15 Cool games to play over Zoom conferences

Oh, this quarantine! We live in an unusual time. We had to change all our social plans. Being at home all day is so boring.

We want to meet friends in a cozy cafe and just chat. No need to go anywhere to see your beloved friends. You just need to download Zoom.

This is a popular platform for communication, conferences, and other activities. We have prepared for you a list of 15 cool games to play over Zoom conferences. Read the rules carefully and tell them to your friends.

Any of your online meetings will be unforgettable and fun if you play these games. You may also like our article to play over other conference apps.

Cards Against Humanity

This is a cool party game that is great for an adult company in Zoom. Everyone knows the rules of this game. We will remind them. Prepare 10 white cards in which you write any answers. Then, prepare black cards where you write questions.

Randomly select the player “Tsar of the Cards”. This person plays with black cards. The Tsar reads questions on black cards out loud. Other players answer the question with any white card. Play in a circle and have fun.

The task of the players is to read the most appropriate answer. You can also try special apps that have remote insensitivity. They will allow you to use your smartphone without turning off the conference.

Cards Against Humanity

Remember to pick a new Tsar after each round. There are no winners in this game. The main goal of the game is to have fun. It’s a great idea to spend an evening with friends at Zoom while playing Cards Against Humanity.

Just Dance

You will definitely like this game. Just Dance is not just for having fun, it is also good exercises that will help you stay fit. The rules of the game are very simple. You will quickly remember them.

Download the Just Dance app on your tablet or computer and launch it during the Zoom conference. Your smartphone will work as a controller. Enjoy the fun dancing of your friends. You can dance in turn.

Select songs in the app and repeat the movements for the video. Try to complete all the movements correctly. This is a great way to have fun with your friends and learn a lot of new dance moves.

You can also dance with 3 people at the same time at the Zoom conference.

Just Dance

Try different game modes. You don’t get tired of Just Dance for a long time because all the dances are different and funny.

The app has a huge range of music from rock to disco. You need to score the most points to win. Get all the glory of dancing.


This is a great zoom conference game that will try your luck. You need to prepare different cards with numbers on them. Choose a host from your team. This person will call random numbers.

If you hear the number on your card, you need to mark it. Your task is to hear the entire row of numbers on your card. Shout “Bingo!” to notify the rest people of the game. This game brings together.

You can make tea and even discuss business matters by playing this game. You need to erase the numbers on your cards after the winner is determined.

Choose which prize the winner will receive. You can make a surprise after the Zoom conference.


You can try various methods of playing bingo. There are over 10 types of bingo. This will allow you not to be bored while communicating in Zoom.

If you don’t have time to draw cards with numbers, download special apps. They will allow you to play online with your friends during video chat.

Truth or dare?

This game has been around for hundreds of years. Try it out at your next Zoom conference. This simple but very interesting game requires 2 or more people. You will have a difficult choice: honestly answer a question or perform a dare.

This game is popular among all ages. It will help you make your Zoom conference funnier. You can pre-write the “truth” card. This will save you time to think. Don’t forget to choose who will begin to play first.

Come up with a “dare” but don’t break the quarantine! This game has no time limit. You can play not as much as you like. The most important thing is that every time you come up with a new truth or dare.

Truth or dare?

This is a fun, endless, and sexy game that will create an unforgettable atmosphere at any Zoom conference. Do you know the best thing about this game? It will let you know better than your friends and soulmate.

You don’t need to be nearby to play this game. You won’t feel uncomfortable playing Truth or Dare in Zoom.

Most Likely To…

This fun game is a great way to get to know your friends better. It has age restrictions. If you are over 17 years old, feel free to play it. You can play this game from 20 minutes to infinity.

Create different “most likely to” scenarios and decide which friend is fit for this scenario. Don’t forget to prepare delicious drinks for the game. You can come up with thousands of “most likely to” scenarios.

Most Likely To...

The first person becomes the judge of the game and selects a card. This person is reading a card out loud. Other participants in the Zoom conference should choose the person who is suitable for the scenario.

The first person to have 7 cards loses. Try this game and you won’t regret it.


Don’t forget Trivia skills. Zoom conference is a great way to strain your brains with friends. We all know the wonderful game of Trivia. It tests our knowledge.

It’s great to play it with friends. Turn on the Zoom conference and join the group of friends in the Trivia app. Test your knowledge and the knowledge of your friends. Fight in an intellectual duel.

You can also play in Trivia without an app. Divide into teams of up to 6 people each. Choose a host and listen to questions. No need to scream out loud answers. This can distract the players.

DO NOT USE GOOGLE to search for the right answers. It’s not fair. The host must also count team points and charge penalties. The host should count all the points before the final question.


If someone is seen using Google, then this person must be excluded from the game or given a penalty to the whole team. This game will cheer you up even on the most boring evening.

Choose different topic topics and expand your knowledge.

