10 Best family game apps for Android & iOS

Family is one of the most important things that we are blessed to have. No doubt that spending time with your children and parents is vital for strengthening the relationships with them.

Still, finding the right way to entertain all the members of a family remains a challenge. How to make your leisure time spent together interesting for all of you?

It is easier than you might think. Try to download one of the listed family game apps. All of them are perfect for iOS, as well as for Android users.


You probably have played Uno at least a few times. And you probably know that this exciting game can save the most boring situation. Thanks to its easy rules, a person of any age can enjoy playing it.

The only shortcoming is that you need a deck of cards, which you can hardly bring everywhere. Fortunately, there is no need to do it.

Now you can have the Uno game in your smartphone. It is an app version of a traditional Uno. The number of players is not limited, so everybody will be involved in the game. Download it and enjoy!


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This is a game, which usually brings all the family together. Not only does it entertain all the members of your family, but it also helps them to enhance their brain power and logical thinking.

The app is close to the traditional Monopoly. You and your family can buy, sell and find the way to become rich (or to go bankrupt – who knows?).

The game is especially useful for the parents who try to teach their kids the basic rules of financial world. If you want your children to be wise with money, Monopoly will be a perfect solution.

There is a possibility of a free download, but in this case you will face with some limitations. If you feel like enjoying all the options of the app, get the full version. The cost is affordable – about 4 dollars for the downloading.

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Diner Dash

Have you dreamed of opening a café? Now your life can come true!

The main feature of the game is that it gives you and your family members the chance to work together – meet the visitors, create new dishes, buy food and serve it.

Running your own business (even if it is not a big company) is not as easy as it might seem. The skills of multitasking will help you succeed.

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Sims Free Play

The Sims™ FreePlay logoYou have only one life. But wait! In Sims there is an option of being anything you want – a boy, a girl, a businessman or a housekeeper. Try as many roles as you can.

This game will be equally entertaining for people of all ages. In Sims they can experience a wide range of situations and events, which is good for children. They can socialize faster.

Still, playing together is also a perfect tool for upbringing children. That’s why you need to have Sims in your phone.


The Sims™ FreePlay app


Minecraft pocket edition

minecraft-logoYou can not ignore the most popular app, where you can create anything you want. The process of creation unites people. When you and your family members are trying to solve the problem together or to make something new, it strengthens the relations.

Minecraft is a perfect app for creating your own reality, which will operate on the premises you want. Still, you can also compete with your relatives if you want to. It’s also a perfect way to unwind.

Download Minecraft to experience the excitement of creation. However, you have to pay 8 dollars for it. But it worth the money you will spend.


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Cut the Rope

Analytics is everything. If you agree with this, Cut the Rope is what you need.

In this game, your main purpose is to cut the rope, but to do it in a careful way, so that no one gets hurt. The game is divided into a number of levels, starting from the basic ones. This guarantees that all the members of your family will enjoy this logical game.

The app is free of charge and available for Android and iOS.

Cut the Rope: Experiments FreeCut the Rope app


Brain it on!

If you are looking for an interesting game, which can be played offline, try this one.

This is a type of puzzle based on physics. You will have to place objects, so that the balance is kept. This game develops patience and logic. Brain busting challenges are guaranteed. The main principle and aim is to avoid the fall of the object, such as a stick  or a ball.

The game has a number of puzzles, starting from the easiest to the most advanced.

Can your children do this? And you? Download the app and check it!



This app is aimed at building your own world. Every member of your family takes a turn and adds something to it. If your cooperation is strong, you can create a huge community.

Build houses, create transport systems, add new communities and strengthen the relations between them. To put it simply, do everything you can to make your nation a thriving one.

Playing this game is also a good chance to check how lucky you are. If you happen to find some gold or discover gas resources, you definitely are.

The app is available for iOS and Android.

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Quiz Up

If you want to bring your family together and make the occupied for a long time, Quiz Up is a perfect option.

This app makes you entertained via quizzes, as you might understand from its name. The questions cover a great number of different topics. Pick the one you like and check how broad is your outlook.

The number of questions will make you and your family deeply impressed. They seem to be endless!

Still, there are some limitations. Unfortunately, only Android users can enjoy this app.



scrabble iconYou have probably played Scrabble with your friends. But it was the traditional game. What about its digital version?

Firstly, it is extremely easy to use. The number of players is not limited, so feel free to involve every member of your family into the game. Scrabble’s rules are easy-to-learn even for a little child. However, the game is interesting despite its simplicity.

Secondly, the app is nicely animated, which will make the process of playing even more enjoyable than ever.

scrabble screenshot

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