11 Best Employee Engagement Apps for Android & iOS

According to research, companies with engaged workers outperform those with disengaged workers by 202%. It’s no secret that a satisfied, happy, and engaged worker is more productive and more likely to stay loyal to the company for longer.

Staying connected in the workplace is an important way to foster this engagement. So, what tools can we use to improve employee engagement? The age of email is over.

Creative and innovative companies are building new mobile apps that drive employee engagement. Let’s take a look at these best employee engagement apps designed to get your employees in the loop and keep them there. Besides, to boost the productivity of your staff you can use employee attendance tracking apps.


Trello logoTrello is a service for managing projects and personal tasks. A simple, free, and flexible visual online tool for organizing the work of a team or department according to the kanban method.

Tables, emails, and electronic notebook entries are all much less convenient tools for setting tasks compared to Trello.

Letters get lost, spreadsheets don’t get updated and become obsolete, notebook entries get forgotten.

Trello’s structure consists of boards that are divided into lists with cards. Each of the boards can be allocated to specific workflows or departments.

Trello has a robust open API. A smart programmer can make his own client and customize it for almost anything. The versatility and flexibility of Trello make it one of the most comfortable case management systems for small teams.

If you properly build the structure of your company in Trello, a team of 50+ people will be able to interact with each other quite comfortably. You as a manager will be able to control key tasks and processes.

Trello screen 1 Trello screen 2

What Trello is really good at is the ability to quickly assess the progress of all major processes at once, in real-time, and on one screen.

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Asana logoAsana is a web and mobile project management application designed to help teams organize and track work.

It targets people who manage many projects simultaneously and includes task management, notifications, a client portal, collaboration tools, task assignment, and basic reporting.

Asana mobile apps are available for both iOS and Android. The software can be integrated with a variety of third-party apps such as Sunrise, Dropbox, Slack, Box, Google Drive, and Hipchat.

Asana enjoys an intuitive and interactive design. It’s great for small projects and collaboration.

Some people may find it addictive because it can seem lacking in structure compared to other project management tools. But, once you get past the learning curve, it works great as a task management application.

Asana screen 1 Asana screen 2

It makes the deeper aspects of project management a little easier, but it works great for workflow management.

Basecamp 3

Basecamp 3 logoBasecamp is an amazing app that helps the project manager and his participants keep track of their project activities anywhere in the world.

With Basecamp, you can access existing projects from your main account.

You can also add comments and discuss various issues with project team members, publish new files and documents, and access project progress.

Project navigation is on the left side of the screen. There you can view the project’s progress, schedule, profile, and access files and folders.

To access the removed features, you need to go to Explore Basecamp. There you have to click on the + sign to see all these features. You can even create new tasks in projects and add events by clicking “Create to-do list” or “Add event” respectively.

The main idea of this app is to help you make project decisions from anywhere in the world. This is the most important aspect of a project manager’s job.

Basecamp 3 screen 1 Basecamp 3 screen 2

By adding the Basecamp app, the project manager literally has a virtual office wherever he or she is located.


Podio logoPodio is a collaborative service. The first thing you see on Podio is the event feed – very close to the Liferay event feed or the social media feed.

You can easily track the most recent activity for a specific project, or for all projects, by commenting on or going to the details of a task, an event, or any other object.

Work in Podio is organized by project. Different projects can be assigned to different users.

Projects can store and manage their own set of data – contacts, tasks, calendar events, other “application” data. The set of applications in use is configured independently for each project.

Podio is not just a finished product but a platform to develop your apps that can then be used in projects. The applications to be “installed” are available in the app catalog. These include CRM, candidate management, project management, and more.

These applications can be displayed in different views (tabular, cards) and the data can be used to build reports and charts.

Podio screen 1 Podio screen 2

The Podio feature is that everything can be done quite easily and does not need any special knowledge.


Taskworld logoTaskworld is an online tool that allows you to manage tasks and projects and management to measure team performance.

This software suite is not without its mobile apps that know how to easily keep track and saturate the project with tasks and goals.