Name, Place, Animal, Thing

This is a very simple and fun game that is familiar to every child. You can try it at Zoom. There are several game options. First, choose a topic for words. It can be animals, plants, birds, vehicles, countries, or all words.

The topic depends on your interests. A lot of people can play this game. You need to determine the order of responses. Select the letter with which all words from the topic should begin.

You can also try the longer version of the game. Name the next word that begins with the last letter of the previous word. This game won’t only allow you to have fun with your friends, but also expand your vocabulary.

You will especially notice this when playing with complex letters.

Name, Place, Animal, Thing

Select a response method. You can speak the word out loud or write it in a chat when the turn comes to you. Try this game and you can find out who knows more words.

This game can be played by people of any age. And can you name 50 words that start with the letter Z?

Heads Up!

This is a classic game for any party. Try it in a virtual space. The rules are very simple. You need to download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play. We left the links for you.

You need to guess the cards from your friends. Place your smartphone over your head and start the game. This game is designed for any number of people.

Get your smartphone down if you answered correctly. Get your smartphone up if you want to skip the card. This cool game has many categories of cards. Choose what you like the most.

The app will show you the number of points at the end of each round. You can also create your maps in the app.

Heads Up!

This game brings you closer to your friends. You can also develop your artistic and logical skills. Zoom is a great opportunity to play Heads Up without leaving your home and without contacting other people.

You will want to play this game at every Zoom conference.


This is a cool guessing game that you can play even at Zoom. Connect to Zoom chat and choose who will start the game first. You can come up with the rules of the game yourself.

Remember to clarify the rules before the game begins. Guess any word and try to show it not using words. You can show words with gestures, sounds, movements. Turn on the fantasy and guess what word your friend made.


You can divide into groups or play each for itself. Choose the person who will count the points of the game. If you have run out of ideas for charades, use online charade generators.

Each person is given 1 minute to show a charade. Hurry to guess the hidden word and get points!

 Cook Club

Do you like to cook with your friends? You can arrange a cooking club right in your kitchen. Set up your smartphone in the kitchen during the Zoom conference. Communicate and cook together.

Everyone will be in their kitchen. Do you think you are far apart? Thanks to Zoom you won’t feel the distance. Learn new cooking skills and secrets. Tell your friends how to cook your favorite dish.

You can cook on time and find out who is the best cook.

Cook Club

You can also conduct cooking classes for your friends. You can have dinner together after you have prepared a wonderful dinner. It can also be done using Zoom.

Choose a recipe of the day and start cooking it in your kitchens. This is a great opportunity to have fun and get close to your friends. You can even fool around and make yourself a make-up of food!

Yoga with your friends

Are you bored at Zoom with your friends? We know what you can do. Try yoga. This is a great way to free yourself from negative thoughts, stretch your muscles, and find harmony.

Yoga with friends is an occasion to establish mental contacts. Choose a time for a yoga session with your friends. It can be early morning and late evening. Prepare a yoga mat and change into a tracksuit.

Decide with friends what yoga postures you will do. You can also find a thousand yoga lessons on YouTube. Try them with your friends.


You can chat during a yoga session. Tell your friends what happened during the day. You can just be silent and look for harmony within yourself.

Don’t forget to share your emotions at the end of the session. If you have been practicing yoga for a long time, you can help your friends. Tell them how to do the exercises correctly.

Hat’s All Folks 

This game will cheer up all participants of the Zoom conference. Make arrangements with your friends so that everyone wears cool hats during a video call. You can take a screenshot and pass this hat challenge.

Share a funny photo with your friends on social networks. You can also act as the owner of the hat. If you have a pirate hat, act like a pirate. If you have a military hat, play the role of the military. It is very funny!

Hat’s All Folks

Crossword puzzles

Do you think crosswords are boring? This isn’t true. Crosswords is a very fun intellectual game for Zoom conferences. Choose one big crossword puzzle and send it to your friends who will be in Zoom.

Try to solve all the words as quickly as possible. You can set a timer. This smart game develops logic, intelligence, and vocabulary. You can also use online services to solve crosswords.

Crossword puzzles

A talent show

Do you want to show your friends what you can do? Have a talent show. Connect to the Zoom conference and show your talents in turn. You can dance, sing or paint a beautiful picture.

This is a great game that will bring you closer to friends and help you learn new information about them. You can choose a group of experts that will measure your talents. Prepare online prizes and start your unforgettable show!

A talent show


Everyone loves to sing. Try singing with your friends online using Zoom. Arrange theme nights of the song. Select a music genre or artist. Sing your favorite songs.

You can arrange an online concert. Invite all your friends. You can also arrange a song contest. Sing songs and special websites will measure your performance.


You don’t need a microphone or special equipment for professional musicians. You only need your smartphone or webcam. Sing with friends and enjoy chatting at Zoom.


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