11 Free hurricane tracker apps for Android & iOS

Hurricanes are a frequent problem for shoreline residents. They are not very common, but they pose a significant risk. It is very important for residents of these areas to have up-to-date information about the upcoming weather conditions.

This list includes the best hurricane tracker apps. With them, you can prepare for storms and prevent their negative consequences.

Max Hurricane Tracker

Max Hurricane TrackerMax Hurricane Tracker is an application for online observation of natural phenomena

It allows you to track hurricanes in almost real-time and anywhere on Earth. The app can also alert us to serious upcoming threats via email, text messages or audio signals.

The main functions of the application Max Hurricane Tracker:

  • Overview of weather events such as earthquakes, volcanic activity, and cyclones
  • Monitoring of extreme weather events and local activity of volcanoes and landslides
  • Display detailed warnings for each phenomenon
  • Information on the level of danger expected the strength of the element and expected damage
  • The ability to quickly display the most serious of the existing natural hazards
  • The ability to track the weather at a selected location
  • Integration with Google Earth to display satellite images of the selected area

The app Max Hurricane Tracker takes its data from many sources. It is mainly provided by American meteorological and geological observatories. Updates are performed automatically every few minutes.

Max Hurricane Tracker Max Hurricane Tracker

An interesting addition is the opportunity to get acquainted with the “picture of the day”. It shows the selected weather phenomenon.


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My Hurricane Tracker – Tornado Alerts & Warnings

My Hurricane Tracker - Tornado Alerts & WarningsMy Hurricane Tracker – Tornado Alerts & Warnings will give you access to hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, and storms. You will also receive current warnings about severe weather conditions.

The app includes interactive maps to track hurricanes and other climate changes.

The app My Hurricane Tracker – Tornado Alerts & Warnings also stores the history of hurricanes over the past 50 years.

You will be able to find out what period of history there were most hurricanes in your country. You can enable notifications that alert you to potential weather threats and hazards.

You can also install a special widget. It allows you to quickly get data about the weather and its changes. Plus, it is one of the most popular applications, as it has a high level of reliability of the information.

Knowing what’s going to happen will help you prepare to avoid embarrassing situations.

Due to the high level of the truthfulness of the information, the app My Hurricane Tracker – Tornado Alerts & Warnings has become very popular.

This app provides information about the weather during the day with hourly separation. There is an opportunity to know the weather for 15 days in advance.

My Hurricane Tracker - Tornado Alerts & Warnings My Hurricane Tracker - Tornado Alerts & Warnings

A distinctive feature of the widget is the presence of recommendations. It allows you to better plan your time for a specified period of time. For the application to work, you need an Internet connection.


Storm Radar

Storm RadarThe Storm Radar app is a handy widget that will alert you to a possible hurricane. The app collects up-to-date information about possible severe weather conditions.

You can go to the application from the appropriate menu or through the widget on the desktop. Here you can see more information about weather conditions.

The application Storm Radar can be conditionally divided into 5 blocks:

  • The search bar is used to state the location of the weather you want to track. The same can be done by clicking on the Earth’s image. It is possible to track several regions of the world at once.
  • Block of brief weather information now. In terms of functionality and appearance, it is like a desktop widget.
  • The menu bar is an interactive control panel that allows you to access information.
  • Interactive notification zone. It displays all the information that is transmitted from the menu bar.
  • Control buttons – there are only 2 elements: functions and exit. From the “Functions” menu you can change or add regions for monitoring. Also here you can send a request to update the information prematurely and set the settings.

Storm Radar Storm Radar

By using all functions you can get reliable information about the weather conditions.


WJXT – Hurricane Tracker

WJXT - Hurricane TrackerThe WJXT – Hurricane Tracker app will notify you when a hurricane approaches your region.

Here you can also view virtual maps of dangerous hurricanes. All data is particularly accurate and up-to-date.

The application includes several tabs with all the necessary functions. The “forecast” tab handles providing information about the expected weather in the region.

It will show possible hurricanes for the following days. The “Hourly” section is a tab that allows you to get complete information for the next 15 hours, divided by each hour.

Initially, this category provides general information on an hourly basis. But, by clicking on each item, you will see the full range of data.

The Maps tab provides an opportunity to get a satellite map with a 5x zoom. The “Graph” provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the weather for the whole day.

The data is presented in the form of columns. From this category, you can get information about the temperature. The height of the column depends on the temperature, and the color depends on the environment.

WJXT - Hurricane Tracker WJXT - Hurricane Tracker

The “Calendar” tab has the same task and structure as the previous category. It also allows you to find out about the temperature and the environment, only on a scale of 15 days.


Wind Map: Hurricane Tracker

Wind Map: Hurricane TrackerThe Wind Map: Hurricane Tracker app will alert you to the possibility of a hurricane.

Also here you can get a detailed forecast for the next few days. There is an interactive map on the app. Here you can see which regions have hurricanes now.

It will help you prepare for dangerous weather conditions if a hurricane is near you.

The interaction of a phone user with the app is done through the widget located on the desktop.

The widget transmits the smallest amount of necessary weather information.

Without going inside the application you can learn about:

  • the state of the sky in your area
  • ambient temperature
  • the level of comfort for people
  • the presence of wind and the humidity factor

In this app, you can set your preferences for weather conditions. Depending on this, the app will be able to give you advice on the state of the atmosphere for hobby lessons. So it evaluates the weather based on your preferences.

The app Wind Map: Hurricane Tracker has many advantages that make it a great choice:

  • The easy and informative application menu
  • Ability to track weather changes from your desktop
  • You can view the weather in several places at once
  • The application monitors more than one million places
  • Ease of application and comfort of use

Wind Map: Hurricane Tracker Wind Map: Hurricane Tracker

This is a free app that has no built-in purchases and annoying advertising.


