11 Best Games Like Digimon Survive for Android & iOS

Digimon Survive is a legendary game in the anime style that was released to the market more than 20 years ago. And though the game was recently remastered for all the platforms, fans are still searching for the alternatives of this game – because, obviously, one game is not enough.

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In fact, lots of developers try to replicate the plot and atmosphere of Digimon Survive and get their product super popular, but there are only a few who can truly do that. Somehow, we managed to gather the best picks in the following article.


If we would talk about Digimon Survive, this game would probably be the best substitution for that. The whole idea of it is basically based on the Digimon Universe, with the difference that it is not that dark as the previous Digimon game. This is an RPG strategy where you need to pass through different missions and solve various riddles – and all of that is happening in the surrounding of cute anime pets!

We would also like to highlight the graphics in the game – they are much better than in the original game and the locations are far more detailed. By the way, in this sense, the game also reminds of Pokemons – since one of your main tasks here is to get as many cute monster friends as possible. The soundtrack is amazing as well, and all the sound effects sound quite naturally.

The only significant drawback of Digimon ReArise is that it often crashes on the most various devices. Also, the recent update of the game brought the paid elements to points that were completely free before.


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Pokémon GO

This choice might seem trivial to somebody, but let’s all agree that Pokemon Go brings a similar vibe to Digimon Survive. Once again, the whole concept is much softer and more kind, but the basic element stays the same – you are playing in the world of magical creatures.

Just like in the previous game, your task here is to get as many monster friends as you can. Probably, you already know that Pokemon GO is a VR game, so you will literally have to move until you can catch yourself a pokemon! In the main menu, you can track your progress and see how many of them you have already caught.

Pokemon GO doesn’t really have any definite plot, it’s rather an endless game where you have to gain more scores than other players. Nevertheless, the number of downloads of this game tells up that this fact doesn’t make this game less interesting.



Another game that will take you to a world full of magical creatures and wizards. This is a video role game and, by the way, the plot seems to be similar to Digimon Survive. The story begins with a young boy living in a mountain village, who suddenly meets the spirit who came to warn him that he’s the only one who can save the world.

So your task during the game is to pass through all the obstacles, defeat all the monsters, and, obviously, save the whole world! The battles in this game are quite difficult to pass. The game is made in 8-bit graphics, but it changes when you enter the battle mode. The game is perfect for mobile devices since it’s compatible with most of them.



Searching for a darker theme just like in the original Digimon, we have found this game which is called DISGAEA and that definitely brings a similar vibe. The plot of the game is based on the famous TV series, so you get to play your favorite characters: Laharl, Flonne, Etna, Adell, Mao, Valvatorez, and Killia.

The action takes place in the fantasy world and all the main characters possess magic powers. You go on an adventure where you have to pass through the epic battle with monsters and get to the aim. There is a lot of game modes in the app and you can choose a new one each time you open it.



And if you’re looking for more quests with more funny monster friends, this quest would seem nice. Here you will find tons of various monsters, kind and no so kind, but what is more important – each of them is unique and has its own nature of inhabitant. Basically, the main characters here are monsters.

Your initial task here is to gather the monster team with the different powers and abilities. By the way, the game has quite nice animations and graphics – at least it’s definitely better than some anime PRGs have. Probably, because of that the game world not at all devices, but all the users who played it are praising it.



This game isn’t made in the anime style, but still, it has something similar to the Digimon universe – here the main character also has to travel to unknown places and fight different monsters. What is more, the game would be appreciated by the fans of the pirates theme. The plot of the game revolves around the mysterious disappearance of the main character’s father.

Now you have to sail the seas in order to try to solve the mystery. Chase the trace and discover new places. You will have to reveal the mysteries of the magic world which is called Arkadia (quite a trivial name). The graphics are more than decent – in comparison to anime games. Of course, the whole game isn’t the anime, but the element of transferring through the worlds and battles with magic creatures is definitely here.



The next anime game is going to be available for iOS only. Here the action takes place in the supernatural world owned by machines. The main idea of the game is based on the good old balance factor – there are two worlds and in order not to collapse they both need to keep the balance.

The name of the main character is Leo – he will need to save the world from an unknown machine infection that has already started leaking into mankind. The game belongs to the adventure game style. The graphics are great, especially for anime-style games. During the game, you will get to travel through different locations and see how beautifully they are made.



Another insanely popular game is now available on your mobile phones! This RPG includes lots of stories and game modes so you can choose which one to play. The action takes place in the magic world and you can choose a character with different magic abilities. The whole plot is similar to the previous game.

To be honest, the two main elements which make this game similar to Digimon are the anime style and the magic world. On the other hand, the graphics are one of the best in this particular category so we would recommend everyone to try this game if you like the magic battle against the antagonist and protagonist. The overall atmosphere is quite dark.


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Arker: The legend of Ohm

In this game, the action takes place in the magic world where all the humans are co-existing together with monsters and creatures. First of all, you will need to choose a character for whom you are going to play – each of them has different magic powers. Overall, this is a strategy game where you have to win the battles and conquer the final enemy – so you need to choose wisely – the powers that you will select will help you in all future battles.

This game looks quite authentic compared to all the previous ones – starting from unusual graphics, ending with the unusual idea of the post-apocalyptic world. Before you can start playing you need to create your account so you would be able to save your progress. There are also some bugs, but in general, Arker can be a good substitution for Digimon.


Romancing SaGa 2

This might be not the most popular game ever, but it has a similar style to the Digimon series. This is an RPG strategy with 8-bit graphics and it was released in Japan more than 20 years ago. The action takes place between two magic worlds which are in a state of war – the main characters live in one of them and now they need to gather together to conquer the enemy.

The world is full of various magic creatures, including monsters, wizards, and magicians. And even though it’s a retro game the battles are rather hard to win. There are different modes between which you can switch, however, in comparison to other games this one is really difficult.


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Idola Phantasy Star Saga

The last game on our list has quite a weak resemblance with the Digimon however, here we also have a group of friends who has to pass through different missions in the magic world. This is an RPG game that also includes its unique story and compound in chapters, With each new chapter you find out a new puzzle of the story.

The game also works in multiplayer mode – there can be two teams and only one wins. As usual, all the characters possess their own magic abilities which will be crucial during the battle modes.


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