15 Free Android apps for notification tones and ringtones

Any action by your friends, colleagues or even family members is always notified. Messages, notes, comments, and reactions to your notes and other things that directly affect you all come to your smartphone in the form of notifications.

Some smartphones allow you to set up the system for a long time so that each type of notification sounds differently. However, only a limited number of smartphones have this feature.

Each of us wants to know if they should respond to a message or notification. There are situations where we can only be distracted by something really important or urgent. That’s why we can use different sounds, and to get them, we should install special applications on our smartphones.

Lost in the choice of services? Then we are ready to help you! If you have an Android phone, we offer you to choose the most suitable for you application out of the best 15 that we have chosen for you. And most importantly – free!

MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

mp3 cutterHave you been looking for a particular song for a long time? Modern songs really catch people and make you want to listen to them over and over again. This application will help you easily create an original call, notification or ringtone. Favorite melodies will always be on hand and under your ear.

With MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker you will see all the music you have in your smartphone’s memory. The application supports various formats, such as MP3, ARM and others. You can also use the audio that you record immediately with the MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker.

Editing can be done in two modes – cutting the left and right parts or deleting the middle of the melody. Directly in the application you can set a new clip as an alarm clock or ringtone for a particular contact. Manage ringtones and create them yourself, as well as share the results of your work with friends.

mp3 cutter2 mp3 cutter1


Free Ringtones for Android

free ringtonesWhen a person doesn’t want to bother and create a melody for himself, he usually looks for a ready-made file. But then the question arises: which song to choose? Where to find the melody you like? In this case, this application prevents you from having to deal with such questions for a long time and offers options at once!

Free Ringtones for Android in its catalog has more than 500 ringtones and 750 wallpapers, which you can use to configure your phone. The application helps you to view and choose all the options and set up as a melody call, alarm clock or even SMS-notifications.

You won’t have to manually select each of the 500 melodies – all divided into categories – such as natural sounds, rock, notifications, or even thematic Halloween or Christmas sounds. You can also change the sounds all the time – just put the Free Ringtones for Android widget on the main screen of your smartphone and change the sounds of notifications will take only a few minutes.

free ringtones2 free ringtones1


New Ringtones Free 2019

new ringtonesBoring melodies should be forgotten long ago and really left in the past. The application is compatible with 99% of all Android devices, so you can easily and simply make your call really unique. Now you won’t need to look for the right sounds in the settings for a long time – New Ringtones Free 2019 will help you find something interesting.

On the home page of the application you can choose from 4 categories – popular, new, top downloads and the best in the world chart. In each category, you’ll find a list of songs that you can easily listen to right away.

Once you start listening to the ringtone, you will be asked to set it as one of the sound parameters – a notification, a ringtone or an alarm clock. If you want you can just download the ringtone you like – it will take a little time, depending on the speed of your Internet.

Free service offers you to also find some specific song – you should just use the search. So, among all the melodies of Bollywood, modern pop music and other genres you can find the right file.

new ringtones2 new ringtones1


Top 100+ New Ringtones 2019 Free | For Android

top 100 new ringtonesHolidays are about to take place, and you’re still walking around with a banal background tune on the phone? How about Jingle Bells or AbbA? We think that such melodies will create a New Year’s mood for you and will even raise the mood of those around you – the atmosphere of such melodies is fascinating. In addition to the holiday versions, you will also be able to set the standard Samsung or iPhone sounds.

Stop looking for choruses from songs or something like that. Now you can go to Top 100+ New Ringtones 2019 Free and choose one (or more) ringtones from over 100 entries! Their list is constantly updated and new entries are added. Despite the fact that there are popular songs in the application, you can especially highlight the category of mobile ringtones of certain smartphones.

For example, such as Nokia, Samsung, Xiaomi and other standard sounds can be used. This application is one of the few that can change even your notifications from WhattsApp. You shouldn’t have to load yourself with unnecessary searches – just install the right application.

top 100 new ringtones2 top 100 new ringtones1

top 100 new ringtones2

Old Telephone Ringtones

old telephoneOld phones have a special charm. Their trill call, twisted wire and even a tube – all this inevitably causes nostalgia. Classic retro melodies can now accompany you all the time – for example, with this sound your friends or wife can call you. The best melodies are now in one place – Old Telephone Ringtones.

Free ringtones are available for different purposes. You can set them as SMS notifications, calls, alarms or even play them by timer. The app itself is as old as its melodies – brown tones and a little shabby images remind you that you are not looking for modern pop hits.

