7 Best Crossfit Apps for Android & iOS

CrossFit has conquered the fitness world. Except it is heavier than yoga. And apps keep conquering our smartphones, so we give you best CrossFit apps for Android & iOS. From workout trackers to social networks for support and motivation, you’re going to find awesome fitness apps for your phone on this list.

Pocket WOD

pocket-wodpocket-wod2 pocket-wod3

Pocket WOD is a very thoroughly designed app that gives you direct access to the official CrossFit WOD on a daily basis. You can choose any WOD and add it to your personal calendar so that you can make up a schedule. With the chosen exercises you can have complete with video demonstrations so that you know exactly how to perform them down to an inch. Naturally, this app comes complete with a variety of timers so that you can tie yourself to a strict workout schedule that will give you the most per workout.

Get Pocket WOD free for Android here Get Pocket WOD free for iOS here

Chronic – A Workout Timer

chronic chronic2 chronic3

More on the timing side of things because completing sessions, exercises, and entire workouts within a set time is important for achieving the desired results. This app, obviously, helps accomplish all of that. Besides, you can use it to time your rest periods. Basically, this app is versatile enough to be used for any type of timed training or workout. It’s easy to glimpse at the timer, use the app and track your runs. Chronic has a really cool text-to-speech function. But integration with Health app and Activity Rings apps and a 3D touch support are what makes this app cutting edge. This is truly a great tool for fitness people everywhere.

Get Chronic free for iOS here

Virtual Trainer PRO By Virtual Trainer

virtual-trainer virtual-trainer2 virtual-trainer3 virtual-trainer4

This app is promoted as having a personal trainer in your pocket. You don’t question that after you download and try it out. The video instructions are straight-up clear and even beginners can understand them. You have the good old option to choose pre-designed workouts so you know that they work. For the next level users, there is a way more advanced option to create your own workouts by dragging and dropping any of the 700+ exercises. If you are feeling nosy a third option allows to check out workout plans by other users. The app is free but you will need to pay for one of the subscriptions to get full access to all of its features and functions. This app targets every major type of exercise or workout from bodyweight exercises to CrossFit and advanced TRX.

Get Virtual Trainer PRO free for iOS here

Beyond the Whiteboard

beyond-the-whiteboard2 beyond-the-whiteboard3 beyond-the-whiteboard4

Beyond the Whiteboard is a simpler app. It just helps you log, plan, and analyze your workouts. You can also post your results and create your own workouts. Tracking your meals and body fat is available as well. You can do a bit of a comparative study as well if you check out how you rank with other CrossFitters. There’s a site-wide results section that lets you do that as well. The app also lets you find what your 1, 3, 5, or 10 rep max on lifts should ideally be. You can analyze to see which ones are your strengths and which ones you need to work on. You are able to keep your info just for yourself or decide who can view what. Simply put, you can throw it out on Facebook.

Get Beyond the Whiteboard free for Android here Get Beyond the Whiteboard free for iOS here

CrossFit Games

crossfit-games crossfit-games2

This one is the official app of the CrossFit Games. With this app, you can see the workouts, submit your scores, and track your ranking. There are different levels to make it easier on you: worldwide, regional, team or masters levels. First, it defaults to your rank and allows you to share your achievements with your friends. The user can personalize the alerts reminding  to submit scores. Another alert lets you know when the live events are streaming. Here is a great feature: CrossFit Games allows you to view the live events within the app itself. Unfortunately, Android version is not as good as iOS one.

Get CrossFit Games free for iOS here

Crossfit WOD Log


One more app that tracks your PRs, WODs, and easily shares that data with your friends. WOD log comes with a whole log of features too which we can generally call “Manage your personal records and make them less personal using your Box, Facebook, Twitter or Google+”. 150 pre-designed WODs will not make your creative side sweat. But this app is definitely less popular than other apps on this list.

Get Crossfit WOD Log free for Android here Get Crossfit WOD Log free for iOS here


wodster wodster2 wodster3

WODster works only with Android. On your Android gadget, this app will let you choose from an ocean of WOD benchmarks. You can show off your experience and write your own WODs or just attach photos to your superior to humanity results. Custom timers are here as well: countdown, TABATA, and stopwatch. Current user rating of this app is 4.7 stars. Quite good.

These are technically very good apps. But they are just apps and you should not let them decide everything about your health. Talk to trained prfessionals as well.

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