Teams can assign individual tasks and manage their processes more effectively.

Unlike other project management tools on the market, Taskworld offers its users a workspace.

Taskworld screen 1 Taskworld screen 2

There they can add comments, upload documents, get feedback, and assess performance metrics, all in one interface. This allows managers to create a workspace with transparent reporting.

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Smartsheet logoThe Smartsheet mobile app for iOS and Android allows you to access the Smartsheet data in real-time, wherever you are.

Regardless of where you are (in a meeting or on the road, for example, you can easily update the contents of an editable spreadsheet.

You can also track your progress in real-time with dashboards or fill out data collection forms.

Add photos from your smartphone, view attached files, respond to alerts, scan barcodes, update requests, and submit approvals.

The service is presented in a familiar spreadsheet shell, where file-sharing is implemented. Everything is set up to automate workflows with the addition of Gantt charts.

Smartsheet allows you to take any project management into your own hands, from time-consuming processes to lists of small tasks.

The interface itself is simple since it is presented in the form of tables. More efficiency is achieved by adapting the service to your way of working. You can attach files to projects, set up notifications, view charts, and more.

Smartsheet has also taken care of security, integration, and control. You can get started by importing files from Microsoft Project, Excel, or Google spreadsheets, or by trying one of the available templates.

Among them are templates for the sales process, task plan for an event, product launch, under project schedule or budget, task management, marketing calendar, etc.

Smartsheet screen 2 Smartsheet screen 1

On the most advanced plan, the Smartsheet service offers unlimited tables, file storage without frames, alerts, changelog, Gantt charts, mobile version, support, web forms, APIs, reports, resource and user management, single sign-on using SAML, and more.


monday.com logoMonday.com is a project management tool for both teams and single users. A tool for managing, monitoring, and sharing data with employees, partners, and customers.

It allows you to manage projects as well as individual operational or personal tasks, coordinate activities in a team and with partners.

To start working with the service you should go through the registration stage.

To do this you need to make a few steps – specify your e-mail address, the name of your organization, and select the name of the domain. Please note, if you register an account for teamwork, it is better to use your work address.

In the process of creating your work account you will be asked to state what you do and the number of employees. The registration process takes about 5 minutes.

After registration, you can invite all your team members to the common office on Monday.com. You can send invitations by filling out a form with the e-mail addresses of your colleagues. You can also do this later, though, when you create your work boards.

Once you go through all the registration steps, your workroom opens in front of you and immediately you have a choice. The service is convenient, beautiful, and intuitive. Everything you do at work, you can do here. From running personal errands and shopping to managing your company and its projects.

Ready-made board templates make your work a lot easier because they already have an elaborate logistical management algorithm for many tasks. You don’t have to reinvent anything.

The task setting process is fast and has clear and varied settings from deadlines to task completion ratings. The communication process within the team is instant, in real-time.

monday.com screen 1 monday.com screen 2

This is a tool for professional, fast decision-making, and implementation team.


Wrike logoThe Wrike app is available on Google Play and the App Store for free, as is the service itself if it is used by a team of up to four people.

For projects with more people, you will have to choose one of the plans – Professional, Business, Marketers, or Enterprise.

Note that the basic free version of Wrike is enough, for example, to work on the development of an application, a mobile game, a website, and so on.

The Wrike task and project management system dates back to 2007, so far from the IT world.

So, the service is quite mature and its creators have accumulated a wealth of experience in implementing all the necessary tools for project management.

Among Wrike’s clients are large companies such as Kaspersky Lab, Western Union, FitBit, Greenpeace, and others.

Using the Wrike app for Android and iOS, you can easily and conveniently use the project manager on your smartphone or tablet. Separately, let’s mention tablet optimization, which is important for this kind of app.

Wrike screen 1 Wrike screen 2

Wrike on Android and iOS allows you to perform almost any actions available in the web version of the service, but in an app with a convenient “native” interface.

Task & Project Management

Task & Project Management logoMeisterTask is a direct competitor to another popular project manager, Trello. It exploits the same principle of workflow organization – kanban.