You can set up a widget on your smartphone desktop. You should hold on to the main screen for a long time to open the widget directory. Choose the ringtones for the call and you can start choosing the main melody and sounds. Agree, now it’s incredibly easy to install something on your smartphone, and it’s no longer a problem.

old telephone1old telephone2


ZEDGE™ Wallpapers & Ringtones

zedgeZEDGE™ is probably the most popular application for Android to search for melodies and ringtones. You can think of it as a kind of social network, where you can share with your friends the music and ringtones you’ve found. A huge library of all kinds of melodies and genres, and in addition you can even download funny ringtones with jokes and aphorisms.

ZEDGE™ not only deals with quality sound, but also wallpaper on a smartphone of the highest quality. HD-gallery is available to you directly in the application – as well as melodies. Both wallpapers and ringtones you may preview and listen to, and then download.

The developers have created a convenient system of internal settings of the phone – directly from the application you set up all your sound notifications and ringtones of calls.

You can also access a catalogue of themes, with the help of which it will be easy to change the icons in your smartphone to any you like. Widgets, reminders, notifications – ZEDGE™ covers almost all your smartphone information.

zedge2 zedge1


Funny Sayings Ringtones

funny ringtonesSometimes we all just need to bring a little humor into our lives. Problems at work, at school, or even in life – all of this is a moral burden and does not allow us to relax. In this case, even a simple notification or call can ease the situation a little. This application takes responsibility for your mood during the day and tries to do everything possible to make you smile.

Every time someone calls you, you and others will smile. A funny melody can really cheer you up. You can set up your own ringtone for each contact – for example, when the boss calls, everyone around you can see what’s on the line!

People’s reaction to your ringtones will be really unforgettable – smiles, frank jokes or even good mood. Funny Sayings Ringtones allows you to set up sounds on SMS, calls or melodies for special people. Take the app out as a widget and you’ll have access to new jokes at any time. Don’t hesitate – smile right now.

funny ringtones2 funny ringtones1


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Scary Ringtones

scary ringtonesWe couldn’t get past the Scary Ringtones after telling about the funny ringtones app. As you could understand, this application is aimed at frightening you or just to instill a little fear on the people around you. Of course, Halloween is over, but that shouldn’t stop you from playing a joke and scaring your friends, especially in such a harmless way.

Scary Ringtones has more than 95 terrible melodies, which makes the soul go out of body. The melodies are really creepy enough to give you the creeps. Staying overnight at a friend’s house? How atmospheric do you think the sounds of floor squeaking or knocking at the door will be? We think it’s worth a try!

Install Scary Ringtones before you make a joke. The melody may sound during your alarm or just at a certain time – all these parameters are set in the application itself. You are guaranteed unbridled and limitless fun, because this is the original way to bring some goosebumps into your daily life.

scary ringtones2 scary ringtones1


Ringtones : Notification Sounds

ringtonesAlmost all of us use the WhattsApp application on a regular basis. Persistent notifications, messages from group chats and many other notifications from there may become tense after a while.

Continuously repeating the sound of messages may not only annoy you, but may also make you want to disable notifications in general. However, you might miss an important message because of this. We recommend simply changing the sound for your WhattsApp!

Ringtones : Notification Sounds uses high quality sounds that will work for you. In addition to the messenger, you can set the sounds from the catalogue as a tone for a particular chat or application, as well as set the alarm tone. The application is completely free to use and does not require a permanent Internet connection.

The simple interface will not let you get confused and will show you how to quickly change the sounds of your notifications. Every week the developers release new updates, which are designed to add even more new sounds specifically for you. You can install a new sound with just one click – it will be played and applied the way you want it to be. Change the tune all the time, so you don’t have to get hung up on one!

ringtones2 ringtones1


Anime Soundboard – Sounds, Ringtones, Notification

anime soundboardAnime has always been known for its charming music, interesting melodies and, of course, charming characters. And if you can’t transfer the characters to your smartphone, then the sounds and melodies are easy. Each title has its own special music – and you can set it as your own alarm clock. Wake up as one of Naruto’s heroes or One Punch Man!

Excellent sound quality – one of the best features that users get from the application. Anime Soundboard also works offline, so you can replace the annoying melody at any time with a new one. New songs are often added to the app – for example, as soon as a new title is released. You can listen to them as many times as you like.

Anime Soundboard’s main menu is in the form of a search or anime characters. Each one has a specific melody or unique sounds stored in it. Be different and don’t be dull with boring and banal notifications. Your favorite characters can always be near you – even in the form of sound notifications.

anime soundboard1anime soundboard2


Ringtone Maker Mp3 Editor

ringtone maker mp3 editorStill, there will always be people who do not want to use ready-made material and ready-made ringtones. In that case, you’ll need a good, handy app that makes it easy to crop your favorite music and even edit it a little bit. One such application is the Ringtone Maker Mp3 Editor, which has long been popular with Play Market users.

