15 Free Music Streaming Apps for Android & iOS

Streaming music apps are gaining in popularity. This is a great way for smartphone owners to get access to a huge database of music tracks anytime, anywhere. You can listen to your favorite music on any device. It is really convenient.

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Music has become an integral part of almost every person’s life. Earlier, music players were one of the most popular portable devices. But now smartphones have replaced them. This list contains the best music streaming apps, with which you can enjoy your favorite music.

TuneIn – NFL Radio, Free Music, Sports & Podcasts

The TuneIn – NFL Radio, Free Music, Sports & Podcasts app is a unique and convenient streaming service for listening to music. This application is able to recommend you new music that you definitely like. How does it work? For a week you listen to music in the app.

Next Tuesday, you’ll have a playlist created based on what you’ve listened to. This is one of the key benefits of the application TuneIn – NFL Radio, Free Music, Sports & Podcasts. The playlist consists of 30 tracks, 50% of which you will definitely like. You cannot restore past weeks playlists.

Thus, you need to immediately save your favorite tracks to your favorites or to your playlist. Listening to this music you will give the app information on the basis of which it will prepare the next selection for you.

The app TuneIn – NFL Radio, Free Music, Sports & Podcasts also offers daily selections. They start with a few tracks that you listened to and then continue with new songs.

Interestingly, the service sorts your tracks into collections by genre. To this kit, it adds mood-matching compositions. Usually, you get about three to four playlists per day.

Listening to your playlist, you can disable the option “repeat everything”. Then, after playing the last track, songs like the contents of your playlist will begin to play.

The service has a huge number of its own playlists. As a rule, they are divided by genre or mood. Good quality collections for every taste. In addition to them, you can use the popular playlists of other users. You can find them in the search bar by keywords. TV series selections, for example, are very popular.

TuneIn - NFL Radio, Free Music, Sports & Podcasts TuneIn - NFL Radio, Free Music, Sports & Podcasts

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Spotify Listen to new music, podcasts, and songs

Spotify Listen to new music, podcasts, and songs is one of the most popular music services used by people around the world. This application has become famous thanks to the cloud features. Favorite songs can be downloaded to the cloud, which is synchronized with the phone. Thus, the music will be available offline.

The service places a strong emphasis on well-known artists. Unlike other similar projects, the application offers popular groups as the main ones. The app Spotify Listen to new music, podcasts, and songs received a good rating due to the possibility of choosing the sound quality.

Not everyone has smartphones with high system requirements. In this case, loading with poor sound quality helps. At first glance, the app may seem simple and even limited to the functions of listening to music. But this is not so. Inside the service, it is possible to communicate with other users of the application.

You can take part in the discussion of news about your favorite artist. Offer friendship to your interlocutors. Also available to you are daily updates of publications and music news in the world. You can listen to music and at the same time read the latest events about the group. Make comments and share links with friends.

Spotify Listen to new music, podcasts, and songs is an application with all the functionality available on your smartphone. Music albums, radio stations, chats, publications, a news feed, and much more in one app.

Spotify Listen to new music, podcasts, and songs Spotify Listen to new music, podcasts, and songs

Pandora – Streaming Music, Radio & Podcasts

The Pandora – Streaming Music, Radio & Podcasts app will be an excellent assistant for you in searching for and listening to music. This application has an extensive music library. In total, over 30 million tracks are available to users. Among which there are a lot of artists of different genres.

Also here you will find exclusive releases. Even a music lover with specific tastes will find it easy to find any kind of music. It is for good algorithms that the Pandora – Streaming Music, Radio & Podcasts application is loved by millions of users around the world.

The service offers a special playlist, which is updated every Tuesday. It also contains recommended tracks. There is also a tab with dozens of popular and little-known artists, selected based on your tastes.

In addition to playlists with recommendations, there are daily updated collections here. They consist of favorite and new songs, broken down by genre. Listening statistics are painstakingly collected. At the end of the year, the service pleases with steep totals.

At the same time, the accuracy of recommendations can be increased by putting likes. They are available in all collections. All the tracks marked with a heart are not taken into account in the recommendations. They are saved in your favorites list, from where you can listen to them or put them into separate playlists.

A huge community of listeners with good taste is also a plus of the service. Thanks to the feature of public playlists, you can subscribe to friends’ collections.

