10 Best Employee Scheduling Apps for iOS & Android

Schedule comes first, everything else is secondary. All services, railway stations, airports, schools, the majority of jobs are working with schedules. In another case, there will be chaos and confusion. Just imagine that all trains depart random and arrive whenever they want. Or you have a lot of important tasks for today, you don’t write them down and to the end of a day, you find, that the majority of plans have not been done, including urgent report for your boss. Unpleasant situation, isn’t it ? I think, you are the same opinion. 
In a question of the importance of schedules, businessmen also can’t run their companies without plans and strategies. For work projects, you must establish a project plan and well-defined goals then set a corresponding schedule for accomplishing those goals.
As for employees, there is the same situation. Employees are an engine of the company’s heart, providing it with efficient work, achievements, and finished tasks. All these elements in a synergy make a successful company. 

We want to present a collection of 10 Best Schedule Apps for Employees for iPhone and Android, that, we hope, will help you to organize your work and tasks from managers.

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1. When I Work Scheduling

This application definately should be at the first place of the list! Why ? Because of a lot of advantages, high rank and great design.
Developers confirm that it is one of the best services for communication between employer or manager and their employees. An ability to create a unique schedule and manage it makes a working life easier and efficient. This tool has been a huge time saver – one of the app’s highlights.
It is a shift schedule and time clock app working via text messaging, email, push notifications and the web to talk about a stuff, communicate, alert and notify them about any changes and the work schedule. Moreover, it makes sense for employees to use WhenIWork to clock in and out of their shifts and quickly track payroll hours, events, councils and prepare data for payroll processing.
It is as perfect for managers as for employees. For managers : Monitor and moderate time-off requests and shift trades; View employee timesheets; Add/Edit/Invite employees; Add/Edit locations; Google Maps integration for job sites. For employees : View work schedule anytime, anywhere; View colleagues’ contact information and a lot more.
The first 30-days period is free for using.
when i work when i work when i work when i work
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2. 7shifts Employee Scheduling for Restaurants

Another valuable employee scheduling app for those who work in a restaurant industry. It makes it easy to manage employee schedules on the go.
If you are not a waiter or waitress, a caterer or manager of a restaurant, you definitely don’t know all difficulties all workers deal with. So scheduling is a good way for manager to communicate with each of workers, organize a working process and reduce labour costs and overtime. Moreover, every manager knows how it is important to set team goals and increase a team spirit. In this case, electronic schedule is a good companion.
There are some features that can be useful  for managers : Shifts are automatically emailed and text messaged to staff; Approve or decline shift trades; Time off and availability are plotted directly onto the schedule.
And for employees: See who you are working with for upcoming shifts; Request shift trades; Request time off; Submit your availability
7 shifts 7 shifts 7 shifts 7 shifts
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3. Schedule it – Staff Planner and Employee Work Scheduling

Let’s return to basic schedules that can fit for any type of jobs. Easy to use drag and drop scheduling software will improve your efficiency and reduce your costs. By scheduling all your work and resources in one powerful tool you can eliminate double bookings, monitor utilization, with full reporting and cost analysis.
As for features,
See the schedule of all your employees, staff, clients, and equipment. Use the integrated database to manage your customer, client, order, and activity records. Record activity and orders with linked documentation and live account status. All visible or hidden from the graphical views.
Add, update and scheduled workload and activity; Collection of resources are also should be scheduled, and the app allows manager to do it. If you want everybody knows about changes and shifts or events- Alert remote employees, clients and staff via email. For employees the app offer to try next features : Access a workload online or offline; Access the telephone database of all clients and customers  of a company ; Access maps and directions to the clients in a schedule
vSchedule it Schedule it Schedule it Schedule it
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4. TSheets Time Tracker

Does create your employees’ schedule feel like a never-ending task? Do you constantly have to chase your team members just to find out if they got your last message? If you ask for one of these questions ” Yes”, download TSheets immediately!
TSheets is a cloud-based time tracking and scheduling app that allows your employees to clock in and out from the job site with the devices they’ve already got in their pockets. And it allows employees organize their tasks and their timing in the most efficient way.
About its features. There is an ability to  change job codes, edit timesheets, see changes to the schedule, and add notes on the go. In-app scheduling lets employees easily clock in and out of assigned jobs or shifts. Included seamless integration with QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks for PC (Pro, Premier, & Enterprise) and integrations with popular payroll, accounting, invoicing software, which allows employee observe their payroll. As for scheduling, so notifications let employees know when a new schedule is published or if a shift changed.
TSheets TSheets TSheets TSheets
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5. TimeTree: Free Shared Calendar

