11 Free Online Card Games for Android & iOS

Are you a fan of online card games looking for the best potion out there? Then keep reading this article!

There are various free online card games for Android and iOS that enables you to play with people around the world. There are lots of types of these games – from rummy to the horror ones. Some of these games even related to popular universes such as The World of Warcraft or even Pokemon.

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Here’s the list of 11 best apps that category that worth your time. Have a look!



Let’s start with the game called Hearthstone. This is an extremely popular card game that has millions of fans around the world.

This game is collectible is dedicated to the well-known world of Warcraft. All cards have unique heroes and magical creatures with their own unique powers. Plus, the cards have different power levels and gives your competitor different damage. Besides, this game doesn’t have any paid extras that can help you win so it only depends on your own skills.

Herewith, when you get your cards collection you can develop the strengths of each character. You get new cards for free, but they get more powerful if you win the duels. Besides, you can not only play face-to-face with your opponent as there are group cards battles with for up to eight players. Therewith, you can train your card skills in battles against the bot.

You can also find alliances and unite against the enemies. Wherein, you can increase the spell abilities of your characters and ask majestic creatures to help you get the victory. There are also lots of card types — from the attacking ones to the shield ones. The visual in this game is truly breathtaking as all the characters are drawn very detailedly.

Hearthstone 2 Hearthstone 1


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Star Realms


The next game is called Star Realms and this is a card game that requires you to build decks.

It needs to be said, this game has more than just a deck-building. This game has an interactive fight system that empowers you to collect cards and build your deck as you want. Besides, you can move forward in the dame via trading so you’ll need to buy and sell ships and bases in the trade deck.

When you get new ships you get to decide whether you want to use it and attack your competitor or sell it. As you can see, strategic vision is a high demand in this game. Your aim in any barrel is to low down you opponent’s score to the zero and then you get your victory. Each victory brings you some helpful extras that make your decks stronger.

This game is easy to learn but if you can’t quite get it there’re lots of tutorials that will tell you the history setup of the game and show you how to play. When you’re just getting started and don’t want to risk your cards in real card fights you can try a training mode and play against AI.

Star 2 Star 1


The Elder Scrolls: Legends


The Elder Scrolls: Legends is another highly popular card game related to the self-titled universe.

This is a collectible card game that gas strategic elements in it. Along with The Elder Scrolls universe, this game also has numerous races, classes, and breeds of magical creatures you can find on cards. Each character has unique abilities, strong sides, and weaknesses that you need to consider while playing. The visual of the cards is very eye-pleasing and matches with the traditional colors of the game.

The game runs on turn-based card battles but it also has the main storyline dedicated to the Tamriel. If you’re familiar with the universe in general you’ll meet lots of common — known characters that you can manage. While moving forward in the game you can develop the strengths and the skills of your heroes and generate the deck that matches your preferences.

Herewith, the game also covers various kinds of cards. There are creatures, objects, actions, and support. When you win you will get rewards that depend on the class of your characters (it can be changed any time). The race also determines what direction of the game you’ll go by — from power to the dexterity and more.

Elder 2 Elder 1


Ascension: Deckbuilding Game


Ascension is a deck-building card game that brings you into a dark fantasy atmosphere.

The outstanding thing about this game is it’s visual. All the cards are illustrated with the drawings of Eric Sebi that create the setting of the game and look absolutely breathtaking. There are more than fifty types of cards in the game and all have unique powers.

As you can already guess, this game is more than just card battles, it has a plot. So, the world of this game was isolated for thousands of years and now this isolation is over. There are hordes of monsters attacking the world and you are one of the few warriors who can stop them. Thus, the player who will get the most points will lead an army and be named as God’s Assassin.

The game is quite easy to play but if you have difficulties you can watch the training lessons. You can also play against the AI at the beginning to strain your skills. Then, you can play against several opponents at the same time. When you get the victory you earn extra cards or runes that level you up.

Ascension2 Ascension1


Clash Royale

ClashClash Royale is a classic collectible card game related to the Clash of Clans universe.

If you’re familiar with the universe, you will meet lots of characters and spells you know and love — from princesses and knights to the dragons (and even the baby dragons!). Your aim in this game is to defeat your enemies and knock them out of the towers.

Each card in the game is dedicated to the character with its own unique strengths and weaknesses. On top of that, there are various types of cards such as attacking, healing, or shield ones. When you get the victory you win trophies and other helpful stuff that can help you in your future card battles.

Thereto, you can form your own deck from the cards you get in chests and battles. The game runs the way that no cards can be bought for real cash so our victory and your strength only depend on your skills. You can even base your own clan and alliances that will raise your powers and help you defeat enemies. It’s even possible to duel your friends in private battles if you want.

Clash 2 Clash 1


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Gin Rummy Plus – Card Game

GinGin Rummy Plus is a card game that empowers you to play with millions of users around the world.

