4 Current Coronavirus map apps & websites

The most pressing topic for today is the spread of the coronavirus. The disease with Covid-19 attracts attention not only of specialists but also ordinary people.

Convenient applications and websites were created in connection with these events. They contain not only useful information but also special maps. They show centers of coronavirus spreading all over the world.

HealthLynked COVID-19 Tracker

HealthLynked COVID-19 TrackerA group of enthusiasts has developed a special service.

Thanks to it anyone can get acquainted with the materials about the coronavirus and track statistics on this disease.

As its creators say, this application is fundamentally different from all existing ones.

Here you can find news from all the world’s sources, dedicated not only to the distribution and description of symptoms of coronavirus.

But also to the troubles, it brings people and entire nations. There is also an online map, thanks to which you can track the dynamics and epicenters of the virus in real-time.

For the convenience of users in the test, mode launched a system of short alerts. Through it, people can instantly notify about their own status.

This will help other visitors to the resource to know if you have been deported to quarantine. You will also be able to understand which regions have citizens with suspected viruses.

HealthLynked COVID-19 Tracker screen 1 HealthLynked COVID-19 Tracker screen 2

The data is updated automatically from reliable sources. The application interface is designed so that users can instantly get all the necessary information. Besides, you can read news about the development of the pandemic.


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Coronavírus – SUS

Coronavírus - SUS logoThe authors of this app intend not only to provide uninterrupted access to information about coronavirus.

But also to support those who have already been infected or want to take all measures to ensure that the disease does not affect them.

Much can be learned from a special database. It is based on the experience of users and specialists from around the world.

The authors of this app hope that after all necessary modifications the application will give the owner of a smartphone to use it as a kind of red button.

With this application, special services will be able to learn about a new episode of infection.

The developers stressed that they do not claim to be unique, but want to give users the opportunity to influence the spread of the epidemic.

Coronavírus - SUS screen 2 Coronavírus - SUS screen 1

In a separate tab of the application, you can find a map with marked coronavirus spreading areas. It also shows the official number of infected people and possible predictions.


Coronavirus Map: Tracking the Spread of the Outbreak

coronavirus appThe map shows the spread of the Chinese coronavirus around the world in real-time. Data is entered from verified sources to help combat misinformation.

Researchers use data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization to display the spread of the disease.

The result is a dynamic map that can be used to watch the spread of 2019-nCov worldwide.

As reports become available, the map is updated to track the total number of confirmed cases, deaths and recoveries of patients.

Each red dot is the focal point of the disease, the size of which corresponds to the relative size of the outbreak. If you click on it, you can see information for the corresponding region.


Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases

coronavirus map 2Specialists have developed an interactive service with constantly updated coronavirus distribution statistics.

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering in the U.S. have created a website where you can watch in real-time the spread of coronavirus Covid-19 on the planet.

The source of information is the database of the World Health Organization and centers for disease control in China, Europe, and the United States.

The data is automatically downloaded every 15 minutes from several foreign sites that publish up-to-date infection statistics.

The purpose of the site is to provide people with up-to-date information on the spread of the virus, symptoms, and means of prevention.


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