11 Best & Free Apps Not Listed on Google Play Store

All users of Android smartphones know that Google Play has an extensive collection of games and applications for different purposes and for every taste. However, the service has its own rules, according to which each application is placed on this platform.

First, the developer will have to pay a certain fee for the fact that his game or service will be placed on Google Play. Secondly, it should not contradict the rules of the platform. That is why sometimes it is difficult to find a service that would help you download videos from YouTube or interact with other Google services.

Despite the fact that such applications can be banned, you will still find them on the Internet. Some of the applications just have never been exposed to Google Play, because their developers have their own website or platform to host games and applications.

We decided to review and find 11 Best & Free Apps Not Listed on Google Play Store. It should be noted that they after downloading will not become a threat to the security of your smartphone. If you want to monitor threats to your smartphone you can check 11 Free Malware Removal Apps for Android & iOS.


Fortnite1The gamers, who have been watching for a long time all the loud releases of mobile games, couldn’t miss Fortnite. Initially, the game was designed exclusively for computers and then was released in an exclusive format for Samsung smartphones.

At the moment Fortnite is available for iOS and Android devices of the modern generation, and on their page on the Epic Games even has a complete list of mobile devices, with which the game is compatible.

The essence of Fortnite is that a hundred players from all over the world land on one island. Then they will fight for survival and become the best of this hundred of players. It is necessary to do everything that is classically necessary on a desert island: to collect resources, create custom defenses, and find what is already available.

You can build entire defense facilities and towers so that other players can not get to you. Fortnite is a cross-platform online game that can be played by absolutely different people from different parts of the world. So we recommend you to gather friends and go on a trip to Fortnite.


Go to Fortnite website.

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tubemateSometimes it happens that you just need to download some video from YouTube. Unfortunately, there is no special service from Google that would allow an ordinary user to do this. In this situation, you will be helped by the Tubemate application, which directs all its functionality to work with YouTube.

In addition to this service, the application supports other video hostings and services, from which you will also get the opportunity to download any content you are interested in.

Installing Tubemate on your smartphone is quite simple: download the file with apk permission, agree to the terms, and access rights of the service, and then you can start it in work.

The application can remind you of a classic YouTube or other video hosting in your browser through the interface – it is true. You can choose any of the videos that you find, and then just download the video that you just watched.

You can download it in fragments or completely. Besides YouTube, Tubemate works perfectly with Vimeo, Facebook, DailyMotion, and other services.

tubemate1 tubemate2

Go to Tubemate website.


AnYmeAnime fans will definitely appreciate this application. AnYme is a service where you can track all your viewed anime episodes, titles, episodes, and much more.

You will need to synchronize the application with MyAnimeList to make the whole tracking process as accurate and satisfying as possible. Best of all, the AnYme has a built-in ad blocker for the sites you visit, so you can watch all your favorite episodes without ads using just one application.

Each anime in the AnYme has a little overview and brief information about it. It includes the rating of other users, the overall rating on a 10 point scale, broadcast days, and much more.

You’ll also be able to set up a notification so that as soon as a new episode is released, you can see it immediately. By synchronizing with MyAnimeList, AnYme will be able to offer you new anime based on your interests and the episodes you’ve viewed.

In a separate tab, you will be able to see what is popular with other users at the moment – you may have missed the release of some interesting movie.


Go to AnYme website.


TachiyomiIf you sometimes read manga at leisure, you may have already heard of Tachiyomi. Unfortunately, this application cannot be found on Google Play – only on GitHub. Developers have also left the source code open, and also accept requests for new functionality or bug fixes in the service.

Tachiyomi works perfectly with third-party services for reading manga, which will be useful if you already have a large collection of readable works.

Tachiyomi has an excellent user-friendly interface, which is a bit like the Telegram application. You will quickly find out where to look for new works and where you can download manga for offline reading.

By the way, Tachiyomi allows you to read offline as well as online. You can even open third-party manga files to read them in a convenient format for you.

For your own convenience, you can set a dark or light theme – especially if the main reading time for you is evening or night. In general, we can say that Tachiyomi is designed by manga lovers for the same fans.


Go to Tachiyomi website.


Viper4AndroidIf you’re not satisfied with the sound quality on your device, it’s quite possible that you just have a terrible setting. Viper4Android is a special application, which is designed to improve the sound with the help of sound effects and change the settings.

You can say that this is a kind of system equalizer, which can help users improve the sound and music on your smartphone. By the way, the Viper4Android has the same version for computers and perfectly copes with its task on the PC.

The Viper4Android has a separate system of sound regulation in the headphones – so you can increase it even in the case, if the volume of the system is already set to a maximum. Of course, this has its drawbacks – in fact, fans of too loud sound risk to spoil your hearing forever by such actions.

But if you just have low-quality headphones, the Viper4Android can correct the sound in them. You can also use a special EQ to align the sound from video or music – and the EQ in the application has many more settings and features than the built-in smartphone.


Go to Viper4Android website.

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F-DroidAccording to the average user, Google Play is the only reliable source for various applications. In fact, this is not the case – there are other application directories, which are simply less known.

