4 Best free rides apps & discounts for Android and iOS

One of the most positive aspects of taxi services is that you can find cheaper rides using promo codes. Some promo codes can even provide a free ride. That’s why in this article we collected all kin of useful applications with working promo codes that can be used in taxi apps. Some of them work on iOS devices while other apps are supported only by Android devices. If you want to check the most popular and commonly used taxi rides you can find it here.

Free Taxi Rides Coupons for Uber

free taxi rides couponDo you want to get a free ride or a great discount for your next ride on Uber and Lyft? This app offers different value coupons for taxi rides in the United States and other countries worldwide. The has a list of promo codes that you can use for free. The app weighs almost nothing and costs nothing. So you won’t bother your self of anything trying this app.

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If you are lucky you can catch a real bargain. For example, 50% off a price for one ride or even a free one. There are also different coupons of different amounts like $5 or $25. The developers warn that this app is unofficial and not comes from Uber itself.

If to looks deeper the app is just collecting coupons and vouchers for free and discounted rides from the internet. This is a good idea because it saves time avoiding, manual searching through the internet. You can get the app from the Android Market and Apple Store.


Coupons Promo Codes For Uber

Coupons Promo CodesCoupons Promo Codes For Uber is yet another app that offers free rides and discount coupons for Uber for free. The whole app is free but available only for Android devices holders. The app is a collection of vouchers for having a discount for a ride. There are various coupons with different offers.

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Such coupons can be useful in case you wanna have a fully free ride. It is possible on short-distance rides. It is also will be cost-saving in case of a long trip. There are 50% discounts that in case of a long ride will save a great deal. There are coupons that offer discounts in an amount of money. There are also some of them offer free time for rides. Some coupons even offer a discount on pizza delivery.

The app itself is very easy to navigate. There are not many sections. Under each promo code, you will find its rating and the date of expiry. If the coupons weren’t checked you can do it by yourself simply adding the promo code and checking it. In case if it is not working check another one, then rate it for other users.


Coupons For Ly-ft

Coupons For Ly-ftCoupons for Lyft is a great app that really works. In the app, you can find coupons for free rides or discounted rides for Lyft service. There are different discounts and offers that you can use easily. Many admitted that the app is a real find. Be fast and catch the best deal. The coupons are changes all the time so if you noticed a good one, save the promo code faster for yourself because there is a real chance that it will not be displayed later.

The app always renews offers rotating them randomly. The app can help you to save a great deal. Coupons are collected in the app from different sources. So it really deserves to be downloaded. However, the app is available only for Android devices by far.

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Another benefit of using Lyft taxi service is that their drivers are very polite and friendly. Having a discounted trip and friendly driver will let you enjoy the ride no matter what distance you will travel. Their service is highly promoted because they want to offer a better alternative for a normal taxi service.

Each coupon contains information about it is rating, likes, and views. It also can be shared with your friends or family. In any case its more pleasurable to have a discounted ride only, not a free ride.


Coupons For Uber: vouchers and promo codes

Coupons For Uber- vouchersCoupons For Uber is yet another app with discounts for Uber. The app is simply about searching promo codes. Get a ride with a lower price you usually had. The app doesn’t provide free rides. However, it gives a chance to get the maximum discount of 70%. In case if you are taking a long trip it can be a real saving.

Coupons For Uber- vouchers 1 Coupons For Uber- vouchers 2

The app works easily and has a user-friendly interface. You simply search for a voucher, copy the promo code into the Uber application, and get a lower price for a ride.  The app is free but contains ads. It is available for Android devices only.


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