For each project, you create a separate workspace where you can add columns with tasks related to it. Each column implies the current status of the task.

The classic example: you can create “In Pending”, “In Progress”, and “Completed” columns and move tasks between them depending on their status.

This approach provides a very clear control over the situation in the project.

A task is a card that can be opened with a click. When you open it, you can add a due date, timer, tags, description, list of subtasks, and attach various files.

There is also a comment block for discussing the work on the task. When you open any project, on the right side of the screen you will see a panel with two tabs: “Activity” and “Filter”.

The first one shows the activities of the project participants. The second one allows you to filter tasks by the participants they are assigned to, as well as by tags, due date, and status.

Task & Project Management screen 1 Task & Project Management screen 2

The creator of a project can add participants to it by sending invitations via email. He also controls their level of access to tasks.

In the Statistics menu, the creator sees reports and metrics with information about the progress and amount of time spent on tasks by different participants.

MeisterTask is among the most beautiful, functional, and convenient services for project management. Fans of the kanban method should definitely get acquainted with it.

If you compare MeisterTask with Trello as the closest analog, it is not easy to find a clear winner. On the whole, both services are very similar, and most of the differences between them are reduced to minor nuances.

At the same time, Trello interacts with many more services. It has been around longer, so it looks more polished than MeisterTask, which is especially noticeable in mobile apps.

Task & Project Management screen 4 Task & Project Management screen 3

But integration with mind maps, detailed statistics of work results and a built-in mechanism of time tracking you will find only in MeisterTask.

Jira Cloud by Atlassian

Jira Cloud by Atlassian logoThe JIRA Software app has the visual ability to check the team’s progress from anywhere in the world.

The new version of JIRA Software for mobile devices has the integration of the popular scrum and kanban boards.

As professionals know, they allow project managers to track task statuses and see what the current state of the project is.

Developers tried hard enough and worked on the optimization of the Android version. So, you can easily walk around the boards, knowing that every release you have at your fingertips.

It’s also worth noting and the function of tracking tasks in a single window, which is available in the section “My tasks”. You can keep track of all your activities in a simplified way.

This feature is very useful for planning your work. When you have a free minute and you have a Smartphone in “My Tasks”, you can see all the tasks that you work with and for which you need to devote time or fix urgent bugs.

If you don’t need something from this list or it’s already fixed, just delete it with just two taps on the screen.

Jira Cloud by Atlassian screen 1 Jira Cloud by Atlassian screen 2

Of course, like any mobile app of this kind, JIRA Software has handy alerts. This section of the app will help you quickly receive messages from your colleagues in the project, to be aware of the latest changes in real-time.

In the settings of this section, you can choose which messages to receive, and which not. Then, all the important projects will be at your fingertips, which the program can get from the popular service JIRA Software Cloud.

The mobile version will also allow you to exchange messages, reply to all sorts of comments, connect with other teammates, and even exchange folders and multimedia files.

There’s also the popular “Search” feature, and it can be used from any section of the app. You’ll be able to use the built-in “Spotlight” search to find the issue you want.

The search has support for JIRA Query Language (JQL) and you won’t have any trouble with character matching.

Jira Cloud by Atlassian screen 3 Jira Cloud by Atlassian screen 4

The release of JIRA Software turned out to be quite handy, quite functional and deserves to become another helper in project development.

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Airtable logoAirtable combines the familiar mobile application interface and the capabilities of a relational database.

The service is designed to simplify access to any information the user needs through the use of a proprietary database management system.

The service user can add fields to tables, use smartphone controls – such as swipes – to edit fields, search for records, create their own tables, add photos, videos, link tables with external keys, and even use the database together with colleagues or family members by tagging them in records.

The main advantage of Airtable over its competitors is its simple and easy-to-use interface.

Airtable is based on a powerful relational DBMS. Initially, the creators of the application planned to create a system for easy management of financial statements in a company.

Airtable screen 1 Airtable screen 2

Airtable has an API, which allows the service to be integrated into any organization’s own information system.

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