13 Fundraising Apps for Nonprofits

It’s commonly known that nonprofit organizations usually rely on fundraising when it comes to raising money. But sometimes it can be difficult for donors to find a suitable company to support. Fortunately, there’s a way to ease the donating experience for both sides.

There are lots of fundraising apps for nonprofits that can connect donators with the companies they can donate to. These apps stand for easy and pleasant donation experience and don’t charge lots of fees. Some of these apps even gamify the donations or raffle prizes!

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Here’s the list of 13 best apps that category you should try. Have a look!

Give Lively

Let’s start with a platform called Give Lively. This is a fundraising platform that has no feeds from the founders.

The main goal of this service is to empower you to make charitable donations to nonprofits quick and easy. From the first look on this platform, you’ll appreciate how user friendly it is.

The service cares about the experience the donors have while making donations so you won’t feel overwhelmed or annoyed filling our countless docs. The platform even offers you a donation widget that you can attach to your own website to start a fundraising campaign.

Thus, the platform has free donation buttons, tickets from the events, and much more. And when we say free we fully mean it — the app proceed 100% of the donations to the nonprofit organizations you pick.

The only fee you might need to pay is the one charged by the payment processor. The app has a list of nonprofit organizations you can donate to so you won’t need to search for it by yourself.


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Prizeo is a charity app that bases on sweepstakes.

This is how this platform works — it partners with charity organizations and celebs and makes sweepstakes with prizes that donors could win. Basically, it’s a regular charity mediator but you can win something after donating.

In case this concept sounds non-legit to you, we must say that this company is a long-time member of a Charity Network. Plus, the founders of the platform is very open about what they do — you can view the list of all the winners on their website.

Let’s talk about how to platform works. Once you’ll sign in you can be a member of the sweepstakes. The trick here is that you’ll need to print the form, fill it in and send it to the company via mail.

Although each day has free tickets, the platform encourages its users to donate for charity. Thus, you’ll get an extra entry ticket for every $0.10 you’ve donated. And if you donate the money you won’t need to print or send any forms.


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Fundly is a crowdfunding service that empowers you to make donations simply.

From the first look, this service looks a lot like a good-old social network. Thus, its users can text each other, send each other pics and vids, and so on.

The donors can leave comments under posts and the nonprofits have the ability to thank the donors individually after donations. The content that is being published by nonprofits is being picked by them and there are no limits for that.

All donation campaigns here look like blogs as they all have regular updates, posts with illustrations, and all that. According to the founder’s works, this concept makes charity campaigns look more alive which attracts the donors.

So as this app is a donation mediator, it charges some fees. It charges 4.9% of the donation as a cut and the credit card processor takes another 3%. Therewith, this platform can run with all the nonprofit organizations, even the smallest one. Any nonprofit organization member can start a campaign here with just a few clicks.


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Omaze is another auction-like charity app.

Along with Prizeo, this app also collabs with celebs to make sweepstakes you can be a part of. The prizes can be different — from things to some exclusive experiences but that is all quite nice. All you need to do to participate is to sign up and donate $10.

Of course, you can always donate more than that — the amount of money is unlimited. But you will get an extra entry ticket for every $10 you’ve paid. Therewith, you can pick the nonprofit organization you want to donate by yourself — the platform has a huge list of the ones it cooperates with.

However, you need to keep in mind that this service is a mediator between you and the nonprofit company so it will charge some money as a cut. Plus, the payment processor might also charge some percent of the money as a fee. And if you’re worried about this platform being a scam, you can check the list of winners on their website.


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Charity Miles: Walking & Running Distance Tracker

Charity Miles

Charity Miles is an app that empowers you to earn money to donate to charity.

This app practically empowers you to earn money for charity for simply walking or riding your bike. The concept of this app is truly amazing as it votes for two amazing things at the same time.

The app cultivates a healthy and active lifestyle and encourages gas people to donate money for charity. Thus, you can help other people while helping yourself.

The app has a community of users that have already earned over $2.5 million of donating money. You can use this app any time — when you walk with your dogs, go shopping, go for a run, or whatever else. The main rule is to stay active throughout your day. It can also be synced with other activity trackers.

Beyond that, you can use the app while riding a bike or rollerblading. All you need to do is to start a workout before going somewhere. Once you’ll earn enough of in-app currency to donate you can pick any nonprofit company from the list.

Charity Miles 1 Charity Miles 2


Roundup App

Roundup App is a platform that empowers you to donate your change to nonprofit organizations.

Yeah, you’ve read it right — now you can donate the change from your purchases to charity. Of course, it only works with the purchases you pay with your card for but anyway.

Therewith, you get to pick the company you want to support by yourself — and there are more than 1.5 million options for you. In case the particular organization you’re looking for is not on the list you can send a suggestion for it to be included.

Then, you will need to link your bank card to your profile. The platform cares about your bank account’s safety so no worries about that. Once you do that, the platform will tally the amount of your monthly change and donate it to the nonprofit organization.

