Deal Hunter – Find Best Deals by FatWallet. App Review

Only three days have left after Black Friday big sale. We all are interested in your purchases and buys? Did you buy a toaster, oven or waffle iron? Or maybe you have bought a new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus for your beloved? We hope, your purchases are worth it. But should we wait for a whole year to buy things we are addicted to or observe and check all sales in searching of necessary product? I suppose, no. That’s why there are many applications that introduce you to the best deals and sales universe.

Speaking about their benefits, first of all, there are thousands of goodies, products, and offers, going on sale,  from many stores- supporters. So you will be able to choose the same product, comparing prices and best deals, from different stores. Secondly, such apps, serving up the best online deals, are very convenient in a question of using. It doesn’t matter where are you, make purchases and monitor every discount directly from your phone- wherever and whenever you want.

We hasten to please you with another valuable application, which every shopaholic will be excited by. It is Deal Hunter – Find Best Deals by FatWallet – an application that provides thousands of satisfied customers with great deals and sales every day.

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deal hunterWhat is Deal Hunter? 

It is a pretty simple app with not ordinary options. In other words, it is an online store that consists of 1700+ other stores and collects all best deals, products on sale, and special offers. Among various categories, you will exactly find something that you have wanted since 2010, maybe 🙂

Design and Layouts

As for design, there is no something extra and unnecessary. All is in the right places, in my opinion.
deal hunter

First of all, you are shown the home page or the main page. Immediately you can see some h]Hot deals, Today’s Best Deals and some goods on sale that are available only 1 day.

Icon Stores is for your favorite stores. About this feature we will talk a little bit later.

the Search icon is used for searching a product among thousands of deals that are available now. I think, there will be your cup of tea.

Me section is for your profile .





deal hunterdeal hunterIn the right top corner of  the screen, you can see a button Categories. Tap on it and you will be navigated to a  list of various products, classified by a purpose of a product.
Tap Cancel to go back to the main page.







Features and how it works

deal hunterSpeaking about its features, we have highlighted the most curious for you. First of all, it is an ability to  LIKE  a store that you like to buy in or want to buy something in the future. To like a store tap on the icon Stores and all stores that you ‘ve liked will be shown . Tap on All Stores to see every store. Get a quick access to new items in your favorite stores.

deal hunterClicking on a product, you will direct to its description, characteristics, reviews and price with a discount and without it, of course.

Tap on the icon Star if you want the app to memorize an item.

Tap on the icon near Star to share this item with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter , Whatsapp and so on.





To buy an item, choose a product you want, and tap on a button on the bottom of the screen.  You will be immediately navigated to the store of a product . After, follow the instructions, hints, and tips. And soon you will receive your thing! Everything is easy and doesn’t require any special shopping skills to make your first purchase.

That’s all! Hope this review was useful for you. Try to find only hot deals, best items and offers.


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