WSVN Hurricane Tracker

WSVN Hurricane TrackerUse the WSVN Hurricane Tracker app to find out in advance if hurricanes may occur in your area.

The data is based on the exact figures of the meteorological stations in your region. You will also be able to view a map of other regions, including hurricanes.

This app also provides extensive information on the weather in the regions. Here you can find out the level of humidity, visibility, and atmospheric pressure.

The app provides information on the largest and smallest recorded temperatures.

With the help of unique technology, the app can calculate the local weather forecast. The app knows not only about hurricanes but also about air temperature and humidity.

It has information about atmospheric pressure, wind, rain, and snow.

The app WSVN Hurricane Tracker shows the forecast for today, tomorrow or for the whole week for the whole city.

You can set up a list of places where you are interested in the weather and quickly switch between them.

WSVN Hurricane Tracker WSVN Hurricane Tracker

If you enable notifications of sudden changes in the weather, the app WSVN Hurricane Tracker will alert you to the possibility of hurricanes.


MyRadar Weather Radar

MyRadar Weather RadarMyRadar Weather Radar is an app that collects all the relevant information on hurricanes in your region.

The app has a beautiful map, which allows you to follow the precipitation in real-time. The app includes widgets for the home screen and notification panel.

With them, you can always quickly find out whether hurricanes are expected to occur in your area. You can change the look and content of the widgets in the settings.

If you move the screen to the right, you will see more information about the weather. It contains information about wind, pressure, humidity, sunrise and sunset time.

The app has a special screen where you can inform the app about the weather. The statistics are used to refine the forecast.

Advantages of the application MyRadar Weather Radar:

  • Ability to share information in social networks with the help of apps installed on your device
  • A status bar that displays the possibility of hurricanes at your location
  • Possibility to save data on several locations at the same time
  • Customizable color themes
  • The choice between metric and non-metric measurement systems

MyRadar Weather Radar MyRadar Weather Radar

It’s a free application that works everywhere and always without restrictions. It does not contain built-in advertising and does not need extra purchases.


OBX Hurricane Tracker

OBX Hurricane TrackerThe OBX Hurricane Tracker application is a convenient and accurate hurricane tracker. Here you will receive a forecast and warnings about the possible hurricanes in your area.

The first time you start the app, you need to select your city from the list or use your own GPS coordinates.

The main screen of the application is made in a very concise style. This is a small picture of the weather situation, and then there is a list of data.

Naturally, the most important is the possibility of storms is highlighted in large print.

If this information is not detailed enough, then make the pile to the left. You will see the forecast for hurricanes for the next day.

Besides, there is a clear diagram. It can display information about temperature and precipitation.

The following tab shows a brief forecast for two weeks. If you need information for a particular day, get answers to your questions with one click.

The application OBX Hurricane Tracker also includes tabs “Maps”, “Video” and “News”. The “Maps” tab shows the weather conditions for the nearest future.

OBX Hurricane Tracker OBX Hurricane Tracker

This is a free application that has no limitations.



Hurricane.ioThe Hurricane.io app will tell you if hurricanes are expected to occur in your area soon.

The first launch of the application will be a tutorial. You will be told and shown what to do and where to click to get a hurricane forecast for your area.

The main screen shows a beautiful landscape and basic weather information. When you scroll through the weather, not only the temperature changes every hour.

But also the background picture, or rather its condition. The background image changes depending on the time of day and weather conditions. Everything is beautiful and accompanied by a soundtrack.

Depending on your location, one of the seven landscapes is chosen. Their number grows with each update.

The app Hurricane.io has extensive settings that will improve its performance. In the settings of the app, you can change the units of measurement. Adjust the landscape in the background image, and notifications in the status bar.

Hurricane.io Hurricane.io

This free application works without any restrictions. It will help you to find out the latest information about hurricanes in your area and nearby.


Local Weather Radar & Forecast

Local Weather Radar & ForecastThe app Local Weather Radar & Forecast has information on hurricanes, including a long-term forecast for 10 days.

You’ll also get a recognizable design with great photos. They match your location, time of day and weather conditions.

It can also display an animated view of the occurrence of possible hurricanes in your area. The app will determine your location, but you can add other locations if you like.

The weather forecast display is quite interesting. When you start the app Local Weather Radar & Forecast, the display shows information about the current weather.

To go to the forecast and detailed information, you need to shift the screen upwards.  To move between the 5 and 10-day forecast use the buttons “5 days” and “10 days”, located under the forecast. For the next day, the forecast is displayed with the breakdown by hours.

If you have added several cities, you can move the screen between them to the left or right.

Local Weather Radar & Forecast Local Weather Radar & Forecast

To manage the app Local Weather Radar & Forecast, you can use the menu called by the corresponding button on the top toolbar. Here you can set the units of measurement, notification parameters, and photo uploads.



WeatherThe Weather app allows you to view detailed hurricane forecasts for the next 48 hours.

It also has a long-term forecast for 7 days. The information is quite detailed. You will find out about the weather, temperature, pressure, wind speed and direction.

Data on geomagnetic storms and other phenomena are also displayed.

Your location is automatically determined. You can add other regions manually if you wish. If more than one region is configured, the transition between them in the pile is performed.

It can also be done through the menu displayed when you move down the name of the current settlement.

In settings, you can change the units of measurement and enable weather notification.

The application Weather relies on data from more than 270,000 weather stations around the world. Besides, the weather information is also provided by the application users themselves. Messages are displayed on an interactive map.

The Weather app is completely free of charge. Here you will get a lot of useful features. They will help you prepare for the possible occurrence of a hurricane in your area. Besides, there is no annoying advertising here.

Weather Weather

The application Weather works without restrictions and does not need built-in shopping.


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