By far this game has one of the largest online communities of players so whenever you decide to play there will always be an opponent for you. You can rather play with someone face to face or try a multiplayer mode for group card fights.

Thus, you can play against the world’s best players and even take their place if you’re good enough. You get points and rewards when you win and there’s even a chance to get a jackpot. Besides, you can play with your mates in private playrooms so that other users won’t intervene. There are various types of rummy games there — from classic to the royal one.

The game also has leaderboards that show you the current best players of the game. Herewith, the game also gives you lots of opportunities to get free points and coins for simply entering the game every day. You can also take part in events for extra points. The visual is quite decent and you won’t be distracted by countless buttons with no meaning behind it.

Gin 2 Gin 1


Pokémon TCG Online


As you can see by the title Pokemon TCG Online is the card game with the world loved pokemon characters.

In this game, you need to assemble the cards and battle monsters. There are lots of cards dedicated to your fav pokemon and all of them have individual powers and weaknesses you need to consider. Besides, there are several sorts of cards such as striking, defending, or healing.

In case you got the victory in the card battle you get points and coins that you can spend on improving your characters. Plus, just like in the pokemon world your heroes can grow and evolve. You can also spend coins on unlocking new cards with extra powers. Therewith, you can increase the particular strengths of your pokemon.

When you start you pick the deck dedicated to one of the elements — grass, fire, or water. This choice determines the cards you’ll get as well as the heroes. You can rather play against your mates or random players. If you think you’re not ready for the real opponent’s yet you can train with the AI. Furthermore, you can exchange the cards you don’t need and produce your deck the way you see it.

Pokémon 2 Pokémon 1


Meteorfall: Journeys


Meteorfall: Journeys is a card game where you need to collect your own card decks to stand against our opponents.

This game completely unties your arms when it comes to picking your cards. The same way goes for the race and class of the character that repels determine these cards. When you choose the class of your future characters you need to form a full-on deck that will be your army against opponents.

In case you win the card battle you get a generous amount of rewards, coins, and other things that enhance the power of your main character. All card battles happen to live so you will need all the strategic skills you have. Therewith, you can combine actions and cards to get unique fighting techniques that will seriously harm your opponent.

It needs to be said, you will get lots of cards while moving through the game — much more than you need for around. Thus, you will pick the cards before each battle and for unique decks every time. You can develop all your cards at once for a bit or choose to upgrade the main character to perfection.

Meteorfall2 Meteorfall1


Card Thief


Card Thief is an atmospheric card game with a dark and mysterious horror setup.

Above all, have you ever even seen a horror card game? It’s quite a rare type for this category of games so it’s a must for trying! The main aim of this game is to fully plunge you into an atmosphere of horror and fear. The visual of this game is breathtaking and there are so many details you’ll want to get a closer look at.

Your goal here is to build your base and protect it using various cards. There are lots of cards in the game — from magicians to monsters and other magical creatures. All cards have unique strengths and you will need to get a perfect combo of those in your deck.

To get a victory in a card contest you will need to strategically consider all your moves and the ways to combine your cards. This process might seem difficult in the beginning but there are tutorials that will lead you through the process. Plus, you can train with AI before facing real competitors. The game gets new quests every day and you can fight to be the world’s leader.

Thief1 Thief1


Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realm War


As its name suggests Warhammer Age of Sigmar is a card game that takes place in the Warhammer setting.

This is a tactical card game with lots of multiplayer card contests that won’t leave you indifferent. The title you’re fighting for here sound truly majestic — the lord of the Possessions of Mortals. To be title this way you will need to develop your won card deck with unusual and powerful heroes that will crash your competitors.

With every card contest, you’ll win you’ll get rewards and bonuses that you can spend on improving the skills of your hero and the deck in general. You can expand your collection of cards for as much as you want and you will be able to choose your card army before each round.

All cards you can get are free and its only the sharpness of your mind that can bring it in your hands. You can play against several competitors at the same time and make alliances with other players. It’s also possible to train with the AI if you’re not quite ready for real card fights yet.

Warhammer 2 Warhammer 1


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Miracle Merchant


And lastly, Miracle Merchant is a card game with an outstanding visual that empowers you to try the role of a mad alchemist that cooks various potions.

It needs to be said, this game doesn’t have the end so it can entertain you for as long as you’ll like. Your aim in the game is to make the potions by combining the cards proper way. Might sound confusing but the game starts with a tutorial that will guide you through the process.

Herewith, it’s quite difficult to lose in this game. You can basically only lose if your potion is absolutely horrible. So to pass the round you need to make a decent potion which is not that hard. All the cards are dedicated to magical ingredients with unique properties.

And when you get the completed with the potion you sell it to the customers. From level to level you will see more logic in potion cooking which leads you to more difficult types of potions. When you succeed you will get bonuses and new cards with unusual ingredients.

Miracle 2 Miracle 1


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