In case you don’t want to spend all your change you can limit its amount in the settings. Plus, you can link as many cards as you like to cause the service to cooperate with multiple payment processors.


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Pledgeling is a platform that makes the process of donating money easy and quick.

This platform is a mediator between the donors and nonprofit organizations. It connects brands who want to donate money with the organizations needing it. The platform has a huge list of nonprofit organizations you can donate to.

Herewith, there’s a searching engine that exposes you to quickly find the one you’re looking for. IN case you’re not sure what organization you want to donate you can view thematic compilations and fundraising companies.

Beyond that, all nonprofit organizations can be included in the list. In case you own one you can start a company on their website. There ill be a small fee charged by the platform along with the payment processor’s cut.

When you make donations as a brand you can pic the cause that with the mission and the positioning of your brand. In case you’re not sure how to formulate it properly, the support team of the platform with help with that. The mission will be open to the public and can positively affect your brand’s reputation.


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Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is a service that empowers you to donate money for charity while shopping on Amazon.

The concept of this service is easy — once you get affiliated with it Amazon will donate 0.5% of your every buying on their website to charity. Herewith, you can pick the organization you want to be a donor to by yourself. The platform has a long list of companies you can donate to and you can change it anytime.

Plus, you can use your existing Amazon account so you won’t need to spend time signing up. If you use Amazon’s mobile app for buying you can onboard AmazonSmile in the settings.

It needs to be said, not all products listed on Amazon are suited for donations but there are millions of the fitting ones. Just keep in mind that the fitting products will have a special mark. But you can’t buy the same product over and over again the charity only works once.

amazon smile

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Bloomerang is a fundraising platform that gives you access to the massive base of nonprofit companies you can support.

The donor’s part of the platform works perfectly fine — the process of donating is incredibly easy and user-friendly. Therewith, this platform is very comfy for a nonprofit organization’s campaigns.

This platform has a detailed dashboard that empowers you to trace the progress of your campaign. Besides, you can view the retention of your donors, advancing stats, and other metrics that can make your campaign successful. It even empowers you to assign tasks to the members of your team every day.

On top of that, you can easily make new events to interact with your donors. The same goes for posting content within your campaigns. Plus, you can view the profiles of every donor you get the money from and communicate with him as well. It is even possible to make exclusive events for your most loyal donors.


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OneCause is an app that optimizes the process of donating money to nonprofits.

This is practically a binding platform that empowers nonprofit organizations to raise funds with user-friendly campaigns. The service covers mobile bindings, events, and donations of any size.

Beyond that, the platform helps nonprofit companies to find loyal donors to support them. Thus, the platform makes detailed researches and reports for the donors and connects it to the nonprofits. Plus, the platform can help inexperienced nonprofit organizations to enhance their fundraising strategies and campaigns.

As from the part of the binder, the platform organizes auctions where the donors can bind on items offered by the nonprofit companies. These auctions are more modern than you might think — you can bind from your mobile app and you’ll get a notification if the cost is rising. Plus, the rules of check-ins and outs are automatic and are being organized by the receipts so there will be no long lines there.


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Qgiv is an app that makes the donating process as fun as it never used to be.

This platform gamifies the donation experience so it is no longer feels boring. So if you’ve ever felt frustrating filling in all these from for making a donation you should definitely try this one.

The concept of this platform encourages donors to donate more and more to get ahead of all the other. As all normal games, this service has a leaderboard with the names of the people who’ve made the biggest donations. These board updates live so you can visibly see the impact you make.

Herewith, you can pick the organization you want to donate to by yourself. You can pick any campaign you want and you buy their merch as well. Plus, you will get extra badges from all the donations you make. You also pick the size of your donation by yourself and can switch organizations at any time.


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Pathable is an app that can help you organize charitable events.

This platform specializes in planning conferences and events in all aspects. The platform empowers you to fully set the networking opportunities for the members of the event and also invite the speakers.

It’s a well-known fact that events play an important role in every fundraising campaign. It’s the best way to gather all your potential donors in one place and discuss all the details. So if you’re planning a charity campaign this platform can help a lot.

Therewith, all the updates related to the events are live so you will always keep track of the condition of the event. Besides, you can view the dashboard with all the guests and the info you have about them.

Plus, you can attend private meetings with some of the members and send them email invitations. Once the event is ended you can view the status of the people who’ve donated the money to your campaign as long as other helpful metrics.


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And lastly, Classy is a fundraising platform that connects nonprofit companies with donors.

The main goal of this app is to modernize the donating experience and make it comfy and smooth for both the donors and the nonprofits. Thus, the platform pays attention to the visual part and doesn’t ask you to fill in countless forms before donating.

Plus, the service puts the transparency and the safety of your data as a priority. Thus, it uses high-security algorithms to make sure none of your bank info gets stolen. It uses a famous and world-trusted payment processor so no worries about that.

Furthermore, the platform accepts donations of all sizes and covers over a hundred currencies. When you pick the company you want to support you can view their reviews and reports on how your donation impacted them. The platform works with thousands of nonprofit organizations of all sizes so it’s not a problem to pick the one to donate to.


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