Calendars were created hundreds of years ago. Nowadays they are still popular and in a great demand. TimeTree is great for small companies and start-ups, as a system to organize meetings and delegate work. It is also popular with individuals who want to be able to accept customer appointments anytime and anywhere, such as nail and hair salons.
Your personal calendar allows you to jot down memos, it is something like a notebook, but unlike notebooks, your notes (memos) can be shared and edited by everyone. An ability to create a group calendar allows everyone keep in touch with each other and future events and tasks. And if you are afraid of missing something important, just turn on widgets for your home screen let you check and edit your schedule with ease.
Of course, not all use TimeTree, you can inform every person about your events quickly and easily, just share it with them via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Telegram, Gmail and more. It is up to you.
Timetree Timetree Timetree Timetree
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6. Shift Status

Its developers took care about the way you can easily manage your employees and organize a working process more efficient. Great plus is this app allows to do it simply, quickly and inexpensively.
We have talked a lot about employee schedules, but all of them are unique and have their own features, in another case, there will be no difference and sense to choose one of them.
But if you are looking for a simple app to organize your stuff, check this one. Each employee gets their own account and can check their work schedule anytime, anywhere. Employees can make both times off and trade requests through the app.
Streamlined Scheduling means that you can get alerts and notifications if a changes need your attention. A manager should be aware of schedule changes every time and notify a staff of upcoming events.
A pleasant addition is that you can use it for free for 3 months!
shift status shift status shift status shift status
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7. SwiftShift

This app is unique, on the one hand. The developers confirm that Swift Shift is the only HIPAA-compliant app, providing you and your employees with a properly working connection . So all your staff will never be understaffed.
It has a great value for employers or managers to be updated and modern in a question of optimization.
Swift Shift can become the first step of your big plans.
Features for managers:
They will always have a reliable resource to cover a shift or a visit;  an ability to cooperate and collaborate  with employees, per-diems and agency providers in one place on the go; Boost Productivity; An ability to simply add new colleagues via text messages or WhatsApp
Features for employees: All your shifts and tasks are organized into one beautiful calendar, which you can follow or  apply for open shifts from interactive push notifications. If an employee creates an access to his schedule for a manager, his schedule will be updated with new shifts and changes. Swapping Shifts with co-workers will help a worker to keep in touch with the latest news.
swift shift swift shift swift shift swift shift
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8. Agendrix for Employees

Agendrix is the web and mobile platform that simplifies schedule planning and communication so you can focus on other aspects of your business. It can be a good  companion in a question of work as for managers as for employees.
You can access all your work information on the go within seconds. The app’s goal is to help you better manage a scheduling system and save money on a payroll
As for features, you can access your schedule wherever and whenever you want, add or remove shifts, events, meetings and payroll information. Quickly create a leave request and get notified of a status change. Get push notifications when your schedule is published, when a request is updated, when you receive a new billboard message and more.
Agendrix for Employees Agendrix for Employees Agendrix for Employees Agendrix for Employees
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9. Planday Shift Planning

Engaged employees are passionate about their work, committed to their workplace, and interested in moving the business forward. In other words, they actively build your organization.
Many companies that employ hourly workers only post a weekly schedule a day or two in advance. That not only makes it difficult for employees to plan ahead, it also creates a feeling of uncertainty for your staff.
As for features :
Online Schedule marker allows every employee be informed about any shifts, changes, important meetings and a date of payroll. An integrated time clock is for tracking when your staff is clocking in and out, and export timesheets to payroll online time clock integrated with payroll. Comprehensive reporting – the best way to get a full overview of your expected revenue, payroll costs, business performance, and work schedules.
planday app planday app planday app planday app
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10. Deputy – Employee Scheduling and Time Clock

The last place is for Deputy. It doesn’t mean that this app is worst than others. On the contrary, it closes the useful list of 10 Best Employee Scheduling apps.
Deputy is a simple and innovative workplace management solution for employee scheduling, time and attendance, team communication, task list, payroll and more. Set up personal goals and run a business via just one gadget! Take the guesswork out of employee scheduling! Integrate data from virtually any system and our live weather forecast to identify peaks and troughs of sales traffic and optimize your schedules to reduce cost.
As for features,  all schedules based on forecast data and live weather , so add, remove, change shifts, important ads, events, councils and so on. Quickly approve employee Shift Swap and Shift Drop requests in seconds straight from a manager’s mobile device. Simple integrations with ADP, Square, QuickBooks, Xero, Gusto, Vend, Revel and more payroll providers!
deputy deputy deputy deputy
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