Pandora - Streaming Music, Radio & Podcasts Pandora - Streaming Music, Radio & Podcasts

iHeartRadio – Free Music, Radio & Podcasts

iHeartRadio – Free Music, Radio & Podcasts is a music streaming application. Only here you will receive music news in high quality. Music in this application is divided into genres and collections. Here you can choose your favorite artist and listen to all his best tracks.

The interface of this application is very simple and beautiful. It’s hard to get confused here. Even registration takes place within two minutes. To ease this process, you can register using your account on the social network.

There is also the option to download your favorite songs to your phone. This will help you listen to music without an internet connection. The service interface looks simple. There are four tabs: Home, My Music, Alerts, and Search.

The main page displays popular playlists and new albums. Also here you will find a hit parade from the top 100 most popular tracks.

In the tab “My music” you can find:

  • last played playlists
  • uploaded records
  • favorite tracks
  • own playlists
  • albums
  • music artists
  • mixes
  • extensions

The Alerts tab invites you to listen to new artists, albums, and playlists. The application iHeartRadio – Free Music, Radio & Podcasts creates a selection for you based on the music you listen to.

In the “Search” tab, you can search for artists, albums, and groups. The music library of the app contains 42 million tracks, both famous and novice performers.

iHeartRadio - Free Music, Radio & Podcasts iHeartRadio - Free Music, Radio & Podcasts

YouTube Music – Stream Songs & Music Videos

The YouTube Music – Stream Songs & Music Videos app is a new streaming service for listening to music. Here you can find what you like. Listening to all tracks is free.

To start using the application you need to register. During registration, you need to state your favorite music genre. After that, the app will prompt you to select three favorite artists of this genre.

These steps will help the app YouTube Music – Stream Songs & Music Videos prepare a selection of recommendations for you. You can skip this step if you want to start using the application as soon as possible.

A unique feature of this application is the feature selection recommendations. This is such a thing that, based on your musical preferences, selects music for you. Something like a personal radio, but with the ability to skip a non-liked track.

The application YouTube Music – Stream Songs & Music Videos allows you to save music to your device. This significantly saves mobile traffic.

You can listen to music from any playlist in the desired order. Listen to podcasts and radio stations live. It is useful for those who are interested in world music, trends, or studying a foreign language.

You can create and listen to your own playlist, only compiled from your favorite works. Besides, here you can listen to entire albums of your favorite artists. Look for musicians in the same genre. For this, special tips will come to your aid. You will learn about the many interesting teams that play the music that was not before known.

YouTube Music - Stream Songs & Music Videos YouTube Music - Stream Songs & Music Videos

SoundCloud – Music & Audio

The SoundCloud – Music & Audio app is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world.

A huge number of users are registered here. The application presents a large catalog of music from various genres and artists. To start listening to your favorite music you need to register. You can do this using an email or account on any social network.

At the first stage after registration, you will be asked to state the service “starting points”. It is used for a more successful starting dive into the world of music. Choose your favorite music genres and artists.

After that, you will be greeted by the start page. Here you will see the latest releases, editorial selections, and recommendations for you. It should be noted that the playlists and editorial selections in the service are good.

More accurate recommendations will appear after you start listening to music every day. Mark songs as “favorite” or “unloved”, create and edit your own playlists.

The application fulfills its main function: it allows you to listen to music. Application SoundCloud – Music & Audio benefits:

  • a huge base of a variety of musicians
  • playlists
  • editorial compilations
  • automatic recommendations
  • beautiful covers
  • speed and smoothness of work

This free app allows you to listen to your favorite music whenever and wherever you want. You can share your playlists with other users of the application SoundCloud – Music & Audio. Download your favorite tracks to your phone to listen to them without the Internet.

SoundCloud - Music & Audio SoundCloud - Music & Audio

LiveXLive – Streaming Music and Live Events

The music streaming app LiveXLive – Streaming Music and Live Events will be interesting primarily to music lovers. Using a special algorithm, the app records every track you listen to.

Then it adds them to the statistics of your account. In your account, you can view the number of songs listened to. Check popularity rating among all your songs and artists. Based on statistics, the app LiveXLive – Streaming Music and Live Events recommends you music. The more statistics, the more accurate the recommendations.

The application also allows you to listen to online radio based on your musical tastes. You can add other users as friends and watch your “musical compatibility” with them.

When you open the program, three tabs appear in front of you: the profile, events, and search. Profile. All information about you is in this tab. A list of favorite songs, the most popular songs, and artists. Quick access to friends and their online radio.

