DaisyDisk Software Review

DaisyDisk is a disk space visualizer that helps you quickly identify problem areas on a drive and remove all unnecessary in a couple of clicks. Use it to clean my discs manually, right after the automatic cleaning of CleanMyMac X.

DaisyDisk uses the sun’s rays to represent information. This is a multi-level “pie” cut into sectors from folders and files. Clicking on any sector will take you to a lower level, with other sectors.

Each ray in the diagram is a folder or file. The larger the beam, the more data it hides.


Navigation is using both the diagram and the legend. It automatically changes depending on which sector of the diagram the cursor is currently hovering over.

The colors of the sectors are well distinguishable and do not merge into a mess. In the model and legend, only extensive files and folders displayed, and all small ones are hidden by the link You can view any object using the standard macOS method (pressing the spacebar), or deleted. All deleted items pre-entered the internal trash bin.

The App Store version does not support administrator scanning, so they cannot work with system folders and partitions to which you do not have access rights. In general, DaisyDisk is a utility for visualizing and cleaning up used disk space. In a matter of seconds, the program will show extensive files and folders that can delete (if they are no longer needed), freeing up space for new data.


The program well designed, a splendid example of how you can use infographics in applications.

When launched, the program shows a list of sections and prompts you to scan. You can scan not an entire section, but a separate, especially littered folder. Depending on the size of the partition and the power of the computer, scanning may take a couple of minutes.

The context menu of each sector of the diagram contains useful functions. Clicking on any sector will create a new diagram for you, in the center of which the selected folder will be located, and you will again divide its contents into layers and sectors.


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