12 Awesome Facetime alternatives for Android in 2022

Video calls have long been implemented in many applications. At the same time, FaceTime service is very popular on Apple devices due to its convenience and good design. Unfortunately or fortunately, FaceTime is not compatible with Android devices and users need to look for analogs.

Of course, the company could have released an official version of the application for all devices long ago – but until they did, you’ll have to choose something else.

Finding an analog for such a widely used application is not so easy. You will need to compare the functionality of the applications, choose the best of them, and so on.

To use video calls in real life and on a daily basis, you need to find a really handy service. The main thing is to decide what kind of functionality you expect from the application.

If you just need video calls in good quality, there are not too few options for you to compare with FaceTime. The only nuance of all applications is that you need the exact same service for your conversation partner. So, we present you with 12 great apps that can replace Facetime for Android.

Messenger by Facebook

messenger facebookFacebook is one of the great applications for communication. The developers also created a separate project Messenger, which is also a way to exchange messages.

You can synchronize all your contacts with the application and communicate with all your friends who have already installed the application. You have no restrictions on communication – just start the application and start doing whatever you want.

Besides standard video calls, you can also try a whole video chat with multiple participants. For a group video chat, you will need to create a separate room in the Messenger application and then send the link to everyone you want to see there.

By the way, it’s also possible to even send money via Messenger in a completely safe way – although, the function is valid only in the United States.

You can share photos, locations, screenshots, and tools – all in just one application without any additional services. Share with friends everything that happens to you in a convenient Messenger format.

messenger facebook2messenger facebook1


Google Duo

google duoGoogle, as a global company, has also created its own video chat application. Google Duo is the kind of application that will provide you not only with a stable connection but also with high-quality video.

The application has a very simple interface and intuitive operation. You will be able to use it not only on Android devices but also on iOS and even in your computer browser.

Thanks to this abundance of possible platforms, you will be able to contact users with different devices. It is also convenient when you want to communicate with several people at once – in Google Duo you can gather up to 12 people in a conference.

You can chat directly with messages and photos, and attach additional effects to them. For better video quality, Google Duo features a low light mode so your conversation partners can still see you clearly.

google duo1 google duo2


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ZOOM Cloud Meetings

zoom cloud meetingsIf you need to make not only personal calls but also to have complete conferences, then ZOOM Cloud Meetings is what you are looking for. Here you will be able to communicate, work, and have meetings.

Android provides good video quality when you make calls, and allows you to share with the whole group any files that you store in the cloud or smartphone memory.

ZOOM Cloud Meetings also gives you the opportunity to share all the contents of the screen of your smartphone. The screen demonstration can go from your Android device and be shared with all your contacts.

You can talk not only from home but also in the car – the application provides a secure conversation mode. In addition to Android devices, you can also talk to everyone who has the ZOOM Cloud Meetings application installed. Join any meeting organized on the platform and start talking.

zoom cloud meetings1 zoom cloud meetings2



hangoutsIndividual and group video meetings can be held on any platform you choose. One of these platforms can be Hangouts.

Here you will be able to chat with text messages, chat in voice chat, or make a group video call. The number of users is limited to 150, so Hangouts can have a whole party with all your friends.

Video meetings can be organized in any chat room with up to 10 people. You can also make personal video calls by chatting anywhere on your device. You can also synchronize your computer and other smartphones and tablets.

You can also use Google Voice to send messages to Hangouts. All chats on your devices will be automatically synced, and you can continue to call them on any device. You can text a person at any time – even if they’re not online at the moment. Use the person’s phone number to contact them.

hangouts1 hangouts2



wechatWeChat can be called a complete social network where you can keep in touch with your friends. Millions of users around the world actively use the application to communicate and make calls.

You can also find news, use local services in your account, and even play games with friends. Surprisingly, all this really can be found in the application alone, and even transfer money to it.

This popularity of the application is due to the fact that you can use any additional communication opportunities. You can exchange photos, text messages, audio recordings, and even video conversations.

WeChat provides unique possibilities of video communication, making calls in high quality. You can even exchange your current location – so you can meet right now at your assigned location.

By the way, any of your messages can be complemented with stickers, uniquely presented in this application. To maintain communication, each of the users can post their own stories.

wechat1 wechat2



imoSMS fees are often really huge. Regular communication and keeping in touch with friends and family can affect your budget and mobile phone balance.

With the help of IMO, you can save on such expenses and communicate for free. You can use the application both for personal and business purposes. Millions of users have already appreciated what they can do with the app.

You can also use IMO to get in touch with colleagues. Here it is possible to make a group call using video, and the number of people can reach 20. A 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connection will be enough for communication.

In any chat, you can attach any multimedia attachments – files, voice messages, as well as short videos. It will be possible to join the same call from different your devices – for example, you can get to the computer and continue the conversation in more convenient conditions for you.