Events. Information about the events you subscribed to, recommendations, and events closest to you. Search. A quick search for artist, song, or genre. When you click on the found artist, brief information about him opens.

The main task of the program LiveXLive – Streaming Music and Live Events is to record the music listened to on the phone. Thus, all settings are dedicated to this. Here you can listen to your favorite music for free and find something new for yourself.

LiveXLive - Streaming Music and Live Events LiveXLive - Streaming Music and Live Events

Deezer Music Player Songs, Playlists & Podcasts

The Deezer Music Player Songs, Playlists & Podcasts application is intended for free listening to music. But, it has extra advantages. Here you can receive recommendations and make ratings of auditions.

To start using the application, you must register. Now you can visit your personal profile and listen to your saved music. Then you can use the ability to select recommendations. When you listen to music, you can add a track and skip it.

So the application Deezer Music Player Songs, Playlists & Podcasts will understand what you like and be able to make recommendations.

Recommendations can be selected separately for artists, albums, songs, and events. In the “Events” section you can find information about the upcoming concert. Besides, here you can change the location to see what concerts will be in other cities.

We turn to personal statistics. On your page displays basic information about your auditions:

  • total number of plays
  • number of artists you listened to
  • number of tracks that you marked as a favorite

Next is the individual current statistics.

All sections can be configured by period (week, month, year, etc.). Also in some sections, you can customize the appearance of the “covers”. Next comes the “Library” section. Here you can view your statistics for different time periods.

There are sections with subscriptions and subscribers. Here you can browse the music and recommendations of your friends. There is also a section “Neighbors” – these are people with similar tastes. Each artist, each album, each song has its own page. On the pages of artists, you can write comments.

Deezer Music Player Songs, Playlists & Podcasts Deezer Music Player Songs, Playlists & Podcasts


The Jango app is a new music streaming service. Here you can listen to music without limits and create your own playlists. Search for music by title, genre, or artist. You can save your favorite music to “Favorites” or download it to listen offline.

The application Jango is divided into several convenient sections. The first section includes your playlists and a favorites list. The second section contains your profile and application recommendations. Also here you can view the profiles of your friends and listen to their music.

The last section includes the music you added to listen to. Here you can divide it into groups using a variety of criteria.

At the beginning of using the application Jango, you must register. To do this, use your email address or account on any social network. If you do not want to use this application as a social network, then you can skip the registration step.

Next, you will be taken to the main screen, which includes a list of your favorite songs. When you first start, you will see tips on using the application. In the “Playlists” section, you can view collections of users of the application Jango. Here you can find playlists by genre, mood, and even location.

Add music wherever you want. Choose any music track from your favorite playlist, list of recommendations or album. Here you will find the most popular artists and representatives of various genres. Want to find something new? Use the recommendations section.

A nice addition is that the application Jango runs in the background without restrictions. This means that you can listen to music while using another program.

Jango Jango

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With all that quarantine and several waves of the virus all over the world, everyone has to go digital. However, how can we live without the concerts of our favorite artists? Moreover, all the people from the entertainment industry have to make money somehow, A live streaming app for concerts is a great idea!

But it actually doesn’t matter where you are and what is happening around – it is always a nice idea to watch a live concert on your mobile phone. Sessions are the app for that and here you may find the live performances of the most famous artists and beginners or even unknown vocalists.

But this app is especially good for young artists – this is the platform where they can show their talent to the world and get involved in a community of musicians. Here users can add each other to friends – if you an artist you can add other artists. Absolutely all music genres are presented here.

For non-musicians, who just love music, there is a possibility to discover new gems every day and join the insider group of artists. You can literally go all the way from a fan to a friend of your favorite musician. Concerts take place all over the world.


Audiomack Download New Music & Mixtapes Free

Audiomack Download New Music & Mixtapes Free is an application for musicians and listeners. Artists can share their content, and listeners discover new artists and music.

This app has many different mixes and songs that you can listen to. Download it for free depending on the artist. You can find new artists you’ve never heard of. Here are collected as the legends of the music industry, and the latest news. You can create your own playlists that are convenient to listen to even without the Internet.

Subscribe to your friends if you are registered in the application Audiomack Download New Music & Mixtapes Free. By the way, registration here is very simple.

To do this, you can use your account on any social network or email. When subscribing to the accounts of friends or artists, you can see what kind of music they are listening to. Besides, you can share your compositions with them.

Also here you can listen to the radio or interesting podcasts. Get the latest news from the world of music in a special section. It is very convenient to combine business with pleasure. Listen to music and learn a lot of new things without leaving the application.

