9 Free Cutout Background Photo Apps for Android & iOS

There are times that your photo’s background is unattractive. You may need to cut off some objects from your favorite photos. This could even ruin the whole shot. So in that case, you have to find a tool that will help you perfectly separate and remove the background from an image.

Fortunately, you can rely on these easy to access apps to cut out the background. We’ve listed the best cutout background photo apps below.

Apowersoft Background Eraser

Apowersoft Background Eraser logoApowersoft BG Remover is one of the best applications for detailed editing of any photos.

You can automatically remove the background from an image.

The only thing you have to do is upload your image and in an instant, you can have a transparent background photo.

Besides, you can also change the background of the photo with built-in colors, templates, or your own image.

Apowersoft Background Eraser screen 2 Apowersoft Background Eraser screen 1

It also has some basic editing features that allow you to copy, move, flip, and adjust the size of the detail. With it, you can have full control over the background of your image without the hassle.

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Background Eraser

Background Eraser logoIt is one of the best background eraser applications designed to cut out images and create a transparent background of the image.

The resulting images can also be used as stamps in other photo editing applications.

You can use it in two ways, automatically or manually.

You can also use this app to overlay photos and make good composite photos.

Background Eraser screen 1 Background Eraser screen 2

This is the most amazing app for editing your images and removing backgrounds.

Background Eraser

Background Eraser logoThis app is designed to cut out images and create transparent backgrounds.

The resulting images can be used as stamps in other applications such as photo collage.

This background removal app is designed to simply and easily remove the background from a photo.

This app removes the background in two ways. First, there is the manual eraser, which you can use to remove the background by rubbing it with your finger.

The other way is the lasso eraser, in which you erase the selected background area. It also has an automatic erase mode.

Background Eraser screen 1 Background Eraser screen 2

You can also repeat, undo, and zoom in for better results, and you can also share your creation.

Background Remover Pro

Background Remover Pro logoBackground Remover Pro is also the best tool to remove/erase background images, and it can also work as a cut and paste app with many backgrounds.

Background Remover Pro app has removal tools like an eraser, auto eraser (color remover), brush set, and so on.

This photo background removal app also contains many categories.

Such as flowers, animals, road, beach, space, sunset, patterns, and waterfall.

Background Remover Pro screen 2 Background Remover Pro screen 1

You can use it in two ways, automatically or manually.

Background Eraser

Background Eraser logoThis is a background eraser app with advanced erasing tools similar to the Magic Wand and Brush Tool.

This app has an exceptional range of soft and hard brushes as well as a red mask to see what has been erased.

With this app, you can edit images by enhancing the scaling.

It provides superior color selection accuracy with the magic wand.

Background Eraser screen 2 Background Eraser screen 1

You can undo, redo, rotate as well as share this image.

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Ultimate Background Eraser

Ultimate Background Eraser logoThere is no dearth of background eraser apps on the Play Store, and more often than not, they are identical save for some UI changes here and there.

Ultimately Background Eraser made the list because apart from the usual bells and whistles like auto mode (Magic), manual, crop, undo, offset, and a zoom feature that we saw above, it has one little trick up its sleeve.

You see, mobile phones have small screens and when you are working with your fingers, it is difficult to see where you are pressing, especially when you have large hands.

To counter this problem, the app will show a magnifying glass every time you press the screen. It is like a zoom but only works in a particular area where you are pressing your finger.

This works for both manual and auto mode. It can add text and emojis to help speak what is on your mind.

You can save the image in PNG or JPEG after you have added a new background. You can also add text and emoji after making the edit.

Ultimate Background Eraser screen 1 Ultimate Background Eraser screen 2

The app provides a better user experience and makes editing images easier and even fun. The app is free and ad-supported.

Background Eraser and Remover

Background Eraser logoWhen you install the app, it will be called Eraser and not Background Eraser and Remover.

Anyway, opening the app will present you with a familiar UI, if you have previous experience with any background eraser app.

There is a restore button that will restore the image back to the way it was, originally. There is an undo button which only works 10 steps backward.

Any changes made before that cannot be undone. When you save the image, you get an additional option to save it in PNG or JPEG format.

You cannot superimpose the edited image or in other words, cannot add a new background which kind of defeats the purpose of erasing the background.

Once again, you will have to import the image into a new app. The app is neat and ad-supported.

Background Eraser screen 1 Background Eraser screen 2

The accuracy level is still not where it should be when it comes to the auto mode, and you cannot superimpose or change the background to something else.

Touch Retouch

Touch Retouch logoLearning to work with Touch Retouch is as easy as possible.

There are only a few basic tools in the app (lasso, brush, eraser, and cloning), so you can try them out on a photo and see what happens in a couple of minutes.

The creators of the app have added built-in tutorials, which are divided into five quick tutorials.

Each tutorial explains the main tricks of a certain function of the app and clearly shows how to do this or that action.

For example, you need to remove an unnecessary object from a photo – that is, use the main feature of Touch Retouch. To do this, select the tool “Object” and select the unnecessary element of the picture.

For your convenience, and for more fine-grained work, a magnifying glass appears in the upper left corner of the screen with an enlarged object that is being edited.

This is done to capture more precisely the desired (or rather unnecessary) object, without touching the background environment.

Then press the Go button and after a couple of seconds, Touch Retouch gives a modified image with the deleted object.

The finished photo can be saved on your smartphone or in the cloud, sent via Bluetooth. Or publish in various messengers and social networks.

Touch Retouch screen 2 Touch Retouch screen 1

To do this, select the format of the picture (JPEG, PNG, TIFF), size (520 by 1040, 1040 by 2080 or 2080 by 4160), and quality (Medium-70, High-95 or Maximum) in the settings.

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PhotoLayers logoPhoto Layer is a sophisticated app designed to erase the background of an image easily.

The app gives you a quick tour of how to use the app and makes it easier to use its tools.

It has auto, magic, and manual tools to erase the background, you can use all three tools to make the process easier.

The auto tool erases all the neighboring pixels with the same color palette, it’d come in handy while erasing large chunks of solid color areas.

The Magic tool is a more refined version of the Auto tool, it identifies the edges and you can use it to erase the edge area of the subject. The manual tool can be used for finer adjustments and repairs.

PhotoLayers screen 1 PhotoLayers screen 2

After the adjustment, you can smooth out any rough edges created during background removal to make the image softer. You can then save the image to the Camera Roll and share it to your Social Media directly.

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