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lineFor a long time LINE was not a social network, but a way of expressing oneself. Now, this application implements video calls in high quality. Your idea of communication will change a bit and you will immediately realize it.

LINE has many advantages over other similar applications, and communication will be much easier. For example, in more than 50 countries LINE takes first place among specialized services for communication.

Video calls can be carried out both in a personal format and within the whole group. In a group it is possible to invite up to 200 persons, arranging the whole parties. To get the opinion of your company, you can create a report inside the call – so you can make a quick decision.

The quality of the call will not be affected by your location – the video will always be on top of it. With handy chats, you can do absolutely everything you need to communicate. FaceTime is no match for LINE.

line1 line2



KakaotalkKakaoTalk was developed in Asia and originally relied only on that audience. But over time, the application became wildly popular around the world – as people appreciated how convenient it was to use for communication.

You can exchange messages, smileys, stickers, and more – it will help to diversify your communication. Communication becomes simple and easy, as you can start with your smartphone anywhere in the world.

One of the advantages of KakaoTalk is the speed of communication. They are delivered as fast as possible, no matter what is the speed of your connection. Video calls are absolutely free, just like chat rooms. Voice calls are ideal for 1 on 1 conversation – the connection is uninterrupted and interference is minimal.

If you organize a group chat, the number of participants in it is not limited. For more fun communication, the application has special filters – both voices and images. Become a squeaky child for a couple of minutes and cheer up your friend with a call.

Kakaotalk1 Kakaotalk2



skypeSkype has been around for a long time and almost immediately gained popularity among the entire public. The application is adapted for different types of devices and works perfectly on both smartphones and computers.

Instant communication via video or audio calls is established with the user as soon as he is online. If you don’t want to wait for a convenient moment to get in touch with the person you’re talking to, just email them in a chat: they will see your message as soon as they’re online.

In addition to such popular video calls, not so long ago the Skype system also connected an SMS connection between its users. Through the application you will be able to send SMS – but it is worth noting that this is a paid service.

Still, it is more usual to communicate with the help of the video. Imagine that someone could not attend an important event in your life – and now they can do it with Skype. Share content or something important with your friends as soon as it happens – in real-time.

skype1 skype2


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tangoFaceTime is, of course, designed more for personal communication. But there’s also a great Tango app that lets you become a Streamer with just your smartphone.

Here you can find new friends via video, as well as meet people from different countries and expand your horizons. Tango is a great starting point for streamers and a way to make money off your talents. No matter what you know how to do, try teaching it to others.

Viewers who use Tango can subscribe to you. This way you can start personal and direct communication, getting closer to your audience. If you are more interested in communication than in earning money, you can watch any stream 24 hours a day, going from one person to another.

With each of them, you get the opportunity to communicate in a chat or via video during a live broadcast and see the real emotions of the person. Send gifts, exchange compliments, and share moments of your life on Tango.

tango1 tango2



viberThere are several applications that are designed specifically for video calls – and Viber is one of them. Once installed, you can send a variety of messages with photos, videos, or text to your conversation partner and call him or her at any time.

You can add various stickers and emojis to standard messages to make them more fun and interesting.

It will be possible to create a separate chat with your family, where you will be able to make a “conference” in the future. If you do not have the opportunity in real life to meet with all of them, it will be easy for everyone to get in touch and see all the family members.

Viber will automatically synchronize with your contact list and you will see which of your friends are already using the application. You will also be able to add new contacts – colleagues or partners – directly through Viber. Connect your social networks to Viber and you will be able to contact everyone.

viber1 viber2


WhatsApp Messenger

whatsapp messengerWhatsApp is really one of the most popular messengers around the world. It is unlikely that you will meet a modern businessman who would not use it for work or to communicate with his friends.

The most important thing is that the application is available for both iOS and Android – so you can contact a person who has absolutely any device. You can exchange text messages, as well as voice, video, and even video conversations.

You won’t be charged any money for calling – even when you’re internationally connected. Your account will only be charged for the Internet connection that you use all the time.

You are always connected to the system if you have the Internet-enabled – notifications about messages and calls will come instantly.

Video calls are adjusted according to the quality of your connection – as soon as the image on your screen gets worse, you will immediately receive a notification about the cause of the trouble.

whatsapp messenger2 whatsapp messenger1


FaceTime is by no means the best video communication application. But its convenience is that it’s installed on multiple users’ devices, including your friends, acquaintances, and family.

That’s why we’ve tried to find the most popular analogs – so your friends can use them as well (or applications are already installed on their devices). You don’t have to have an iPhone to use video calls to communicate with other people – just find and use a quality app.

We hope we helped you find a solution and now you know what to install on your Android smartphone.


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