7 Free news streaming apps for Android & iOS

Being always aware of what is happening is not a passion, but a necessity. If you’re already dependent on the news, you’ll need a really good source. Searching for news on different sites and in different applications can be intimidating.

Each publication gives its own assessment of what is happening, but not everyone can determine the emotional color. The assessment of what is happening depends on both the publication and the journalist who wrote the news or article.

The anchor of a news publication can also add emotional value, but visually it is much easier for a person to determine the objective situation.

Many large companies support news publications – for example, the App Store and Play Market collaborate only with quality sources. So here you can find the most truthful and objective news publications, which cover the events from several points of view.

Still, it should be noted that text articles are not a substitute for full-fledged news releases. You are not always at home to watch online – what is currently happening in the world. That’s why we have gathered 7 best applications that have the ability to view the current news live.

Fox News: Breaking News, Live Video & News Alerts

fox newsFox News is one of the most popular news sources. The company has indeed long been engaged in informing the public about the most important events, as well as publishing many trend articles and analytics.

You may have watched or read Fox News before, but now they have their own application. It allows you to watch the news anywhere and anytime – not only about the United States but about everything that is happening in the world.

Fox News fits perfectly into your uploaded schedule. With your smartphone, you can keep up with streaming videos and current releases even when you’re in transport, at work, or out of town.

News in the app are among the first to appear and contain the latest information. You’ll receive notifications about all live headlines – if you want, of course.

Articles can also be sorted individually – for example, about your interests or your chosen categories. Fox News Go will keep you informed by providing exclusive information.

fox news1 fox news2


Google News

google newsCertainly, a large company like Google could not stay away from the latest news. Although you can also get all the latest news in their browser, Google News will find the most interesting articles for you.

The whole organization of information happens as it will be convenient for you. Brief news summaries will keep you informed about the most interesting things, as well as keep track of important events. It is constantly updated and contains only current and lively data.

Google News Summaries is the top 5 hottest events to date. The news can be international or local. By clicking on each news item, you will receive complete information as well as a wide range of opinions and views on what is going on.

Google News also provides all the references and links to the event. All the sources in the app are guaranteed to be accurate, and you can subscribe to your favorite publications right here. Quality journalism is designed to make sure you know the truth.

google news1 google news2


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usa todayUSA TODAY is your informant about everything that happens in the United States. Your needs for up-to-date information will be 100% met. Each news item is comprehensively described (to the maximum extent possible) and accompanied by additional material.

For example, while watching the news, you can watch videos or photos from the scene. A user-friendly interface allows you to do it without any third-party services or smartphone resources.

The application itself is free but has a paid subscription. It is issued in case the user wants to remove the ads completely and not to be interrupted while watching the news.

You will be the first to know about events in the United States. USA TODAY sends notifications to each of its users as soon as something new or serious appears. You choose what you want to read about on a daily basis.

Like many other news publications, USA TODAY offers you some entertaining content: podcasts, crossword puzzles, and sudoku appear every day.

usa today1 usa today2 usa today3


BBC News

bbc newsThe BBC News company is known worldwide for its quick reaction to what is happening and as prompt news from the scene. Their special application gathers all news from the global network of journalists around the world.

This is how the global partnership works: BBC News has employees everywhere to get to the scene first and tell its readers and viewers all about it. By setting up your personalization, you will determine the order of the news and notifications you are offered.

To go to the material you are interested in, you just need to click on the headline – until then only the title of the news is displayed. If you are interested in a strictly defined topic, we recommend that you use the search to quickly familiarize yourself with it.

Also, the BBC News application has separate categories of news, divided by sectors – business, entertainment, politics, and much more. There is also a live broadcast of BBC World Service Radio, which is available 24 hours a day for listening in the background.

bbc news1 bbc news2


NBC News: Breaking News, US News & Live Video

nbc newsNBC News is another application from a major news company, which is ready to bring you all the latest news and interesting events. Anything that interests you previously will be included in personalized notifications and feeds.

Detailed exclusive reports, unique sources, analytics, and perspectives from specialists will help you to draw conclusions about what is happening in the world. Journalists from every corner of the globe are ready to respond immediately to what is happening at the moment.

You will be able to view directly in the application any programs from NBC News, as well as be connected to live radio from MSNBC around the clock. They give you the opportunity not only to watch everything online but also to receive quick notifications about updates.

Since the radio is also available to you, you can listen to it on the go or on the road. If you have devices at home that support Chromecast technology, you can connect to them at any time and display the image on the screen. Share the stories that are most important to you with friends.

nbc news1 nbc news2


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CNN Breaking US & World News

cnn breaking usWe are used to receiving all the important and latest news from the most reputable sources. To avoid waiting for the evening news release, you can install CNN Breaking US & World News on your device and connect to the CNN global network.

They have correspondents and offices around the world, so they collect all the information literally on the go. Few companies at the moment are able to interact with so many sources at once.

All user notifications are configurable and CNN Breaking US & World News will not bother you without a reason. You will also be able to watch TV from your smartphone, plunging into the world of the latest news together with professional anchors.

In addition to the broadcasts, you will also have access to articles and stories accompanied by photo material. The first 10 minutes of the broadcast are free for all users, but if you want to continue watching, you will need to log in with a paid subscription to the materials.

cnn breaking us1 cnn breaking us2



flipboardThe Flipboard is one of the largest information boards in electronic form. This service is used by a huge number of people who constantly share their opinions about what is happening, materials and even discuss what is happening.

All articles and data are presented in one place, which is very convenient. Materials and events are so diverse that you can find articles on any topics that you are interested in.

Every Flipboard user can create his or her own magazine, in which only his or her interests will be present. Images, articles, and videos will be collected in one edition, which you can make both public and private.

Every day Flipboard sends notifications about the most important and significant events of the day, which are selected by professional publishers.

There are also several localized versions of the application for some countries, such as China or Australia. Not only world events are presented there, but also local news and interviews with interesting people.

flipboard1 flipboard2


Your smartphone can really replace many devices with its functionality. If previously you could only read the main news, now you can watch it live rather than on YouTube.

Certain services will even send you notifications about the most important events in your country or in the world. News services are regularly updated, making the interface and functionality more user-friendly.

Finding the most reliable source is incredibly important, as you can only trust large editions. They are the ones that give an objective assessment.

We tried to find for you only the best and free services, with which you will always know what is happening around you right now.

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