F-Droid is an alternative collection of applications for Android devices, which contains proven and safe applications. As well as in Google Play, here you can browse the applications, install them on your device, and keep track of all possible updates.

You will use the F-Droid as a classic application manager, which will help you install new applications. It should be noted that all the content and the service itself is absolutely free, and the applications are distributed among the users on a gratuitous basis.

That’s why in the F-Droid you can easily find applications from beginner developers and indie games. Another advantage of this directory is the ability to install any version of the application – you can install any service in the version that is most convenient for you.

F-Droid1 F-Droid2

Go to F-Droid website.

Xposed Framework

Xposed FrameworkIf you have a good understanding of the Android system and have the necessary skills to work with the system settings, then perhaps you will be interested in the application Xposed Framework.

It interacts with smartphone systems at a deep level, as well as allows you to make precise settings and detailed changes to the smartphone.

For example, with the Xposed Framework, you will be able to change the color scheme of the screen and different details, as well as to perform more complex processes – for example, bypass the protection of applications.

Of course, you can also get superuser rights simply by using system settings. But in the Xposed Framework, it’s all presented in a user-friendly interface, where everything is clear and simple.

You can just switch different buttons and get the effect you want. If you just want to change the details of your smartphone or change its appearance, it’s best to look for special instructions. If you don’t have enough knowledge or skills to work with the Xposed Framework, you can easily damage the whole smartphone system.

Xposed Framework2 Xposed Framework1

Go to Xposed Framework website.


MobdroDo you like to watch TV, but not always have the opportunity to do it at home? Maybe you don’t even have a TV and are used to watching programs on your smartphone or tablet using standard video sharing.

Mobdro is a special application, where you can watch programs and shows of different TV channels, including satellite and cable channels. Nothing like this in terms of functionality and convenience can be found in Google Play, so it is best to download the application and start using it.

Each show and program is listed in a separate category, with which you can easily find it. For example, Mobdro distributes all the shows by country (languages) and video theme, which allows users to easily navigate through the entire catalog.

It should be noted that Mobdro has a premium version, in which you will get additional features. In the extended version, you will be able to record various shows and broadcasts, saving them in the memory of your smartphone. So you will be able to view them even when you do not have an Internet connection.


Go to Mobdro website.


AdAwayDo you use applications that constantly show you ads? If it is not acceptable for you to remove the application with advertising, just use AdAway. This application is a universal tool for blocking ads, which in just a couple of clicks will remove ads from your smartphone.

It is very simple – advertising servers with banners, videos, and ads will no longer have access to your device – accordingly, you will no longer see them while working.

AdAway is very easy to use and has quite simple functions – permanent blocking of ads. The application automatically updates or notifies you when an update is available that you will need to install to work properly.

It is worth noting that you will need root rights for AdAway, but it will not be difficult to do so either. All functionality is described in detail in the application itself, so you will immediately understand what you are doing.

In order to block all ads, just press the appropriate key and then reboot the device. AdAway will immediately start its work for your comfort.

AdAway1 AdAway2

Go to AdAway website.

Amazon Appstore

Amazon AppstoreAmazon produces goods and services for absolutely different purposes. You may even think that Amazon will take over the world soon! The company has also released its own store with Amazon Appstore applications, which has several exclusive and unique features.

It is perfectly used on tablets for reading from the company itself but is also compatible with all Android devices. Of course, you will not find there the same abundance of products and applications as in the Google Play Market, but you can find something interesting.

To use the Amazon Appstore you need an Amazon account, which, perhaps, you already have. Just use it and start using the application. Amazon Appstore has a unique and interesting category – Free App of the Day.

Once a day the category is updated and each time you can get a new and useful for yourself product for free. Most applications in the catalog are paid, and you get them by e-mail or SMS. You just click on the button “Install”, and the service will send you a link to download in just a few seconds.

Amazon Appstore1 Amazon Appstore2

Go to Amazon Appstore website.

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Popcorn Time

Popcorn TimeDo you like movies, but do not like to pay for watching them? Then the Popcorn Time application is created for you and your like-minded people. Here every user will be able to watch movies without prior download, enjoy watching and spend time with popcorn.

In fact, the service can be called an online movie theater, where you do not need to pay for the ticket and watching. You should agree that it is much more convenient than using torrent and regularly downloading movies to your device.

Most importantly, Popcorn Time is a mobile version of classic online movie theaters where you can watch pirated movies. You can watch any content via torrent broadcast without spending any money.

Popcorn Time exists not only for smartphones, but you can also download versions to your computer for different operating systems. It is worth noting the only drawback – to download the movie will take some time, from 1 to 5 minutes, depending on its duration and speed of your home Internet.

Popcorn Time1

Go to Popcorn Time website.

If you have found an interesting application for you in this article, then do not be afraid to download it. We leave for you only verified links and sources, which will not harm the memory of your smartphone and will not run on it an endless stream of advertising.

The lack of these services on Google Play due to either contradiction with the rules of the community, or their developers themselves did not want to pay fees.

Among them, you will find interesting games and useful applications that you might not even know about, although you were in search of such functionality on Google Play.

We hope that our article has become useful for you, and the list of presented games and applications you have taken note and download at least one of them.

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