The popularity of this application is reasonable. The application supports many music formats – such as AMR, AAC, of course MP3 and others. You can easily listen to a fragment at any moment of working with it and do it at any time. The player will start playing exactly where you click.

How does the editing process work? You download a melody from your smartphone’s memory to the Ringtone Maker Mp3 Editor. Next you will see the audio track of the selected song. Here you can start cropping directly – select the necessary area and save it as a ringtone or a sound of notifications. You can scale and change any area as you like. You can even set up ringtones for certain contacts in the application itself. Set new melodies literally on the go!

ringtone maker mp3 editor2 ringtone maker mp3 editor1


Ringtone for Phone 2019

ringtone for phone2019Even among Android smartphone users there will be definitely iPhone fans. Of course, it remains a mystery why such people buy Samsung or Honor, but it was for them that the Ringtone for Phone 2019 application was developed. Maybe you just like the notifications of Apple technology!

By downloading this application, you get a real melody for your smartphone, as well as its various variations – for example, remixes. In general, you can find here a complete collection of all Apple ringtones – from the very first to the newest.

Ringtones, notifications, alarms, etc. – all system notifications are now available to you on Android. No need to manually search for a specific ringtone or ask your friends for it!

The ringtone you like is easy to set as a ringtone. You just need to select it in the Ringtone for Phone 2019 menu and update your notifications in a few steps. By the way, please note that if you clear the application cache, all settings will become basic.

ringtone for phone20192 ringtone for phone20191


NotifiCon – Notification Sound Manager app

notificonIt’s rare for applications to pay attention to notifications. We have so many notifications, reminders, and alerts on our smartphones that we’ve stopped paying attention to them. Although sometimes they can be really important! How many times have you missed a notification because you were too lazy to look at it in detail? In that case, NotifiCon will definitely help you.

NotifiCon can really configure the entire notification system in your smartphone. With it, you can identify the application that you want to contact you now without even picking up your phone or looking at the screen. The most amazing thing is that NotifiCon allows you to hear the name of the application that sent the notification!

For example, if someone puts you like in Instagram, NotifiCon will say the name of the application! Of course, for adequate and normal operation you will need to keep the sound notifications on and their volume at an adequate and sufficient level. You can set up some of the utilities in such a way that the phone will react to them only with vibration or not at all – all this is regulated by you and as you like.



Notification Ringtones

notification ringtonesYou can also set up separate notifications on your smartphone. Notification Ringtones is a directory of thousands of melodies for SMS notifications and other system alerts. Change the sound of a new e-mail or an incoming call in just a few seconds by clicking on the ringtone you like!

Notification Ringtones systematized all the sounds they have at their disposal. Each melody belongs to a certain category – for example, an alarm clock or statements, as well as animal sounds or thematic holiday melodies. Each category contains the best variants, which are now presented to you.

Since the developers are constantly adding new sounds, there is a separate album with new sounds. They have a rating and you can immediately see if people like these alerts.

Based on your MP3 files, you can also generate your own sounds. All you have to do is open the file via Notification Ringtones and scroll through the entire audio track to the desired moment. Special cursors can make your work a little easier. You can also record your own sounds with a voice recorder – but why, when there are already so many?

notification ringtones2 notification ringtones1


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Audiko – Ringtones and Wallpaper

audikoSome applications in their catalogue present simple melodies, without any words or popular motifs. Audiko has a huge collection of ringtones and songs, among which you can find something for yourself. Audiko also provides excellent wallpaper, but still we are more interested in melodies.

The application library stores more than 2 million tracks of different times and genres. If you are a fan of a certain genre – you can find the necessary song in a certain category.

Initially, you create an account in Audiko, where all your songs will be stored. You can mark them with a favorite sign, download them or set them as ringtones or alerts right away. In addition to the ready-made songs, you can also download your audio tracks.

It’s easy to cut out the part you need with Audiko. The intensity of the melody, the sounds can be adjusted with just two buttons. You don’t need to be a songwriter – the app will help you create or select the ringtone you really like.

audiko2 audiko1


You can say that you now have the ability to fully systematize all your alerts. You’ll never miss a call from your mom or an important robot notification – you’ll always know which ringtone you shouldn’t ignore!

Beautiful melodies, the ones you really want to hear! Standard melodies and notifications are now in the past – it’s time to update your smartphone and use only new and modern music.

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