and share an Internet connection within the LAN. Plus, it can act as an HTTP, mail, FTP, SOCKS, news, telnet, and HTTPS proxy server.

CCProxy is full of useful features, so let’s find out why this software is so special!


After the installation, you will get to the special window. The homepage consists of the following sections:

  • Start
  • Stop
  • Options
  • Account
  • Register
  • Monitor
  • Hide
  • Help

We have to admit that CCProxy boasts a very clear and straightforward interface. Thus, there is no need to be tech-savvy to find out how everything works there.

However, in case you face any difficulties, the developer offers you a wide range of user guides on the official website. Additionally, you can also contact responsive customer service.


CCProxy can operate as a web proxy software that allows you to view web pages, download files, send or receive e-mails via IE, Chrome, Firefox, and other web browsers. Moreover, this option will boost Internet surfing speed.

Additionally, you can use an Internet web filtering option that allows you to restrict access to inappropriate websites. This is certainly a must-

have option for employees and children. Plus, you can also monitor the users’ online time.

If you want to eliminate network traffic jams, CCProxy enables you to adjust users’ Internet surfing speed and balance the bandwidth.

As for the additional options, the program comes with excellent account management functions, Internet access control, bandwidth control, online access monitoring, access logging, bandwidth usage statistics, and so many other useful things!

To sum up, CCProxy is truly worth downloading. We have not found any significant drawbacks of this tool, so we sincerely believe that it will fully suit you!

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