The application Audiomack Download New Music & Mixtapes Free works fine in the background. This means that you can use other programs while listening to music.

In the “Popular” section you will find the hottest hits that are listened to by millions of users. Here you can customize the genre to see what is relevant today.

On the search page, you can easily find any track or songs of any artist. You can also use advanced options. This is useful if you want to listen to a specific genre and theme, but do not know what to choose.

Audiomack Download New Music & Mixtapes Free

Napster Music

Streaming app for listening to music Napster Music will help you to find what you definitely like. Here you can take advantage of the excellent recommendations section. Here you will find many new artists and tracks.

Allow the app access to your location and auditions. So, the Napster Music will be able to more accurately select for you the best music and interesting playlists. In this application, only official releases of musicians are presented. That is, you get quality content directly from the performers.

You can use the convenient search. Find the albums, tracks, and remixes of your favorite artists. You can even find a song by text or description. To do this, use the advanced options. You can find the most popular in the “Top” tab. Here are the most relevant and most listened to music tracks.

The application Napster Music interface attracts with its convenience and design. You will not get confused in a huge number of unnecessary sections.

Besides, you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the music. Since this app works only with artists, all the tracks here are presented in the highest quality. You can also watch video clips. Usually, they are attached to the song as well as text. The application Napster Music works for free and has no annoying ads.

It also works without restrictions in the background. To save Internet traffic, you can upload your favorite music to the app library.

Napster Music Napster Music

Panasonic Music Streaming

Does this name feel familiar to you? Now we have a music streaming app from Panasonic company as well. Maybe that’s a modern trend – hype up your company by releasing the music platform… Ok, speaking seriously, Panasonic is a great electronic company, and exploring an app by them is interesting at least.

From the first sight, you can tell that Panasonic Music Streaming differs from the most popular platforms on the market. When you launch the app you first must create your account – and all next times when you are going to open this app you are going to see your profile.

At the upper corner of the screen, you can see the search bar – thus you can browse for your favorite artists and tracks. If you choose to go to the homepage (an icon can be found at the bottom of the screen), then you will be able to see which tracks are trending at the moment.

Speaking about the tracks. Panasonic Music Streaming is not the best app in this sense, and it’s a library not that full, at least not yet. So if you’re a person who has quite a specific taste in music – you should go for another app. However, all the music presented here is presented in truly high quality – compared to other apps.



Amazon Music

Probably, there is nothing to be surprised about that Amazon is just like Google or Apple nowadays – it is literally everywhere.

And, being honest, it makes pretty good offers to its consumers – why would you pay for all the streaming services separately – for Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon – when it all can be available in just one payment – Amazon Prime?

By paying for Amazon Prime you automatically get access to Amazon Video and Amazon music. The latter is a decent music platform where you can easily find all the latest releases of the most famous artists.

You can find here any music, basically. Now the library of Amazon music counts millions of tracks and the probability that you will find here what you are looking for is high.

The interface is designed in a convenient and authentic way – the icons of music are bigger than in the apps of its competitors and the system of search is a little bit more intuitive (however, it will be an exaggeration to say that in this aspect it is much better than in all other music streaming apps).

The app is completely ad-free. The only thing is that for some reason it is unavailable for App Store – no idea why. Well, Android users shouldn’t miss such a get in the music world.


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Modern music is cool, but have we forgotten where it all started? For sure, many people nowadays pay homage to classical music that seems to be everlasting and never goes out of style.

Moreover, the classic music is proven to have the most positive effect on humans’ emotional and physical state – you have probably heard of the fact, that the water gets cleaner if you leave a glass of it in a room for several days with the classical music playing in the background?

What is more, millions of people still enjoy this type of music nowadays. But what do you do if the only platform where you can more or less normally listen to this music is YouTube? Well, that was before. Now we have this app which is called Primephonic – and it is a free streaming app for classical music only.

There are more than 2,5 million tracks – it means you will find not only original versions of tracks but the performances in various kinds, remixes, mixes, and so on.

Stream classical music in the superior audio quality it deserves, up to 24-bit lossless, or as high as your device and internet connection speed allows. Powered by Orastream, a ground-breaking adaptive bit-rate technology.

The interface is built in the best traditions of music streaming apps – everything is clear and the melodies that you are looking for can be found in a few seconds. After a while of using the app, it will start providing to you the recommendations of tracks that you might possibly like.


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